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TRAX! — Quicksilver Daydream, Anenon, Rosehardt, Here Lies Man, On The Wane, Amenra, Godflesh, Big City Cough, Lavender Child

Quicksilver Daydream : "Ferryman" (via Tell All Your Friends PR/ The 405 /Soundcloud) "Ferryman" will be featured in an upcoming 5-song EP from Quicksilver Daydream titled, A Thousand Shadows, A Single Flame , which will release February 9th, 2018.    The EP is up for pre-order from Quicksilver Daydream's Bandcamp . __________________________________________________________ Anenon : "Verso" (via  Friends of Friends /Terrorbird Media/Soundcloud) "Verso" is the first single from Anenon's new album, Tongue , which will be releasing on Feburary 5th.  The album can be pre-ordered at Anenon's Bandcamp . A review of Anenon's 2016 release, Petrol , can be found here . __________________________________________________________ Rosehardt : "Bad Song" (via Styles Upon Styles /Julian T. Schoen/ High Snobiety /Soundcloud) "Bad Song" is currently available digitally from Rosehardt 's Bandcamp .  

Online Sounds: Ulver

In April of 2017, Ulver released a chilling synthesizer-driven beauty of an LP titled,  The Assassination of Julius Caesar , which brought to mind some understandable comparisons, the most prominent and obvious, in my mind anyway, being  Depeche Mode .  As if to validate this comparison, a new three-song EP from the band surfaced called  Sic Transit Gloria Mundi , itself also an electronically robust and somewhat morose new offering that features two songs that weren't quite ready for inclusion in  Julius Caesar  and a cover of "Power Of Love" by  Frankie Goes To Hollywood .  Videos were also developed to accompany the two original tracks, "Echo Chamber (Room Of Tears)" and "Bring Out Your Dead."  Links for the videos can be found here and here , or in the album info I've posted.  Interested?  You can listen below via Ulver's  Bandcamp  and, if so inclined, buy the EP now digitally or wait until physical copies emerge.  Sic Transit G