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For Fans of the Box — Engine Kid & Faust

To whom it may interest,  A few announcements for fans of the box: Engine Kid Everything Left Inside Southern Lord Released: 6.12.21 (RSD 2021-Drop 1 — Yes, this is late) Appreciators of sunn O))) and Goatsnake know Greg Anderson. Prior to the release of their new 6-LP box set, Everything Left Inside , I'm embarrassed to admit that I had no idea about Engine Kid , a Seattle-based post-hardcore trio whose initial make-up had been composed of Anderson (vocals/guitar), Chris Vandebrooke (drummer) and Art Behrman (bassist). From the promo selections that I've been able to listen through, Engine Kid's Everything Left Inside fits nicely alongside the audibly distraught and naturally abrasive sounds of Unwound, and would've been an obsession of mine during their days of activity had I been aware of them.   Treated for now as a Record Store Day release, which occurred 6/12, a later version of the box set meant for international distribution will be issued at a later date.  In t