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12.21 — Happy Birthday, Frank

78 candles...  I really needed to hear this one today, so I'm grateful that it exists. If you haven't listened to Frank Zappa 's The Grand Wazoo , I strongly recommend that that be changed as quickly as possible. It's a big band effort and I don't think it gets anywhere near the coverage, credit, or acknowledgement that it deserves. Happy Birthday, Frank.  Sincerely, Letters From A Tapehead

Judy Garland: "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"

April 16, 1961 - December 6, 2014 Sincerely, Letters From A Tapehead

New Selections — HARMS, HHY & The Macumbas, CUTS, CAVE, Never Betters, Surachai, S-E-R-V-I-C-E

Sorry to have quiet on the singles front for a while. Enjoy. HARMS : "Car Outside" (via Good Eye Records / Substream Magazine / Soundcloud) Via Good Eye Records: While playing with his other band, What Moon Things , Brooklyn-based artist Jake Harms began to start to feel an itch to make something wholly his own. It didn't start as a record - just a group of songs that seemed to make sense out of a fog of journal entries and scraps and demos and half-finished ideas throughout the years.  Working as HARMS , the inspiration for his forthcoming, debut EP, Aquarium , came from a poem he had previously written about the feeling of living in New York City for the first time as an adult: walking around is like being at the aquarium observing 6 tons per square meter of pressure on the glass dividing you and everything else The resulting EP finds Harms crafting pressurized dark rock fusing the goth grandeur of The Cure with the lonely indie pop of Porc