Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Videos

I've been having fun posting Halloween-related videos over the course of the day, so I figured I'd compile them here.


Gnaw Their Tongues — Broken Fingers Pointed Upwards in Vain

The Cramps — I Was A Teenage Werewolf

Frank Zappa & The Mothers — Cheepnis

David Bowie — Scary Monsters (& Super Creeps)

Bad Brains — Fearless Vampire Killers

Ronald Stein — Spider Baby

The Misfits — I Turned Into A Martian

Bauhaus — Stigmata Martyr

Ray Parker Jr. (or, Huey Lewis & The News) — Ghostbusters

Dokken's "Dream Warriors" was included, but embedding was disabled.  Bummer.

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King Diamond: Halloween

As this evening shall be fraught with costumes, candy, horror and diabetes, figured the man for whom every night is Halloween should deliver the evening's soundtrack.

Happy Halloween.

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Kicking Against The Pricks: Tom Waits

Issue #13 of Kicking Against The Pricks is up. You can find that here.

My sole contribution to this issue was a review of Bad As Me by Tom Waits.

Tom Waits
Bad As Me
Released: 10.25.11

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

What I Heard This Morning: Thee Cormans

Some Cramps/Surfaris action: Longboards, punk rock and monster movies. Thee Cormans' new album, Halloween Record w/ Sound Effects, was released this week through In The Red.  Listen to "Open The Gates" and then absorb some info which comes from Force Field PR.

   Thee Cormans - "Open The Gates" by forcefieldpr

Just in time for Halloween, Thee Cormans release new LP on In The Red Records

MP3: "Open The Gates" -

Fiends! Ghouls! Creeps! In the grand tradition of Frankie Stein & his Ghouls and The Deadly Ones, In The Red is proud to announce the release of Thee Cormans' Halloween Record w/ Special Effects - a bonafide Halloween rock n' roll album being dropped just in time for the only holiday that matters.

Southern Californian biker/surf instrumental combo Thee Cormans have been bashing out their brand of Davie Allan & The Arrows meets the Ventures on meth thrash for several years now. Theirs is a sound informed by scratched up 60's instrumental records, KBD punk records and exploitation B movies chock full of monsters, bikers and mayhem. What this group of weirdos does to the surf instrumental genre is very similar to what The Mummies did to Pacific Northwest 60's rock back in the 90's. That is they speed it up, drag it through the mud, pour a can of politically incorrect attitude over the top of it and call it a pie. In this case the pie is filled with rubber bats, plastic fangs and novelty shrunken heads.
Halloween Record w/ Special Effects will make you shriek, rattle & roll! These are spine-chilling sounds guaranteed to make you shiver! Flesh-ripping guitar playing! Skull pulverizing drum beats! Gore-spattering bass lines! Spooky, hair-raising sound effects! The bloody horror of this record is positively sinister! You will hate yourself if you miss this!

In The Red can't be held legally responsible for death caused by heart failure or fright due to listening to this record. In other words, this record is NOT for sissies!

(First 200 on glow-in-the-dark vinyl! Includes download card! No one under 17 will be allowed to purchase this record without written permission from a parent or guardian)

10/28 Burbank, CA Viva Fresh Mexican Restaurant
10/29 San Diego, CA 'Til Two Club *
10/30 Long Beach, CA Alex's Bar #
11/25 Long Beach, CA Alex's Bar %

* = w/ Haunted George
# = w/ Nobunny
% = w/ Mark Sultan

Thee Cormans
Halloween Record w/ Sound Effects
(In The Red)
Street Date: Oct. 25, 2011
Formats: LP / digital only

1. Haunted Sea
2. Fagenstein's Freak Out
3. Creature's Crawl
4. The Number Six
5. Into The Unknown
6. The Creep
7. Satanismo
8. Ape Rape
9. Surf Shack of Doom
10. Spider The Fly
11. Surfer Hag
12. Werewolves In Heels
13. Open The Gates

Official Site -
Facebook -
MySpace -
Label -

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Woods: Find Them Empty

The lo-fi thing has gotten old, but that doesn't mean every lo-fi band should suffer even if their genre has grown over-saturated and mediocre.  I like "Find Them Empty" by Woods: Subtle tune, Count Five keys, decent voices and psych guitar.

Woods will be on tour this Winter, though Philadelphia's off the leg.  All info is courtesy of Force Field PR.

   "Find Them Empty" by Woods by forcefieldpr

Woods announces Dec. tour

STREAM: Woods - "Find Them Empty" -

VIDEO: "Blood Dries Darker (Live)" -


On June 14th of this year, WOODS released their 6th full-length album,
Sun & Shade, on their own Woodsist record label. Recorded Winter to Winter, 2010-2011, Sun & Shade features a helping hand from west coast brother, Glenn Donaldson (Skygreen Leopards, Art Museums) and is the first full album recorded at the new Woodsist Headquarters in the small upstate town of Warwick, NY.

Woods is a two-headed dog asleep on the porch & a butterfly on the windowsill... a Janus, a Gemini & a screen door. The sun won't fade & the earworms will not leave, but the jams go on TOO long for the girl in the back who wonders if her friends are at another bar. Still, the ballads always make her cry. Woods is up there relaying the Woods-feel: Folk-rock, fuzz, tambourines, tapes & raw lunch pulled straight from the yard. Pop songs & other things: Sun & Shade." -Glenn Donaldson

12/07 Burlington, VT TBD
12/08 Toronto, ON Horseshoe Tavern
12/09 Gambier, OH Kenyon College / Horn Gallery
12/10 Chicago, IL Subterranean
12/11 Lexington, KY Cosmic Charlie's #$
12/12 Nashville, TN The End #
12/13 Birmingham, AL Bottletree #
12/14 Athens, GA 40 Watt #
12/15 Raleigh, NC Kings Barcade ^
12/16 Richmond, VA Strange Matter ^
12/17 Washington, DC Rock & Roll Hotel ^
12/18 Baltimore, MD Ottobar ^

# = w/ Jovontaes

$ = w/ Wooden Wand

^ = w/ MMOSS

Find Them Empty
(Sacred Bones / Woodsist)
Street Date: July 19, 2011
Formats: 7" (Sacred Bones) & Digital (Woodsist)

1. Find Them Empty
2. Be There

Sun and Shade
Street Date: June 14, 2011

1. Pushing Onlys
2. Any Other Day
3. Be All Be Easy
4. Out Of the Eye
5. Hand It Out
6. To Have In The Home
7. Sol Y Sombra
8. Wouldn't Waste
9. Who Do I Think I Am?
10. What Faces the Sheet
11. White Out
12. Say Goodbye


Facebook -

MySpace -

Woodsist on and

Label - 

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A Certain Ratio: Wild Party

The new Factory Records compilation, Fac. Dance, is out and a couple more songs have been made available as pre-purchase appetizers.  I posted about Fac. Dance months ago, but you can find info on the release below along with some music via Force Field PR.

Do some dancin.'  Away with you.

   A Certain Radio- Wild Party (from Fac. Dance) by Strut

Hear a track from A Certain Ratio from FAC. DANCE, a new Factory Records collection of 12" mixes & rarities from 1980 - 87

STREAM: A Certain Ratio - "Wild Party" -

STREAM: FAC. DANCE Bill Brewster Factory Records Mini Mix -

A Certain Ratio

Strut presents
FAC. DANCE, an essential new retrospective covering the dance output of Factory Records, the seminal Manchester record label founded by Tony Wilson, Alan Erasmus and designer Peter Saville.

The album turns the spotlight on some of the label's early dancefloor-based work across key 12" mixes and rarities, from the unmistakeable production style of Martin Hannett to pioneering studio work by New Order's Bernard Sumner and A Certain Ratio drummer Donald Johnson, under their BeMusic and DoJo monikers.

Early Factory experiments like Blurt's avant garde mutant funk blast 'Puppeteer' rub shoulders with the fertile post-Joy Division period as the label's unique, coruscating post-punk sound took shape on extended 12" cuts from A Certain Ratio, Section 25 and more. The album also expressly documents Factory's strong links and cross-pollination with New York's 1980s club culture, as New Order joined forces with producer Arthur Baker, fresh from his pioneering electro work with Afrika Bambaataa, while Quando Quango and Marcel King enlisted NY remixer Mark Kamins for tough-edged club treatments. Factory artists including Quando Quango would also perform at some of the city's seminal nightspots, including the Paradise Garage.

The compilation also touches on some of the wider dancefloor directions explored by Factory during its early years - the latin jazz funk of Swamp Children and Kalima, the cool British soul of Tony Henry's 52nd Street and a track from Factory's only overtly reggae single, the Dennis Bovell-produced 'See Them A'Come' by X-O-Dus. Within
FAC. DANCE are contained the grooves that would provide the blueprint for the Manchester scene of the late '80s and Factory's heady later years - Happy Mondays, James, Northside and the rest. FAC. DANCE is compiled and annotated by Bill Brewster of and produced in association with Factory Records Ltd.

Strut is posting interviews with several of the bands from the collection - check out a recently posted interview with Shark Vegas here and check out what Pitchfork had to say about the collection today here

Various Artists

Factory Records 12" Mixes & Rarities 1980 - 1987
Street Date: Oct. 25, 2011

iTunes link

CD 1
Section 25 - Looking From A Hilltop (Megamix) (8:12)
A Certain Ratio - Wild Party (4:17)
Quando Quango - Love Tempo (7:49)
52nd Street - Express (5:00)
Swamp Children - Little Voices (7:10)
Biting Tongues - Boss Toyota Trouble (5:30)
The Durutti Column - For Belgian Friends (Valuable Passages version) (5:22)
Royal Family & The Poor - Art On 45 (4:49)
A Certain Ratio - Knife Slits Water (12-inch version) (9:44)
Section 25 - Dirty Disco
Blurt - Puppeteer (3:22)
X-O-Dus - See Them-A-Come (8.28)

CD 2
Shark Vegas - Pretenders Of Love (5:08)
52nd Street - Cool As Ice (Jellybean Mix) (7:29)
Streetlife - Act On Instinct (Hot Swedish Mix) (5:32)
The Hood - Salvation! (Nitromix) (12:05)
Abecedarians - Smiling Monarchs (6:47)
Quando Quango - Atom Rock (Mark Kamins Mix) 7:27)
Marcel King - Reach For Love (New York Remix) (5:26)
52nd Street - Look Into My Eyes (6:55)
Quando Quango - Genius (6:22)
Swamp Children - You've Got Me Beat (4:55)
The Durutti Column - Madeleine (3:00)

Digital only bonus tracks:
Minny Pops - Time (3.44)
Kalima - Black Water (6.35)
Royal Family & The Poor - Motherland (5:42)


Strut -

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No Ripcord: Russian Circles

Russian Circles
Sargent House
Released: 10.25.11

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"What would Cliff say?"

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Zechs Marquise: Getting Paid

The extended Rodriguez-Lopez clan, (Omar the creative impetus behind At The Drive-In and The Mars Volta), have a jam band called Zechs Marquise.  Though I spotlighted their Getting Paid album a few months ago, (it was released late September), Terroreyes TV recently issued a video for the title track.  Never one to shun the visually interesting Terroreyes, I figured I could spread this around.  The music's good, too. 

All info, links and dates were provided by Us/Them Group.  

Zechs Marquise premiere Terroreyes video session, announce winter tour with Thursday and headlining dates

Click image above to watch video

"Forget the Van Halens, if you want to know about a true musical dynasty, look no further than the Rodriguez-Lopez's! In between Omar, Marcel, and Marfred, these talented hermanos are changing the face of free-form jamming." -- MTV Tres
"Thrusting listeners into chase scenes through psychedelic dreamscapes is nothing new for El Paso prog rock instrumentalists Zechs Marquise. However, the major difference on Getting Paid isn't the fear of being chased, but of what's running up behind you." -- Los Angeles Times
"Zechs Marquise knows when to give into its sweaty, twisted vision-quest dalliances and when to let a groove ride." -- Alarm Press

The Mars Volta sibling band Zechs Marquise premiere a live in-studio video session for today. The El Paso quintet performs the title track to their recently released album, Getting Paid. Watch it on Vimeo or YouTube.

Zechs Marquise return to the road in November for headlining dates leading into a run of shows supporting Thursday, Maylene & The Sons of Disaster and also of the Sargent House family, Native. Please see complete dates below.

RCRD LBL recently premiered an MP3 for album track "Mega Slap". Check out the MP3 HERE. Stream full album HERE.

Zechs Marquise, the El Paso, TX quintet are back with their sophomore album
Getting Paid, bringing an intensified swagger to the band's multifaceted psych-prog haze for their most aggressive and versatile effort to date. "We liked that hip-hop attitude," explains drummer Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez of the album title. "Getting your piece, taking yours." And, Getting Paid certainly finds the band fully taking charge of their musical destiny.

In the years since their auspicious 2009 debut
Our Delicate Stranded Nightmare, Zechs Marquise toured extensively throughout the U.S., proving to be a formidable live act supporting Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group and RX Bandits as well as leading their own headlining tours. Zechs Marquise have also grown considerably in other ways. Recent addition Rikardo Rodriguez-Lopez on keyboards and trumpet joins his brothers, drummer Marcel and bassist Marfred alongside guitarists Matthew Wilkson and Marcos Smith contributing to the band's expanded sound. Not only have they reached new plateaus of entrancing riffs and rhythms, but Getting Paid also integrates vocals on select songs, including guest performances by vocalist/guitarist Matthew Embree and El Paso singer Sonny Baker.
Getting Paid was released everywhere on LP/CD/Download on September 27th on Rodriguez Lopez Productions via Sargent House.

11/15 Houston, TX @ Fitzgerald's - Upstairs
11/16 New Orleans, LA @ Howlin' Wolf Den
11/18 Chapel Hill, NC @ Local 506
11/19 Greenville, NC @ Tipsy Teapot
11/20 Washington, DC @ DC9
11/21 Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie
11/22 Allston, MA @ O'Brien's Pub
11/23 New York, NY @ Irving Plaza $
11/25 Toronto, ON @ The Opera House $
11/26 Pittsburgh, PA @ Altar Bar $
11/27 Milwaukee, WI @ The Pabst Theater $
11/28 Cleveland Heights, OH @ Grog Shop $
11/30 Atlanta, GA @ The Loft $
12/01 Cincinnati, OH @ 20th Century Theater $
12/02 Chicago, IL @ Bottom Lounge $
12/03 Pontiac, MI @ iLounge (at Clutch Cargos) $
12/04 Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall $
12/06 St Louis, MO @ The Firebird
12/07 Lawrence, KS @ Jackpot Music Hall
12/08 Dallas, TX @ Bryan Street Tavern
12/09 Austin, TX @ Antone's Night Club
12/10 San Antonio, TX @ Studio 13

$ with Thursday, Maylene & The Sons of Disaster, and Native

Artist: Zechs Marquise
Getting Paid
Label: Rodriguez Lopez Productions
Release Date: September 27th, 2011

01. Getting Paid (VIDEO - Vimeo) (VIDEO - YouTube)
02. Lock Jaw Night Vision
03. Static Lovers (MP3)
04. The Heat, The Drought, The Thirst, and The Insanity
05. Time Masters
06. Guajira
07. Everlasting Beacon of Light (MP3)
08. Crushin' It!
09. Mega Slap (MP3)

On The Web:

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What I Heard This Morning: The Spits

Promoting a song called "My Life Sucks" is not only very high school for me, but also very Descendents.  Punk band The Spits are putting out a new fifth album, which is as self-titled as their last four.  All the info and links come courtesy of Force Field PR.  Enjoy the post-pubescent whine.

   The Spits - "My Life Sucks" by forcefieldpr

The Spits prep new album for In The Red, launch tour next week in Portland

MP3: "My Life Sucks" -

Everyone's favorite space-age mutant skate punks are back with their long awaited fifth album (self-titled as were the previous four) and and it does not disappoint. Twelve new action-packed songs of apocalyptic fuzzed-out over driven madness.

The Spits are already as ingrained in modern punk music as possible, yet still manage to devour the rip-offs and influence the youth of today without even looking like they're trying. Going strong now for over fifteen years, smashing the windows and tearing down the walls of our minds every time they roll through town, these truly vicious visionaries have cooked punk down to its most powerful base form, crawling like Neanderthals through the muck, and creating a flaming trail of hits that'll take quite a fit of dementia to ever forget. A perfect distillation of punk's original open-ended weirdness, and modern music's serrated salvation, The Spits have proven themselves to be no one to fuck with, over and over again. True headliners, never to be followed and for good reason.

An old tape passed along through one of their biggest and earliest Supporters-Sir Lord Bob Kondrak of Seattle-was what really blew up the spot everywhere we managed to hijack the stereos during that magical summer of 2001, and ever since, The Spits have been setting the bar high, throughout the Midwest, and soon after, the world over. With an ingenious amalgamation of DEVO's early synth work in tandem with the absolute best Thug-Punk grunt the Ramones could ever maliciously muster, The Spits never try to reinvent anything, they just rip it's head off and drive it home time and time again.

They've always been one of the most original bands of the twenty-first century, yet it never really seemed like they weren't doing anything too experimental, save their signature, yet refreshingly just-ahead-of-their-time, synth/drum machine noise they forced the fickle punk crowds to gladly swallow. When we finally caught wind of them, the demonic void that they filled was utterly too much to handle, and hence became the number one band everyone wanted to see, and we became the first of many fanatics to fly the band into town for our Chicago Blackout festival. It was that pre-information overload-type of underground music mystery that just gets all the endorphins rushing. I mean, were they even real? And the way their throbbingly addictive songs just drip like sticky tar out of the speakers, their guitars that sound like food processors seemed to dull all our senses, just at the same time that the impeccable lyrics invigorate us beyond belief.

Possibly one of the only modern bands to have several of their songs being covered by their contemporaries, The Spits have already done so much, but still have so much more to come, as they continue to influence anyone with a penchant for irresistible punk music, played like there's nothing to lose.

In The Red records couldn't be happier or prouder to finally have the Spits as part of their roster!!

11/03 Portland, OR Star Theater #
11/04 Seattle, WA Chop Suey (official record release party) #
11/07 Reno, NV Holland Project #
11/08 Sacramento, CA Luigi's Fun Garden #
11/09 Oakland, CA The New Parish #
11/10 Santa Cruz, CA Catalyst
11/11 Ventura, CA Billy O's
11/12 Los Angeles, CA Nomad Gallery
11/13 San Diego, CA Til-Two Club

# = w/ Mouthbreathers

The Spits
S/T (V)
(In The Red)
Street Date: Nov. 1, 2011

MySpace -
Label -

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Russian Circles: Mladek

Today, post-rock trio Russian Circles is releasing their new full-length album, Empros.  I'm currently in the midst of reviewing the album for No Ripcord, so expect that to be posted as soon as tomorrow.  In the meantime, the full album is available for streaming as are a few singles.  "Mladek" in particular demonstrates the extent to which Russian Circles captivates via Empros, their penchant for expansive sound brought down to the crucial riff.  Whatever radiance you hear, keep listening: softness eventually gives way to might.

All links and info come courtesy of Us/Them Group.

Russian Circles new album Empros in stores today, North American headlining tour starts in November

Full album streams on and Spinner

Photo credit: Chris Strong

"Empros is one of the most viscerally exciting and completely entertaining albums I've heard in a long time. There is perfection in the air and the battle for album of the year just heated up again." 10/10 rating -- Iann Robinson, Crave Online

"It's not a stretch to say it's the band's best album yet." -- Rock-A-Rolla
Chicago trio Russian Circles release their highly anticipated and critically praised new album Empros today. SPIN Magazine recently featured a full album stream preview and all this week AOL Spinner hosts an album listening opportunity as well.

Russian Circles hit the road yet again this Fall with headlining dates across North America beginning in November. Please see complete dates below.

The band also recently premiered an MP3 from the new album via The song, "Mladek" is available to listen/download HERE.

Russian Circles return with not only their fourth and heaviest album to date -- but also with
Empros they're poised to take the crown as innovators reinvigorating the staid trappings of genre. Empros picks up where the anthemic riffs and melodies of 2009's Geneva left off and injects evermore slithering rhythms amid skull-crushing heft with all the visceral intensity of Godflesh, Swans and Neurosis. Put simply, Empros is Russian Circles' Master of Reality: a radical revision of both heavy and melody that is monolithic in its clarity and perfection. Or, like a lone surviving wooly beast emerging from a brutal winter's frost, Empros is the sound of a band shaking the ages from its shoulders with all the brutal force of a behemoth awakened.

Taking to Chicago's Phantom Manor studio once again with producer Brandon Curtis of The Secret Machines & Interpol -- who also helmed the band's previous album
Geneva -- Russian Circles set out to experiment with their sound in new ways that would still reflect their live sound. In so doing, the band reached a new creative apex in which each of the musicians, guitarist Mike Sullivan, drummer Dave Turncrantz and bassist Brian Cook impart a streamlined and intensified attack to their songs that pummels even as it shifts throughout a range of moods and tempos.

The album opens with an imposing mechanical drone leading into funereal guitar notes that are abruptly interrupted by a propulsive drum beat as the proceedings of "309" erupt into something akin to a neo-industrial revision of Celtic Frost. The song lunges through nearly 9 minutes of masterful rhythmic shifts and brutal guitar warfare with such assertive grace it sounds as though the band is throwing down a gauntlet defying all challengers. "Mladek" kicks off with the soaring notes of Sullivan's signature hammer-on guitar arpeggios as Cook's volume-swelling bass notes surge like bubbling molten lava. Turncrantz's innovative rephrasing of the drum pattern elevates the song as it slinks from part to part, guided by the syncopated chatter traded between chiming guitar notes and churning bass. Elsewhere, there are beautiful moments of melodic respite, helping to underscore the album's majestic strength. And, there may even be a few surprises awaiting within the album's six tracks. There are riffs, yes -- many of them. But, with
Empros the entire band seems to be the embodiment of the riff itself.Empros is Russian Circles' first full-length to be released worldwide exclusively via Sargent House, the band's longtime management company and record label that had previously released only the vinyl editions of its three prior albums. It is available everywhere on LP, CD and Download on October 25th, 2011.

11/02 Houston, TX @ Fitzgerald's #
11/03 Denton, TX @ Rubber Gloves #
11/04 Austin, TX @ Fun Fun Fun Fest - Auditorium Shores
11/05 Austin, TX @ Red 7 - Fun Fun Fun Nights (with Boris, Tera Melos & #)
11/07 New Orleans, LA @ One Eyed Jack's #
11/08 Atlanta, GA @ The Earl #
11/09 Newport, KY @ Southgate House #$
11/10 Columbus, OH @ Ravari Room #$
11/11 Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick #$
11/12 Toronto, ON @ Lee's Palace # *
11/13 Buffalo, NY @ Soundlab # *
11/14 New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom # %
11/15 Hoboken, NJ @ Maxwell's # %
11/16 Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church #
1118 Cleveland Heights, OH @ Grog Shop #
11/19 Grand Rapid, MI @ The Pyramid Scheme #
11/25 Portland, OR @ Doug Fir Lounge # +
11/26 Seattle, WA @ Neumos # ^
11/28 West Hollywood, CA @ The Troubadour #
11/29 San Diego, CA @ The Casbah #
12/02 Milwaukee, WI @ Cactus Club $ >
12/03 Chicago, IL @ Lincoln Hall $ >

# Deafheaven

$ Young Widows
+ Helms Alee
* Indian Handcrafts
% The Men
^ Crypts
> Anatomy of a Habit

Artist: Russian Circles
Label: Sargent House
Release date: October 25th, 2011

Track list:

01. 309
02. Mladek (MP3)
03. Schiphol
04. Atackla
05. Batu
06. Praise Be Man

On the Web:

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Shining: Live Blackjazz (MORE!)

Norway's Shining released a track-by-track preview of their upcoming live DVD, Live Blackjazz. Looks brutal. Check it out:

You can find more info on the DVD release here along with my review of Blackjazz here.

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What I Heard This Morning: The Marshmallow Ghosts

The Marshmallow Ghosts is an intriguing electronic band that I’ve been sort of checking out over the last couple weeks, either through video or single. The band recently put out their self-titled LP and have an album-length film called, Corpse Reviver No. 2, from which scenes have been pulled so as to apply visuals to their music, hence their videos which are essentially single-sized trailers. Everything is Halloween themed, so... ‘Tis the season.

The video for “Trick” is not suitable for the cubicle because it has tits and witches. All info and links come courtesy of Terrorbird Media.

The Marshmallow Ghosts - Wait for the Day from Graveface Records on Vimeo.

The Marshmallow Ghosts present Corpse Reviver No. 2 Trailer from Graveface Records on Vimeo.

Graveface debuts two new videos for Marshmallow Ghosts, new LP and Corpse Reviver No. 2 out now
The Halloween themed project featuring members of Black Moth Super Rainbow, Casket Girls, Lady Lazarus, and Dreamend is out now

WATCH: Trick
(via Prefix)

WATCH: Wait For The Day

The Hell, Michigan based creeps Marshmallow Ghosts debut two more videos from their full-length album and feature length film,
Corpse Reviver No. 2. Watch out for the puss, blood, and gratuitous nudity!

Stay tuned for more spooktacular videos throughout the Halloween season from Marshmallow Ghosts. In meantime, the Marshmallow Ghosts S/T album and
Corpse Reviver No. 2 DualDisc is currently available and first 500 orders will receive a special Halloween coloring book. Enter your coloring book into the Marshmallow Ghosts contest and have a shot at winning a box of prosthetics and a bloody costume from the film.

Watch the Corpse Reviver No. 2 trailer HERE

It’s late October. The air is crisp, and the scent of burning leaves lingers. In the distance you hear a chainsaw followed by the shrieks of teenage girls. An actor dressed as a deranged and bloody farmer stalks the line, silently harassing those who pay him no mind. Girls cling to their boyfriends crying, “I don't want to go first!” The mood is electric. The annual ritual of the haunted house makes you feel like you're 6 years old, trick or treating while your parents wait for you on the sidewalk; 12 years old, going to your best friend’s costume party; 16 years old, sneaking into a cemetery after dark.

Forget the ubiquitous “Thriller” and the generic heavy metal usually associated with the holiday. The Marshmallow Ghosts' first full-length self-titled album truly is the most fitting Halloween soundtrack. It's spooky and it’s dark. Paradoxically, though, it’s light. It is a pop album after all – and a particularly catchy one at that. "Hearse Song" is a notable track with its melodic sing-along feel and dance beat; as is "Trick." Its peculiar arrangement and creepy ambiance make it an unlikely, but satisfying, pop song. Organs, fuzzy guitars and piano chords swirl about crafty lyrics. The Marshmallow Ghosts know how to set a tone. This album sounds, feels and virtually smells like Halloween. While listening, you can almost taste the peanut butter cups.

The CD release of The Marshmallow Ghosts will be accompanied by an album-length music video,
Corpse Reviver No. 2. With dialogue tying together the visually stunning individual video clips, this isn’t “weird for the sake of weird” like the few album length music videos that have been released in the past few years. Corpse Reviver’s images perfectly complement the mischievous and ominously appealing songs on The Marshmallow Ghosts. It’s clearly made by true horror movie fanatics. This is the band’s third annual Halloween release & this time around they are made up of Lady Lazarus, Dreamend, Hospital Ships, Casket Girls & Graveface kingpins, Black Moth Super Rainbow. They have every intention of continuing the tradition with their brand of ageless Halloween nostalgia.

See you at Raven’s Grin Inn.

Marshmallow Ghosts
S/T full length +
Corpse Reviver No. 2 DVD
Out now on Graveface Records

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Fantômas: Director’s Cut Live DVD Trailers

I mentioned in July that Fantômas was releasing a DVD of a performance of their brilliant Director’s Cut album. Well, the DVD is out and some trailers have surfaced:

Letters From A Tapehea

Rich Kids On LSD: Beautiful Feeling / Scab my Brain / Coming Home Live

Rock out to Rich Kids On LSD and then check out some info about the re-release of Greatest Hits: Live in Berlin.

From Howlin' Wuelf Media:

After 22 years "out-of-print," Destiny Records is re-releasing "Greatest Hits - Live in Berlin" by Santa Barbara almost legendary Hardcore Specialists RICH KIDS ON LSD October 14.

You'll find downloadable/streamable live videos to 12 songs here:

This re-issue is being done with the full cooperation with all surviving band members and close friends and has been in the works for the past 2 1/2 years.

Guitarist Chris Rest was interviewed for the liner notes, guitarist Barry D`Alive enlisted Mark McCloud ("LSD-Art-Coryphee") to provide new acid-hits graphics for the cover and Joe Raposo (Bass)  reconstructed and personally painted the original Dany Sites lettering & logo with pen and ink (all the original artwork for
Greatest Hits vanished years ago).

Friends of the band contributed recordings that comprise the bonus material included on the CD.

Letters From A Tapehead

What I Heard This Morning: Coliseum

Post-hardcore trio, Coliseum, will be releasing an EP dubbed, Parasites, via Temporary Residence Ltd. mid-November. Recorded at Inner Ear Studios (quite a legacy: Bad Brains, Fugazi, Rites of Spring...etc.) and produced by Jawbox frontman, J. Robbins, Coliseum’s promise for a solid new release comes through their latest single, “Waiting (Too Late).” A video has been procured and attached.

COLISEUM "Waiting (Too Late)" Music Video from Coliseum on Vimeo.

The band is currently playing shows with Boris and Tera Melos and will be touring throughout the rest of October with alternating guests. All info, tour dates and links come to you via PMA PR:


Louisville, KY/Birmingham, AL power trio Coliseum is set to embark on a stateside tour supporting Japanese doom/sludge faves Boris in mid-October. Shortly after the tour, Coliseum will release the explosive eight song Parasites EP on November 15th via Temporary Residence Ltd.

Parasites EP is the follow up and companion piece to their critically acclaimed third album, House With A Curse ­ and their first release since this year's wildly popular and sought-after Record Store Day split release with Superchunk. The bulk of Parasites was produced and recorded by J. Robbins (Jawbox, Burning Airlines, etc.) at Washington, DC's legendary Inner Ear Studios, the site of classic recordings from Bad Brains, Fugazi, Lungfish, Rites of Spring and countless others. Rounded out by tracks recorded during the House With A Curse sessions, the Parasites EP shows Coliseum defying expectations and showcasing some of their most infectious anti-anthems and blazing hardcore tirades to date.

For the cover art, the band enlisted illustrator Rick Froberg, singer and guitarist of post-hardcore pioneers Drive Like Jehu, Hot Snakes, and Obits. Known for his fine art and unique album covers for his own bands, Froberg's art rarely graces other bands' releases, and his singular style gives Parasites EP a brilliant look and feel, and ­ like the music within ­ twists the trademark Coliseum aesthetic into new and exciting directions.

VIDEO for new track "Waiting (Too Late)" directed by Jason Farrell (Swiz, Blue Tip):

MP3 for "Waiting (Too Late)" from the upcoming
Parasites EP:
1. One Last Night (3:18)
2. Waiting (Too Late) (2:55)
3. The Fiery Eye (1:44)
4. Ghost Of God (3:22)
5. The Big Baby (1:43)
6. Gone With The Pope (1:51)
7. Blood Of The Beasts (1:52)
8. Give Up The Ghost (2:45)

Oct 13 @ Apop Records, St. Louis, MO w/ Shaved Women
Oct 15 @ Marquis Theater, Denver, CO w/ Boris, Tera Melos
Oct 16 @ The Waiting Room, Omaha, NE w/ Boris, Tera Melos
Oct 17 @ Varsity Theater, Minneapolis, MN w/ Boris, Tera Melos
Oct 18 @ Majestic Theater, Madison, WI w/ Boris, Tera Melos
Oct 19 @ Metro, Chicago, IL w/ Boris, Tera Melos
Oct 20 @ Dionysus Disco /Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH w/ Boris, Tera Melos
Oct 21 @ Not Dead Yet Festival, Toronto, ON
Oct 22 @ Magic Stick, Detroit, MI w/ Boris, Tera Melos
Oct 23 @ Carabar, Columbus, OH
Oct 26 @ Cahoots, Louisville, KY w/ Regents
Oct 27 @ Firehouse, Birmingham, AL w/ Regents, Pygmy Lush
Oct 28 @ The Fest / Double Down, Gainesville, FL w/ Regents, Touche Amore
Oct 29 @ Drunken Unicorn, Atlanta, GA w/ Regents, Black Tusk
Oct 30 @ Foobar Too, Nashville, TN w/ Regents

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No Ripcord: The Besnard Lakes

The Besnard Lakes
You Lived in the City EP
Released: 9.22.11

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Bluebrain: Central Park (Listen to the Light) (and, Albums as Apps)

I have to admit: I’m not sure if I like the idea that to experience certain types of music, conceptually, you have to have a smart phone or pad device. I think the notion of site-specific music, which is the concept currently driving Bluebrain’s recent Central Park (Listen to the Light) album, makes for an interesting way to capture the sights, sounds and moments that influence or inspire a piece of work and I could see how video could enliven such a concept. But, have we outgrown our ability to sense this stuff by simply listening? In my estimation, certain albums hold resonance because they enable your senses to experience them, which is why music has endured generations and has had so much hold over how we think and feel. And, while I’m aware that technology will only continue to inform how we relate to music, I can only imagine that an album available solely for those of us with the latest phone excludes those of us who would rather put something on a stereo, tune out the world and listen. Where’s the escape in this when so much of our external existence involves being told what we need to be complete via television, advertising and societal pressure?  Maybe I'm missing the point, but so long as physicality remains an option in an increasingly digitized and intangibly reliant world, why deny those of us who would rather use our phones to talk and keep our stereos for listening?

Anyway, despite my personal take, Bluebrain’s Central Park is the subject of a bus trip. All information comes courtesy of Force Field PR.

Get on the Bluebrain party bus this weekend
from DC to NYC

Central Park ('Listen to the Light')
is NYC's first 'location-aware' album, composed and conceived by music duo Bluebrain, available exclusively as a FREE iPhone app

VIDEO: The Making of Central Park: Listen To The Light -

Central Park - Album trailer -

Please join us for an exclusive excursion to New York City to experience the new Bluebrain location-aware album Listen to the Light in Central Park. Trip includes bus transportation, Listen to the Light experience in Central Park (iPhone or iPad3G required), You Are Here: Washington DC art exhibit featuring DC artists, and an after-party at Lit Lounge (featuring DC's Shark Week and Cracked Latin).

The bus will be departing Saturday, October 15th at 10 a.m. in Dupont Circle and will depart NYC Sunday, October 16th at Noon from Central Park/a central location in NYC. Individuals are responsible for their own accommodations Saturday night. Food courtesy of Sweetgreen and beer courtesy of DC Brau will be provided on the bus ride up to NYC. Please feel free to bring your own food and drink as well. Additional special thanks to Eventbrite and Pink Line Project.

Please be sure to have an iPhone/iPad with you for this trip. If you do not have one and are a Blackberry/Android user, we'll improvise and bring some headphone splitters. Or come enjoy the experience still and borrow from a friend on the trip/walk with them, etc. We will make it work! The app is free but you MUST download ahead of time. It is a very large app and can only be downloaded over WiFi, so make sure you're Apple device (iPhone 4, iPhone 3G or iPad 3G have the app on it ahead of time.)

We are asking $42 per person to cover costs. This is an exclusive and space-limited event so please act fast. We hope you can join us.


Listen to the Light Download:

'Making of' Listen to the Light Vimeo:

Here is the itinerary for the two-day excursion:

Saturday, October 15th:
10 a.m. - Bus departs Dupont Circle
3 p.m. - Arrive Central Park, New York City, NY
3-6 p.m. - Experience Listen to the Light - Central Park
6-9 p.m. - You are Here: Washington DC (Dorian Grey Gallery, 437 E. 9th St.) - more info here
After-party at Lit Lounge featuring Shark Week and Cracked Latin (93 Second Ave East Village)

Sunday, October 16th:

12 p.m. - Bus departs NYC for DC

Email with any questions.


Official Site -

Facebook -
Trailer for Central Park -
Trailer for The National Mall -
Bluebrain talks to Kill Screen about
Central Park -
NY Post Story -

Letters From A Tapehead

What I Heard This Morning: Megaton Leviathan

One of my new favorite band names, Megaton Leviathan seems far too syllabic to be deemed "gaze"-like. The band just finished a tour with Wolves In The Throne Room and some footage of them performing "Guns and LSD" made it online. Check the video. All info comes courtesy of Earsplit PR.

MEGATON LEVIATHAN: Portland Doom-Gazers Issue Tour Wrap-Up

Portland, Oregon doom-gazers MEGATON LEVIATHAN recently wrapped up a tour with cerebral black metal goliaths Wolves In The Throne Room. The band joined Wolves midway through their
Celestial Lineage Tour and sullied 11 unsuspecting cities with their miasmic scores.

Commented vocalist/guitarist Andrew Costa:
"Upon returning home our only complaint is that it was too short a trip. It was a singular experience to share the stage with Wolves In The Throne Room, shaping our shared vision in the often tiny, overcrowded and sweaty spaces. We send our deepest thanks and appreciation to all those who came out and sweated with us all over the Southeast and South. Back on the Pacific Northwest, the cool fall mornings have set in and the rain returned. We are already hard at work on writing some new material that reflects out recent experiences and explorations and plotting our next return to the road, be on the lookout."

Check out fan-filmed footage from the band's Nashville performance (playing "Guns & LSD")

MEGATON LEVIATHAN recently reissued their 2009 demo on limited-edition vinyl through their own Volatile Rock Records. Limited to 500 copies, the 35-minute production takes listeners on a cerebral journey that transcends far beyond the traditional boundaries of metal and music in general. Commented Alternative Matter:
"If dissonance, reverb drenched vocal, soundscapes of feedback drenched seclusion and guitar riffs that could soundtrack the progress of a brontosaurus in search of food, make you prick up your ears, then Megaton Leviathan are a welcome addition to your collection." Added Aquarius Records: "...for fans of all things dark and heavy and dreamy and melodic, droney and drifty and pretty and poppy and trance inducing." Cvlt Nation said: "every song on this EP is a sunset & sunrise of melodic euphoria," while the Bone Reader noted: "...five songs of slow-ish spaced-out heavy psych. There’s a great get-lost-in-it meander to much of it, but ML aren’t just mindlessly jamming on a doomy riff: these songs have somewhere to go, they just don’t mind taking their time getting there."

MEGATON LEVIATHAN are currently available for interviews upon request. Get in touch with your nearly EarsplitPR operative for further info.

Putting myself in line with all the rock rags that had so many nice things to say about the band, I'll add, "All bands should be named 'Megaton Leviathan.'"  

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“The Color Of Noise:” Amphetamine Reptile Documentary...

If you don’t already, you should follow I Heart Noise because the very well-informed and musically well-versed individuals running that blog often feature the best information, like news of this upcoming documentary about Amphetamine Reptile Records and their founder Tom Hazelmeyer dubbed, The Color Of Noise.

And if it weren’t already enough that they reported this, they’ve also compiled a very comprehensive list of AmRep bands/musicians. You can find that here.

The benefit to the once-burgeoning independent music scene having grown into antiquity has been that the music mostly seen as irrelevant thanks to being forever cast in the shadow of Woodstock can now be appreciated for its importance.  While those of us affected by this music have always been aware of how vibrant and critical it's been, and how essential certain labels have been for giving independent music its platform, it is a pity that a scene has to be well past its prime for it to be considered "worthy" of such coverage.  But, I'm sure it's true that post-impact, events can be better and more ably appreciated.  All the data has to be scrutinized and all the testimony has to be offered.  Welcome to middle-age.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Parts & Labor: No Nostalgia

Parts & Labor have announced they'll be on an "indefinite hiatus" following a slew of concert dates they've planned.  Not sure if this is a true break-up or not, but the news was enough to conjure Twitter tears from Greg Kot:

Kot evidently acts in defiance of P & L's new song, "No Nostalgia."  You can check out the song below, along with the band's announcement and tour dates.

Their last album, Constant Future, was reviewed at Kicking Against The Pricks.

R.I.P, Parts & Labor.  Or, simply enjoy your working sabbatical.

Parts & Labor Announce 10th Anniversary and Retrospective Shows Followed by Indefinite Hiatus

An announcement from Parts & Labor in their own words:

Dear friends,

This January
, Parts & Labor turns 10 years old. We're planning a string of celebratory shows, in which we play selected material from all of our full length albums, leading up to a big 10th anniversary blow out on February 24th, 2012.

Following these performances, we're going to take an extended hiatus. We feel incredibly fortunate having had a decade of amazing experiences -- making records and new friends, performing with so many killer musicians and artists. But it's time for each of us to focus
on personal projects for a while. We're all going to continue to make music through other endeavors.

We'd like to thank everyone who's supported us, bought our albums, seen us live, offered us a floor to sleep on. We love y'all. As a token of our esteem, we're giving away a final song called "No Nostalgia (featuring Todd Bailey and Where's The Party At)", which was recorded during the 
Receivers sessions, but suddenly seems all too prescient.


Dan/BJ/Joe (Parts & Labor)

DOWNLOAD: Parts & Labor "No Nostalgia"

10/19/11 Brooklyn, NY- Union Pool (performing songs from
Receivers) Jagjaguwar/Secretly Canadian/Dead Oceans CMJ Showcase w/ Exitmusic, Gauntlet Hair, Porcelain Raft, A Place to Bury Strangers

11/18/11 Brooklyn, NY- Death by Audio (performing songs from
Mapmaker) w/ Knyfe Hyts, Antimagic, Zulus

12/03/11 Ithaca, NY- The Haunt

12/16/11 Brooklyn, NY- Knitting Factory (performing songs from
Stay Afraid) w/ Pterodactyl

02/24/12 Brooklyn, NY- 285 Kent Ave.- 10th Anniversary Fest/ Last Show w/ Oneida, Talk Normal, more TBA

MP3: "No Nostalgia"
VIDEO: "Echo Chamber" from Constant Future
VIDEO: "The Gold We're Digging" from Mapmaker
MP3 "Rest" from Constant Future
MP3 "Nowheres Nigh" from Receivers
MP3 "Fractured Skies" from Mapmaker
MP3 "A Great Divide" from Stay Afraid

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Place To Bury Strangers: Ocean

Over at the Jagjaguwar/Dead Oceans/Secretly Canadian offices, there's been buzz about the recent acquisition of A Place To Bury Strangers and their upcoming CMJ Showcase.  Though the band is set to release a five-song EP early in 2012, no new songs are yet available.  That being the case, I found this live clip of the band playing "Ocean" for KEXP, which was recorded during CMJ 2008. All info comes courtesy of Dead Oceans.

A Place To Bury Strangers Signs to Dead Oceans
EP to be released in Early 2012

New York noise czars A Place To Bury Strangers are making moves. Never ones to stand still for very long (literally and figuratively), the band is announcing a new label and new music. Dead Oceans is proud to welcome APTBS to their roster. Label co-founder Phil Waldorf says, "I've been enamored with A Place to Bury Strangers since I first heard their debut album. Their live shows have rattled me time and time again. It is not often you get to work with a band that you've been closely following for years, and we are honored to be a part of their new chapter. Wait until you hear what comes next." The band will join artists such as Akron/Family, Gauntlet Hair, Phosphorescent, the Tallest Man on Earth and more.

Having put on numerous wild shows across the US and Europe -- their recent Rocksoff Cruise included band members tossing plugged in amps overboard -- APTBS' ferocious live performances have won over a wide range of audiences. Their solid wall of sound is built meticulously, brick by brick, to form a cohesive all-encompassing experience: physical, intellectual, emotional. In the last year the band has grown to include bass player Dion Lunadon from The D4. Dion has joined Oliver Ackerman (guitar/vocals) and Jay Space (drums) in shaping the direction for APTBS, co-writing songs and sharing backup vocal duties. Of their Dead Oceans signing Ackerman says,
"We are very excited to be signing with [the label]. I have been a fan of their taste in music since the label started and it's going to be cool to be a part of what they have built independently over the years."

The trio has been hard at work on a new set of 5 songs, which will be released on Dead Oceans as an EP in early 2012. More details on the new EP and tour dates will follow soon. The band will also make a single appearance at this year's CMJ, headlining the Dead Oceans-Jagjaguwar-Secretly Canadian showcase at Union Pool on Wednesday, October 19. A flyer with details is below.


Wednesday, October 19th @ Union Pool

Doors 6:30PM, Show 7:30pm SHARP

484 Union Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

$12 ADV, $15 DOS, Free w/CMJ Music Marathon Badge

A Place To Bury Strangers Official Site
Press Photos & Album Artwork



Dead Oceans Artist Page

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What I Heard This Morning: This Town Needs Guns

This Town Needs Guns:  Decent math rock, thankfully tougher than most current indie rock fair.

All info comes courtesy of Us/Them Group.

This Town Needs Guns release new 7" single while working on next album

"Animals sees the Oxford-based indie kids take care of the wizardry, combining math-rock time signatures, intricate guitar / bass tapestries and a rip-roaring vocal that swoops above the virtuoso sonics like a musical trapeze artists. The tracks themselves retain a fine balance between the intellectual and emotional, the cerebral and the visceral." -- Rock Sound

"This Town Needs Guns sound stylish, sussed and like reformed mathcore men Minus The Bear covering seminal Mancunian miserablists The Smiths. Good, in other words." -- Kerrang

Oxford, England quartet This Town Needs Guns release a new 2-song 7" today via Sargent House. It is the band's last recording with singer Stuart Smith, who leaves the band on amicable terms having successfully auditioned for fatherhood. The rest of the group is currently at work with new vocalist/guitarist Henry Tremain on the followup to their 2009 album,
Animals. The new disc, produced by Ed Rose (Appleseed Cast, Get Up Kids) will be released by Sargent House in 2012.

Stream the new two song release, "Adventure, Stamina & Anger" and "Mnspector Iorse" HERE. The EP cover art is the result of a photo submission contest the band held, in which fans contributed a wide variety of their own images from which the band would choose two favorites. The two seen above on the 7" sleeve are the winning entries.

This Town Needs Guns plays the Harvest Festival in Australia in November, alongside The National, Flaming Lips, Mogwai and more. UK headlining tour dates follow in December. Please see complete dates below.

Oxford is home to the oldest University in the English-speaking world, but more recently has been acknowledged as a musical hotbed with a habit of producing some of the most vital bands around today (Radiohead and Foals, to name a few). Their latest export is This Town Needs Guns, a band being hailed as the darling buds of the thriving UK indie scene.

"Adventure, Stamina & Anger" is available now on 7" single and download via Sargent House.

11/12 Melbourne, Australia @ Werribee Park - Harvest Festival
11/13 Sydney, Australia @ Parramatta Park - Harvest Festival
11/19 Brisbane, Australia @ Botanical Gardens - Harvest Festival
12/01 Southampton, England @ Southampton Joiners
12/02 Brighton, England @ Sticky Mike's
12/03 Oxford, England @ Jericho
12/05 Glasgow, Scotland @ King Tut's
12/06 York, England @ Stereo
12/07 Leeds, England @ Cockpit 3
12/14 Nottingham, England @ Bodega
12/15 Bristol, England @ Thekla
12/16 Kingston, England @ Fighting Cocks

Artist: This Town Needs Guns
Adventure, Stamina & Anger
Label: Sargent House
Release date: October 11th, 2011

Track list:

01. "Adventure, Stamina & Anger" (STREAM)
02. "Mnspector Iorse" (STREAM)

On the Web:

Letters From A Tapehead

Shining: Live Blackjazz

Blackjazz was one of the most abrasive, ridiculous and brilliantly crafted records to come out of 2010 in my often too-humble opinion.  Norway's Shining has taken their live act and committed it to DVD, Live Blackjazz being the result.  The band recently released a trailer for the DVD.  All info comes courtesy of Indie Recordings.

You can read my review of Shining's Blackjazz at No Ripcord.


For the first time ever, the raw energy of their legendary live performances has been captured on tape in a setting organized solely by the band itself. Produced by the multi-talented front-man Munkeby, and backed by the same mixing and mastering team as on their previous
Blackjazz studio album, we could not get a truer version of what Blackjazz is meant to be. Straight from the horse’s mouth, this is the new standard that bands will strive to match for the next 10 or 20 years to come.

See the first clip from the DVD here:


Shining will tour Europe this November.

Tour dates:
05-NOV - Damnation Festival, Leeds (UK)
06-NOV - Fleece, Bristol (UK)
08-NOV - Patronaat, Haarlem (NL)
09-NOV - Doornroosje, Nijmegen (NL)
10-NOV - Point FMR (Musiques Volantes Festival), Paris (FR)
11-NOV - STUK, Leuven (B)
12-NOV ULU, London (UK) W/ Devin Townsend Project (Deconstruction show)
14-NOV - De Kreun, Kortrijk (B)
16-NOV - Jagerklause, Berlin (GER)
17-NOV - Knust, Hamburg (GER)
18-NOV - Saint Oberhausen, Oberhausen (GER)

Pre orders starts now.

Order the live album and DVD here:

Norway: (Special bundle available.) US: (The album will be out in January in the US)


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Guerilla Toss: "Meteorological"

I was elated to find out that Guerilla Toss will be releasing a new LP this September called Twisted Crystal . Last year's GT Ultra sp...