Sunday, January 30, 2011

What I Heard This Morning: Dag för Dag...

Dag för Dag is a brother/sister team of Americans-turned-Swedes releasing a new album in April entitled, Boo.  Their single, "I Am The Assassin," fashions this restless and dreamy bass tone, snare couplets and plucked strings.  The effect is intriguing enough that I've listened to the song now about three times, drawn to its minimalism and ghostliness.  Listen to the song or watch the video.

Information on the band is below via Terrorbird Media.

Dag för Dag- I am the Assassin from Ted Malmros on Vimeo.

Via Terrorbird Media:


DOWNLOAD: "I Am the Assassin" (mp3)

(from the
Boo full length)

American-Swedish. Brother and sister. Nomadic wanderers. From Missoula, to Wisconsin, to Honolulu, to, finally, Stockholm. Having toured with Wolf Parade, Cursive, Lykke Li, Shout Out Louds, Handsome Furs, The Faint & The Kills, and with the acclaimed
Shooting from the Shadows EP on Saddle Creek under their belts, Dag för Dag bring their sprawling mix of dirty guitars, layered textures, and anthemic guy/girl vocals via a full-length album. Boo is set for a April 26th release on Brooklyn's Ceremony Recordings. The band's name, Sweedish for "day by day," was originally taken from a language-learning tape the duo once stumbled across, the name has become an apt descriptor of their approach to music and life in general. The first single "I Am the Assassin" is available as a free download , along with an accompanying video directed by Ted Malmros of the Shout Out Louds.

Lacking pretension, lacking analysis, lacking comparisons of what others are up to, lacking concern for what’s now, nothing really stands between Sarah Snavely (electric guitar, keyboards, bass, violin, vocals) and brother Jacob (bass, electric guitar, percussion, vocals) and the ever bigger stage, the ever bigger listening audience. But as a band that lives for the live stage, they had to speak long and hard to the mixing desk, the producers, the microphone and the cavernous walls of dark studios on hot summer days: “please capture the spirit and energy and magic witnessed on stage.”

As so, with the help of Richard Swift (Secretly Canadian) in their native US and Johannes Berglund in their Swedish new land, the fury and the intensity along with the gentle pop approach Dag för Dag bring to the live stage translates with stunning clarity. With the addition of a new song, "Cry, Cry,"
Boo comes to North America for the first time on 12” vinyl, limited cds, and digital download.

"I Am the Assassin" video directed by Ted Malmros (click here)

Dag för Dag Press Page

Dag för Dag Facebook
Cermony Soundcloud Page

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Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds: Rare As A Yeti... (Show Update)

I received an anonymous message about the February 19th show:

The Saturday Feb 19 show in Brooklyn, NY is at Secret Project Robot in Williamsburg. Corner of Kent and Metropolitan. With Ian Svenonius' Chain and The Gang!

Via Force Field PR:

Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds announce East Coast tour!

The legendary Kid Congo Powers, co-founder of the Gun Club, guitarist for The Cramps and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, will be releasing his new album with his group Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds this spring. Titled Gorilla Rose, the album follows in the footsteps of the band's 2009 Dracula Boots with more ram-charged boogaloo, sleazy psychedelia and Chicano garage rock. In The Red records is gearing up for the new album by releasing a series of oddball limited edition vinyl-only records by the band. The first of these releases dropped this week in the form of the "Five Greasy Pieces" subscription series. This is a very limited edition (250 of each) series of five different singles each containing two brand new tracks. Starting in January In The Red will be issuing one of these a month. The fifth and final single in the series will come with a handsome box in which all five will be housed. The only way to obtain these singles is to buy a subscription on the In The Red website. In March In The Red will be issuing a live LP by the band titled Live At The Prom which will be another vinyl-only limited edition release available exclusively online.

Catch Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds on their North East tour this February!


2.11 Jack Pot Saloon Lawrence, KS
2.12 Crosstown Station Kansas City, MO
2.13 Off Broadway Night Club St Louis, MO
2.14 MOTR Pub Cincinnati, OH
2.15 Beachland Ballroom Cleveland, OH
2.16 Howler's Coyote Cafe Pittsburgh, PA
2.17 Bandito's Burrito Lounge Richmond, VA
2.18 Comet Ping Pong Washington, DC
2.19 TBA New York, NY



MySpace - 
Label - 
Artist site -

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Shopping For Records #45: A Spree Via Gift Cards and a Free Afternoon...

A cold Saturday and some free time prompted a 45 minute ride over to West Chester's Chester County Book & Music Company so I could spend a few gift certificates and lighten the back burner.  Most of my purchases were stragglers from 2010, a few things I've always meant to acquire and acquisitions based on some reconsideration.

Chester County Book & Music Company, West Chester, PA:

Double Seven Inch
Released: 7.27.10

I thought this was interesting find: Two edited singles from Menomena's 2010 release, Mines, along with two unreleased tracks.  I haven't had the chance to give either single a spin just yet, though.

Dinosaur Jr.
You're Living All Over Me
Merge Records
Reissued: 3.22.05

Maybe I've become the 90s version of baby boomer arrogance and self-indulgent nostalgia, two things I've tried mightily to avoid.  All I know is I really wasn't ever a fan of Dinosaur Jr.  Ever.  It was never an outright hatred, mind you.  Certainly I understood the hoopla regarding J. Mascis and Lou Barlow, two pre-Alternative icons that played some role in determining the sound, the look and the feel pre-90s counterculture.  Their sound just never caught me.

And, then, I heard "Little Fury Things."  I'd heard the song before many, many times over the years I've put behind, but this time it was different.  The despairing tone feels right and Mascis' vocal is emotive when it counts.  I saw You're Living All Over Me on the shelf and decided I should own it.  Evolving tastes or nostalgic sabotage.  Your call.

Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band
Safe As Milk
Buddha Records
Originally released: 1967
Reissued: 1999

Yes, Captain Beefheart died.  Yes, I bought one of his albums posthumously.  I'm aware that nothing screams "poser" like buying an album from a recently deceased legend, especially one with such cred in the inner circle of rock snobbery and elitism.  But, Safe As Milk has been on my wish list for way too long.  And it's probably true that Beefheart's demise awoke in me some underlying desire to reengage my fascination with him and his catalogue, I won't deny that.  But, I'll instead chalk up the purchase to this:  I was in the mood to listen to Beefheart, so it made sense to nab some.

The Rolling Stones
Exile On Main St. (Deluxe Edition)
Originally released: 1972
Reissued: 5.18.10

It's HERE that accusations of posership can take hold because, and I say this with a degree of mostly unapologetic callousness, I've been anti-Stones for as long as I can remember.

Before my virtual head is removed by Keef-fanatics, let me explain a few things.  My perspective may have been different if the following had not been the case/true:

1). The Beatles vs. The Stones debates — I was raised on The Beatles.  I ate, slept, drank and breathed The Beatles.  Paul, John, George and Ringo were always on in my household, an everlasting presence that was either subtly in the background or the topic of passionate commentary from my Father, a trait that he passed down to me as I can never, EVER, talk about a Beatles album without some lawyer-esque tone that laces my words with an air of "I KNOW WHAT THE FUCK I'M TALKING ABOUT!"

I will say that this aspect of my upbringing played some role in determining exactly how insignificantly the Stones would play in my life and that they were essentially, in my mind, a group of geezers that didn't have the good sense to throw in the towel before coming up with something as stupid as "Love Is Strong."  I understand that the Stones, as far as being a live act, definitely have one up on the Beatles in the regard that they were a full-on touring rock n' roll band.  Let It Be speaks volumes about how dysfunctional the "live" Beatles had become, so I concede that the Stones at least had their shit together.  This, though, brings me to my next point.

2). Post-Exile — The Beatles quit and The Stones didn't.  Whatever post-Beatles embarrassment awaited the ex-Fab Four, (and there were/are many), they were at least attributable to individuals and not something to befoul the group as a whole.  By contrast, there was ample opportunity for Jagger and Richards to turn the Stones into an aging, and ultimately geriatric, tribute to way back when.  It can be said that Exile On Main St. was the height of the band's creative ambition and that they followed its brilliance with mostly lackluster output that was consistent enough to generate a hit or twelve.  Interestingly, Exile seems so low on hits but so high on good rock n' roll music.  Keeping that in mind, it may be one of the few moments in music history when the public got it right and it wasn't just the overabundance of radio play or the educated ears of the rock press that built all the hype around it. 

Or, I don't know what I'm talking about.  I admit to being a novice as far as Stones chronology and history.  Tell me I'm wrong and I'll withdraw my assessment.

When news of Exile's reissue surfaced last year, my interest piqued.  I knew that, if any record was going to make me rethink my rather stubborn and close-minded opinion of The Rolling Stones, it was going to be Exile On Main St.  Sticky Fingers is next on the list.

Blonde Redhead
Penny Sparkle
Released: 9.14.10

Not usually susceptible to an album this synth-heavy, Blonde Redhead's Penny Sparkle appeals to me from a melodic standpoint, songs like "Here Sometimes," "Will There Be Stars" and "Oslo" reason enough to give this one a shot.  Musically speaking, Penny Sparkle is quite a departure for Blonde Redhead, but this sort of growth transition worked for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.  To be honest, I think Blond Redhead do the synthesized New Wave throwback thing a little more justice.

Frank Zappa
Originally released: 1974
Reissued: 4.18.95

For my birthday last December, my Dad gave me a ticket see Zappa Plays Zappa (Dweezil Zappa's touring tribute to Frank) perform Apostrophe in its entirety.  Being an album I'd heard a few times, but hadn't owned, I was able enough to follow along with the show.  But, after ZPZ's incredible performance of "Cosmik Debris," Dweez and the band jamming with a projection of an archived Frank Zappa singing and playing the song live with The Mothers, Apostrophe became a necessary addition to my music library.

The Roots
How I Got Over
Def Jam/Okayplayer
Released: 6.21.10

If it's unfair to state that The Roots may be the only hip-hop group worth listening to these days, it's not unfair for me to state that they're the only one I care about anymore.  The Roots know music, which is why they manage to come up with albums that emulate soul and R&B better than any auto-tuned hack, or any overrated songstress.  I know that hip-hop's inventiveness and spirit hasn't completely disappeared, but it's overall devolution has left me longing for its golden age.  The Roots, thankfully, keep art in their game.

The Roots "How I Got Over" from Okayplayer on Vimeo.

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Friday, January 28, 2011

The Thermals: I Don't Believe You

The Thermals are releasing a new single in February and, for some reason, playing a live set on that show where George Lopez pretends to be A). a host B). funny C). a funny host.

Some info regarding the single has been provided by the ever-informative Terrorbird Media and check out their video for "I Don't Believe You," off their 2010 release, Personal LifeCarrie Brownstein from Sleater Kinney interacts with an alarm clock.

Also, Pitchfork is hosting a video of another of their singles, "Never Listen To Me."

Via Terrorbird:

The Thermals are unstoppable! After an incredibly busy 2010 (6 tours, 4 singles and 1 LP), The Thermals are showing no signs of stopping or even slowing down! On February 1st, The Thermals will perform “I Don’t Believe You” from their awesome 5th LP Personal Life on Lopez Tonight!

Check out the video for “I Don’t Believe You” staring Carrie Brownstein here: 

On February 15, The Thermals will release the third and final single from Personal Life , "Not Like Any Other Feeling,” on Kill Rock Stars. It's not like any other single The Thermals have ever released! Ok that's not entirely true. But this is marketing, people! Where the truth always takes a backseat to hyperbole. Kind of like a lot of relationships. The kind of relationships The Thermals explore in Personal Life, and especially "Not Like Any Other Feeling". Relationships in which (to quote the song), "You only exist to be replaced". "NLAOF" is filled with such 
grand, bleak statements. But damn it if they don't ring true. There can be no overstatements when you're in love, or falling out of it.

"Not Like Any Other Feeling" is not unlike The Thermals' last amazing single, "Never Listen To Me" (in the musical sense.) The song is driven hard by the bass and drums, with the guitar taking a more melodic backseat. The vocals are loud and proud, intent on the listener understanding and absorbing every brilliant double negative. Pretty stoney mix, too! Thank you producer extraordinaire Chris Walla 
(Death Cab For Cutie, Tegan and Sara.)

The Thermals just revealed the video for “Never Listen To Me” directed by Lance Bangs and Aubree Bernier-Clarke. The video was one of the last films shot on Kodak's Kodachrome film, which the company is no longer producing or developing. Check it out over at!/thethermals

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tee Pee: SXSW and European tour dates...

Via Tee Pee Records press release:

Tee Pee Records Announces 2011 SXSW Showcase and European Tour! 

NYC rock label TEE PEE RECORDS is proud to announce the details for its 2011 South by Southwest (SXSW) label showcase. The independent record company will spotlight its diverse family of artists on Friday, March 18 at Headhunter's (720 Red River Street, Austin, TX). This year's lineup will feature IRON AGE (Austin, TX), SWEET APPLE (feat. Dinosaur Jr.'s J Mascis), NIGHT HORSE (Los Angeles, CA), LECHEROUS GAZE (ex-ANNIHILATION TIME; Oakland, CA), WEIRD OWL (Brooklyn, NY) and THE MAIN STREET GOSPEL (Columbus, OH) and marks the ten year anniversary of TEE PEE's annual SXSW "rock party".

This April, TEE PEE will highlight its roster with its first ever European label tour. Co-sponsored by the UK's Classic Rock magazine, the tour will kick off on April 5 in Wiesbaden, Germany and will be headlined by stoner rock legends THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX. Also performing will be fast rising New York heavy psych band NAAM, Toronto-based psych rock band QUEST FOR FIRE and NYC rockers MIRROR QUEEN, rounding out the bill.

"We look forward to bringing this Tee Pee mega-tour across the Atlantic and to seeing our bands rock both the continent and the loyal fans of Roadburn," commented TEE PEE Records GM Steven Dolcemaschio. "With a line up as heavy and diverse as this, Tee Pee hopes that this tour will prove to be "high times" for all involved."

The 2011 TEE PEE European label tour itinerary is shaping up as follows:


Classic Rock proudly presents TEE PEE RECORDS 2011 European Tour

April 5 Wiesbaden, Germany Schlachthof
April 6 Vienna, Austria Arena
April 7 Würzburg, Germany Cafe Cairo
April 8 Dresden, Germany Groovestation
April 9 Hohenstein, Germany Schützenhaus
April 10 Berlin, Germany Magnet
April 11 Hamburg, Germany Molotow
April 12 Marburg, Germany KFZ
April 13 Dortmund, Germany Piano
April 14 Tilburg, Netherlands * Roadburn Festival (feat. THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX, NAAM, QUEST FOR FIRE)
April 15 Jena, Germany Rosenkeller
April 16 Salzburg, Austria B. lack
April 17 Millstatt, Austria Bergwerk
April 18 Maribor, Slovenia Dvorana Gustaf -Pekarna
April 19 Torino, Italy United Club
April 20 Brescia, Italy Latte & Live
April 21 Luzern, Switzerland Sedel
April 22 Winterthur, Switzerland Gaswerk
April 23 Weil der Stadt, Germany JH Kloster
April 24 Paris, France Nouveau Casino
April 25 Rotterdam, Netherlands Baroeg
April 26 Antwerpen, Belgium Trix
April 27 London, UK Underworld

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No Ripcord: Sic Alps

Sic Alps
Napa Asylum
Drag City
Released: 1.25.11

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds: Rare As A Yeti...

Any Kid Congo fans in the house?  "Legend" is an accurate assessment of the man, Congo having taken part in The Cramps, co-founded The Gun Club and been a part of Nick Cave's band of Bad Seeds.  He and his current band, The Pink Monkey Birds, will be touring (no Philadelphia dates, unfortunately) and releasing a new album, Gorilla Rose.  Information can be found below.

Via Force Field PR:

Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds announce East Coast tour!

The legendary Kid Congo Powers, co-founder of the Gun Club, guitarist for The Cramps and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, will be releasing his new album with his group Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds this spring. Titled Gorilla Rose, the album follows in the footsteps of the band's 2009 Dracula Boots with more ram-charged boogaloo, sleazy psychedelia and Chicano garage rock. In The Red records is gearing up for the new album by releasing a series of oddball limited edition vinyl-only records by the band. The first of these releases dropped this week in the form of the "Five Greasy Pieces" subscription series. This is a very limited edition (250 of each) series of five different singles each containing two brand new tracks. Starting in January In The Red will be issuing one of these a month. The fifth and final single in the series will come with a handsome box in which all five will be housed. The only way to obtain these singles is to buy a subscription on the In The Red website. In March In The Red will be issuing a live LP by the band titled Live At The Prom which will be another vinyl-only limited edition release available exclusively online.

Catch Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds on their North East tour this February!


2.11 Jack Pot Saloon Lawrence, KS
2.12 Crosstown Station Kansas City, MO
2.13 Off Broadway Night Club St Louis, MO
2.14 MOTR Pub Cincinnati, OH
2.15 Beachland Ballroom Cleveland, OH
2.16 Howler's Coyote Cafe Pittsburgh, PA
2.17 Bandito's Burrito Lounge Richmond, VA
2.18 Comet Ping Pong Washington, DC
2.19 TBA New York, NY



MySpace - 
Label - 
Artist site -

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Cover of the Day: Total Fucking Destruction

Struck the funny bone.

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kicking Against The Pricks: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World soundtrack...

Kicking Against The Pricks is now accessible via Twitter and Facebook, so become a follower or fan and check out my article on the soundtrack for Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.

Lately, I've been having some trouble linking my KATP reviews, but you can still view the issue.  If troubles present themselves, I'll just post the article.

Issue #5 is up for perusal:

Various Artists
Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Released: 8.10.10

Kicking Against The Pricks review

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Beep: Today Is Your Birthday

Animated medical illustrations and dental hygiene: Beep’s Cities of the Future released this Tuesday, the 18th. The awesomely bizarre trio that is Beep released a video for the track, “Today Is Your Birthday.” Give it a look/listen and check out some of the information below.

Via Terrorbird:

Francisco's avant-indie trio BEEP release City of The Future this week

Members of Tune-Yards channel electric Miles, Sun Ra, and outer space transmissions. out on Third Culture Records

Listen: Robopup

(via ALARM)

Video: Today Is Your Birthday

BEEP bounds in fields of abstract flowers. Mischievous, mysterious, intricate and teasing: Children's songs on painted pages. Fairy tales intone in an unsettling, hopeful voice. Planes of sound overlaid and overlapping. Landscapes unfold under storms of pastel-shaped jazz. Melodies emerge and recede, twist and flow. Rhythms like water spiders, skating over possibilities. Points of convergence slide and dissolve, reconfigure and drift. Charting the edges of traveled territory; bringing back artifacts from faraway lands, communications from distant planets.

Stalwarts of the Bay Area music scene, BEEP have honed their interests in diverse projects spanning indie rock, free jazz, and the avant-garde fringe, evolving into the Bay Area's most alluring purveyor of experimental eclectism. Their upcoming release, City of the Future (on Third Culture Records) was recorded with Eli Crews [Deerhoof, Why?] at New, Improved Recording in Oakland. BEEP also invited the most compelling singer they know, Tune-yards' Merrill Garbus, to grace a few tracks. Her jaw dropping vocals on "Wolf Pantalones" and "Mbira" provide transcendent passages to already insane music.

While not a concept album, the music on City of the Future is conceptual: the group had a certain sound world in mind throughout-acoustic and uncommon instruments, carefully constructed electronic sounds, strange or subverted musical forms-that would inveigle the listener to enter a tweaked reality juxtaposing chaos and beauty, familiar and bizarre, the serene and the catastrophic. What emerged was a futuristic soundscape with the warmth and familiarity of an earlier era in recording technology, an album evoking Sun Ra, Sly and the Family Stone, electric Miles, as well as skyscrapers, flying cars, flashing lights, cyborg animals, holographic warlords, and space exploration.

Record Release Show

Jan 23rd @ The Hemlock San Francisco, CA w/ Dinosaur Feathers, Careerers

Cities of the Future
Out January 18th, 2011 on Third Culture

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What I Heard This Morning: Exploding In Sound — Wax Unwound

Dan Goldin of Exploding In Sound has amassed an impressive roster of talent for his latest compilation, Wax Unwound. Who? Black Mountain, Zach Hill, Alain Johannes, The Twilight Singers. The other bands that you may or may not have heard of present no weak link or subpar distraction, no tedious three or four minutes of mediocrity to sit through before you get to something that may or not be good. In all honesty, though I’ve said this before whenever Mr. Goldin has sent along notice of his compilations, this is his most consistently good and interesting selection of bands/songs he's done. Bands like Grandfather, Monotonix, Shapes, &U&I and Shark? offer the more veteran-esque inclusions of the compilation some peer worthy company.

So, how about downloading Mr. Goldin’s twenty-two tracks? It will cost you nothing and you just might learn a thing or two.

Below is all the information from Mr. Goldin himself and be sure to give a look see to his labor of love, Exploding In Sound. It’s always a good read.

(I, though, should still be your favorite).

Via Exploding In Sound press release:

WAX UNWOUND is the brand new snarling monster of a compilation from Exploding In Sound. While little introduction is necessary for volume eight of the taste-making website’s promotional compilation series, the good folks over at EIS honestly couldn't be happier with the end results. This is the collection the rock world has been waiting for, the one that will tear the paint from the walls with pure brilliant fury and infinitely enjoyable music from some of the best active bands. Ladies and gentlemen, Exploding In Sound is honored to announce WAX UNWOUND and it's unbelievably amazing line-up including Zach Hill, Pulled Apart By Horses, Black Mountain, The Twilight Singers, Young Widows, Monotonix, Ty Segall, Sky Larkin, Alain Johannes, Grandfather, Shapes, and many more [full tracklist below]. Waste no more time, DOWNLOAD NOW. Please play this compilation at a high volume for maximum results. You just may find your next favorite band.

DOWNLOAD THE ENTIRE COMPILATION FOR FREE via or Exploding In Sound's official BandCamp page. As always, the compilation is a 100% FREE digital download, containing artwork from the amazing, band descriptions, links for further enjoyment, and more. The staff at EIS want to reach out and thank everyone who has helped put this collection together, especially the bands, their labels, and management. Without the help, interest, and cooperation of these incredible artists none of this would be possible, because after all this is about their music and artistic vision.

Sharing of the download link is HIGHLY recommended and encouraged to anyone and everyone. As this is a FREE compilation, the goal is to gain the maximum audience, and word of mouth is always appreciated. PLEASE DOWNLOAD, SHARE, POST, and SPREAD the word to everyone you know. Great music is being made, and it’s up to the fans to deliver it to as many listeners as possible. ENJOY!


*Exploding In Sound:

*File Dropper:



1. Zach Hill – Total Recall

2. Pulled Apart By Horses – Get Off My Ghost Train
3. Pile – Don’t Touch Anything
4. Grandfather – Tremors
5. Black Mountain – Old Fangs
6. Alain Johannes – Endless Eyes
7. She Keeps Bees – Gimmie
8. Ty Segall – Caesar
9. Monotonix – Give Me More
10. Young Widows – Feelers
11. Shapes – The Escapologist
12. Young Adults – Impression
13. Tweak Bird – Lights In Lines
14. &U&I – Chancer’s Paradise
15. Nassy – Paul Michael Alexander
16. Sky Larkin – Kaleide
17. The Twilight Singers – Blackbird & The Fox
18. Capsula – Sun Shaking
19. Shark? – Tiny Violin
20. Dupec – MMIX
21. Ladder Devils – Common Dogs
22. Two Inch Astronaut – Spume 

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Shopping For Records #44 (Revisited): Earth’s “Father Midnight” on NPR...

A track from Earth’s upcoming new album, Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light I, is streaming over at NPR. Expect a review of the album to submitted to No Ripcord in the coming weeks. In the meantime, check out the song and survey the information below.

Via Earsplit PR:

We're proud to announce that National Public Radio will host an exclusive stream of a track from EARTH's upcoming full-length release Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light 1. Go to NPR's All Songs Considered blog to hear the album's rich and transcendent second track, "Father Midnight," at this location now!

EARTH have also announced an official release show for
Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light 1, scheduled for March 3rd at The Tractor Tavern in Seattle, with support from Mount Eerie and Low Hums. During this special evening, EARTH will be celebrating their newest live lineup and showcasing the hymns on Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light 1, which will be released on February 22nd worldwide on Southern Lord Recordings.

EARTH Record Release Show:

3/3/2011 The Tractor Tavern - Seattle, WA w/ Mount Eerie, Low Hums

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The Inbox Giveth: Zu

“Axion (Phantomsmasher remix)” b/w “Chthonian (James Plotkin remix)”
7” single
Public Guilt
Released: 3.21.11

This morning, I received a promo invitation for a new 7” from Zu: two remixed tracks from their 2009 album, Carboniferous. The remixes, created by one guy, (James Plotkin), two egos, (Plotkin, Phantomsmasher), thankfully maintain the band’s heavy rhythm and experimental spirit. They’re enjoyable to listen to and interesting enough to consider.

The “remix” tag almost always signifies lesser-than variations of original music featuring electro-pulse beats, or flimsy keyboard translations of the song’s familiar melody; overlay upon overlay of vocal snippets or dance music additives. It’s rare that remixologists, for lack of a better made-up term, come up with something other than an effects-laden reworking of a song. Instead you get knob-twisting self-indulgence that never sounds necessary or outdoes the original track. Plotkin doesn’t outdo Zu’s already idiosyncratic vision, but he at least attempts to maintain their sense of the abstract, coming up with an interesting companion piece to Carboniferous.

Copies are limited to 500 and are available in either grey or clear “with a grey haze” according to Public Guilt’s press release.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

What I Heard This Morning/Week Pt. 1: Crystal Stilts, Exray's, Screaming Females, ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead...

The inbox was swelling this week with new release information, new singles/videos from past releases and news in general. Below are some of the standouts.

Via Force Field PR:

Crystal Stilts announce sophomore album, In Love With Oblivion, due in April on Slumberland

Crystal Stilts "Magnetic Moon" by Slumberland Records

Crystal Stilts "Shake the Shackles" by Slumberland Records

Crystal Stilts' new album In Love with Oblivion will be released in the US on April 12 on Slumberland (and a day earlier in the UK on Fortuna Pop!). This follow-up to their much loved and critically acclaimed debut Alight Of Night continues their foray into spooky 60s psych and 80s dream pop but this time with more flourishes of melody and a bigger, more expansive sound.

Based in Brooklyn (via Florida), Crystal Stilts emerged alongside the very active local post-punk indie scene in 2008 whilst forging their own unique path. They built up a heady following stateside and by the time Alight of Night was released, a flood of accolades followed. In Love With Oblivion sets the bar even higher as they reach dizzying, fuzzy heights as first class purveyors of haunting, atmospheric post-punk pop.


04/29 Austin, TX East Side Drive-In (Austin Psych Fest)

Crystal Stilts

In Love With Oblivion
Street date: April 12, 2011

Crystal Stilts
Shake the Shackles
Street date: Oct. 26, 2011


Via Terrorbird Media:

Exray's premiere new video on Altered Zones directed by Pixar's Jeanne Applegate; New release date for S/T album 2/1/11 on Howells Transmitter

*San Francisco duo's debut full length includes contributions from Nate Query (Decemberists), Tim Cohen (The Fresh & Onlys), Warren Huegel (Citay, Jonas Reinhardt), & more *

WATCH: "Ways To Stop Time" (video)

San Francisco based, fuzzed-out slacker popsters Exray's are comprised of Jon Bernson and Michael Falsetto-Mapp at the core, who recently put the finishing touches on their debut full length Exray's, which has an updated release date of 2/1/11, on Howells Transmitter. While they made some notable in-roads for having heir music was tapped for the soundtrack to David Fincher's blockbuster,
The Social Network, (with the head-turning song "Hesitation,") they haven't stopped there. Pixar editor Jeanne Applegate recently completed the video for "Ways To Stop Time," which Altered Zones premiered. Impose Magazine premiered the lead-off, Turkish-psych influenced album track "You Forgot," and Pitchfork premiered the accompanying, beyond-creepy video for the track as well.

Addictive songcraft and cinematic arrangements have already led to public outbreaks of adrenaline. Gene-spliced pop and grimy beats have been spawning catchy melodic viruses. Guest performances by Nate Query (Decemberists), Tim Cohen (The Fresh & Onlys) and Warren Huegel (Citay, Jonas Reinhardt) have compounded these effects.

Exray's Guest List:
Nate Query (Decemberists)
Tim Cohen (The Fresh and Onlys)
Warren Huegel (Citay)
Dominic Cramp (Evangelista)
Colin Held (Ray's Vast Basement)
Jason Kick (Maus Haus)
Amanda Hallquist
Marissa Meier
Olivia Parriot

WATCH: "Ways To Stop Time" (video)
via Altered Zones)
Directed by Jeanne Applegate

WATCH: Exray's 'You Forgot' (video)
(via Pitchfork)

Directed by Colin Held


Friday, February 4, 2011 - Record release show
@ Cafe Du Nord, San Francisco CA
(w/ Tim Cohen's Magick Trick, Fiveng)
Friday February 25, 2011 - Noise Pop
@ Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco CA
(w/ Nobunny, Battlehooch, Downer Party)

Out January 25, 2011 via Howells Transmitter

Via Force Field PR:
Screaming Females premiere new video, extend tour

MP3: "Wild" -

VIDEO: "Wild" -


Last year, Screaming Females toured relentlessly in support of their critically acclaimed third album
Power Move. Their hard work landed them spots opening for Dinosaur Jr., Throwing Muses, and Jay Reatard, plus dates touring with Arctic Monkeys and The Dead Weather. The year brought them to a wider mainstream consciousness, gaining attention for their punk rock sensibilities and their raucous live shows driven by front woman Marissa Paternoster's famed guitar heroics.

But Screaming Females' success did not come overnight: it came after four years of playing over 300 self-booked shows at nontraditional show spaces, sleeping on floors around the country, self-releasing their first two albums, and breathing new life into the New Brunswick, New Jersey DIY basement show circuit. And on their September 2010 LP,
Castle Talk, the trio proves their abilities as more than just a pint-sized guitar shredder. Castle Talk showcases their growth together as a unit, as a band, with some of their most complex and confident songwriting to date.

"Power Move was the first record that a lot of people had heard by us, and after that came out a lot of people had the same reaction, that Marissa is a woman who can play guitar solos," says drummer Jarrett Dougherty. "But we are more than just that simplistic observation and I think this record shows that."

The Screaming Females story starts in New Brunswick in 2005, with Marissa on guitar and vocals, Jarrett on drums, and King Mike on bass. With no all-ages venues in town, the band met their biggest obstacle at the start: finding places to play. But the solution (if there is no venue to play, create your own show space in your basement) was the driving force behind the DIY work ethic that would eventually propel the band forward; the grassroots approach born out of necessity in New Brunswick ultimately Screaming Females developed into a mindset that the band now prides itself on. In 2006, the band self-released Baby Teeth, followed by a second self-release in 2007, What If Someone Is Watching Their TV? Simultaneously, learning from trial and error, plus inspiration from reading Our Band Could Be Your Life, the band booked hundreds of shows in DIY spaces, houses, cafes, and side-of-road co-ops. Power Move was Screaming Females' first full-length with any label (or any outside help, really), released by New Brunswick label Don Giovanni Records. The label mirrors the band's values, champions their hometown, and most importantly, is run by their friends.

In 2010, the band has continued their non-stop touring, including a February tour with Jeff the Brotherhood, two tours with fellow Jersey punk Ted Leo and his band the Pharmacists, a national headlining tour, and a spot on the Village Voice's annual Siren Fest. The band says that thus far the highlight of 2010 was the sold out Don Giovanni Records showcase in February at Bowery Ballroom, which filled one of New York City's biggest venues with the energy of a New Brunswick basement show. Like
Power Move, Castle Talk was recorded at the Hunt Studio in New Jersey with engineer, Eric Bennet, but with a new approach to writing and recording. The record was released September 14th via Don Giovanni.


01/14 Chicago, IL - Lincoln Hall !
01/17 Los Angeles, CA - The Echoplex $
02/10 Waltham, MA - Chum's
02/12 Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg - Don Giovanni Label Showcase
02/24 Ithaca, NY - Ithaca College
03/05 Washington, DC - St. Stephen's Church *
03/06 Philadelphia, PA - First Unitarian Church *
03/16 - 03/19 Austin TX - SXSW
04/01 Harrisonburg, VA - MACRoCk @ Clementine Cafe

$ = w/ La Sera, Audacity, Love Bad Things, DJ Keith Morris

! = w/ Mister Heavenly & The Dig

* = w/ Paint It Black

Screaming Females Castle Talk
(Don Giovanni)
Street Date: Sept. 14, 2010

Label Page -

MySpace -

Via Stunt Company:
RCRD LBL Premiere's Trail of Dead's New Song "Weight of the Sun"

Photo: Boris Draschoff
Before the internet had proven its worth, bands like …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead were the only glimpse post-rock kids had into the promise lands of Washington and Texas (where life was way cooler and more relevant than in say, Massachusetts, which was the 7th circle of hell). Fifteen years, seven albums, and dozens of imitators later, we’re happy to report that if the prog-rock vets have changed, they’re not showing it here. Preview track “Weight Of The Sun” is poppy, scream-filled, and fully subscribes to the power-murk-power formula Trail Of Dead made famous back in 1994. Fingers crossed for the rest of the album, Tao Of The Dead, which the band will promote via dates with Surfer Blood.

Click here for full article and to check out “Weight of the Sun”

…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead release their new album
Tao of the Dead on February 8th.  
Via Friends Of Friends:
Brooklyn's Beans Teams With Tunde Adebimpe (TV on the Radio) and In Flangranti for "Mellow You Out"; Pitchfork Premiere

Anti-Pop Consortium vet is set to release first non self-produced record w/ help from Fourtet, Tobacco, Tunde of TV on the Radio, In Flangranti, members of Interpol, Clark and others; End it All due 2/15/11

Photo credit: Beowolf Sheehan

New MP3: Beans -
Mellow You Out ft. Tunde Adebimpe

(Produced by In Flagranti)
End It All on Anticon due 2/15; via Pitchfork)


Village Voice interview + "Deathsweater" Mp3:

Interview w/ Vernon Reid (on Brooklyn Independent TV)


1/26/11 The Barn, Los Angeles
2/16/11 Santo's, New York
2/18/11 Subterranean, Chicago
2/22/11 Doug Fir, Portland
2/23/11 Chop Suey, Seattle
3/11/11 35 Conferette Festival, Denton, TX
3/11 SXSW, Austin, Texas

The Get Down Monthly at Happy Ending

332 Broome St.
(Between Forsythe and Eldridge)

When it came time to craft his fourth album, Brooklyn-based rap rebel Beans needed to get out of his head. His old group, the legendary left-fielders Anti-Pop Consortium, had reunited and he'd been devoting his energy to their long-awaited fifth LP,
Flourescent Black. His last solo record, Thorns, was bittersweet-one of his greatest works to date, but an exercise in raw, exhausting emotion. For a minute, he even considered calling it quits.

Thankfully, Beans went a different route. He titled his new record
End It All-a make it or break it promise-and looked outside his window for inspiration. What he saw is now the meat of his Anticon Records debut: lush, darkly tinted soundscapes from some of the most inspired names in contemporary production-Four Tet, Clark, TOBACCO, Son Lux, Interpol's Sam Fog-united by the inimitable flow and reborn swagger of Beans.
End It All is the first Beans album to feature all guest production, and it finds the emcee pushing his distinct staccato rhyme style to new heights across a varied but fluid buildup of beats. The biggest challenge, and perhaps the best results, comes from "Blue Movie," a Son Lux original that trades in lush orchestral bursts and fuzzy drum pileups. The maximal style is a good look for Beans, who rides the unmistakable wobbly bass and live clatter of Sam Fog's "Electric Bitch" with effortless aplomb.

Lyrically speaking, Beans is at his fiercest, spitting highly stylized braggadocio (see the Nobody-produced "Deathsweater" or Clark's "Hunter") and noirish narratives in turn. A ravenous consumer of mystery novels, his favorite pastime comes to life in the character study found on Four Tet's rapid-fire banger, "Anvil Falling," and in the black imagery that fittingly accompanies TOBACCO's "Glass Coffins." Meanwhile, Beans is at his polyrhythmic best delivering a single track-length verse over "Electric Eliminator," produced by Bumps (Tortoise's drum section).

Aggressive until the end, End It All burns through 13 tracks in 33 minutes, with Beans barely stopping to breathe. There is one exception though, the appropriately titled "Mellow You Out." Here, Beans slows his roll as his own words move in and out of the eerie vocals of TV on the Radio's Tunde Adebimpe. The late-album track is an obvious highlight, but more importantly, proof that Beans is as versatile as he is a true original-making him more dangerous than ever.

End It All
Out 2/15

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Friday, January 14, 2011

Marnie Stern: Vibrational Match (Demo Version)

Yesterday, Stereogum posted a demo version of Marnie Stern’s “Vibrational Match,” the opener of her first album, In Advance of the Broken Arm. Along with the track was news of a cassette release of pre-Advance demo recordings simply titled, DEMO.  Better title?  How about In Advance of In Advance of the Broken Arm?  Too long?

The release is being issued by Dog Daze Tapes as DD-002 along with a digital download.  Hopefully, SOME of you still have tape decks, because I’ve been seeing a lot of cassette-only releases having surfaced over the last year or so. Apparently, there’s still some love left for the format.  The tape is $7.50.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shopping For Records #34 (Revisited Again): Queens of the Stone Age self-titled reissue postponed...

So, I'm not sure if the reported partnership between Rekords Rekords and Ipecac Recordings dissolved completely, but Domino Records is now the NEW entity dealing with Josh Homme's label and the long-awaited Queens of the Stone Age reissue, which has now been pushed to March 7th. 

The Mini Mansions and Alain Johannes albums that had been previously released by Ipecac will also be reissued by Domino.

From Domino:

The big news today is that Domino has joined forces with Queens of the Stone Age front-man, Joshua Homme’s Rekords Rekords label, marketing, promoting and distributing select titles from their impressive catalogue. The first title will be the seminal eponymous debut album from Queens of the Stone Age, which we will be reissuing on March 7th 2011. Excited is not really the word to describe how we feel about this newly forged working relationship.

As well as releasing the debut Queens of the Stone Age record, Domino will also be releasing some very special Rekords Rekords albums from Mini Mansions and Alain Johannes in May, which we’re absolutely dying to tell you about, but which will have to wait for the time being.

Anyway, let’s go back to the beginning. Queens of the Stone Age’s debut self titled album was the one that really set things in motion for the band who would go on to be recognized for rejuvenating rock music at the turn of the new millennium. Having cut his teeth as the guitarist in the criminally overlooked, highly influential Kyuss, a group who specialized in creating sludgy low-end epics, Josh Homme upped and left the California Desert for the Pacific Northwest. It was here he formed Gamma Ray, later to be known as Queens of the Stone Age, where hooks and tighter song structure took precedent in his creative output.

On returning to his old stomping grounds Homme hooked up with Kyuss drummer Alfredo Hernandez to record as a fake trio (bass player “Carlo Von Sexron” is a nom-de-boom for Homme) and Queens of the Stone Age effectively came into full bloom. Without slipping into total hyperbole, which in this instance we're finding is very hard not to do, this reissue documents the beginnings of something truly special, with Homme introducing the world to his smooth, totally unique vocal stylings, as well as his killer way with a melody. One of the most incredible things about this record is how overlooked it was by radio at the time of it’s release, especially taking into consideration the abundance of ‘honest to God’ catchy songs featured on it, “How To Handle A Rope” being a prime example. What Queens of the Stone Age created was a record that was both experimental and forward thinking as well as truly timeless, evoking so many eras of rock in such a seemingly effortless and sincere way. If important records truly exist, we feel confident in stating, this really is one of them.

This Rekords Records re-issue, in conjunction with Domino, has been fully remastered from the original tapes and has been expanded by three tracks. “The Bronze” & “These Aren’t the Droids Your Looking For” (from the split EP from ‘98) and “Spiders and Vinegaroons” which was part of the posthumous Kyuss/QOTSA split EP. 'Queens Of The Stone Age' will be available on CD (REK001CD), double vinyl LP (REK001LP) and via digital download (REK001D).

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Dan Deacon: Wet Wings

In hipster/movie news, Dan Deacon will be working with the unhip Coppola, (Francis Ford), providing his upcoming movie, Twixt Now and Sunrise, with its score.  Information is below via Force Field PR.

I'm sure Sofia pushed her dad in this direction.

Dan Deacon - Wet Wings by forcefieldpr

Dan Deacon set to score new Francis Ford Coppola film, Twixt Now and Sunrise

Dan Deacon has been tapped by Francis Ford Coppola to score his next film, Twixt Now and Sunrise, due later this year. The gothic romance stars Val Kilmer, Bruce Dern, Ben Chaplin & Elle Fanning. In addition to scoring the film, Mr. Coppola and Mr. Deacon are collaborating on a larger level, details of which will be announced soon.

The announcement comes on the cusp of Deacon's concert of new music for So Percussion on Jan. 20th at the Merkin Concert Hall in NYC and his first performance of new orchestral work Feb 3rd and 4th with the Kitchner-Waterloo Symphony in Kitchner, Ontario.


01/20 New York, NY - Merkin Concert Hall *
02/03 Kitchener, ON - Conrad Centre for the Arts #
02/04 Kitchener, ON - Conrad Centre for the Arts #
02/12 Iowa City, IA - Gabe's Iowa City
02/23 San Francisco, CA - Rickshaw Stop
03/13 Denton, TX - 35 Conferette

* = w/ So Percussion

# = billed as "Dan Deacon's Electronic Bus"


MySpace -
Press Materials -

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UFOMAMMUT: Eve to be played live at Roadburn...

Via Earsplit PR:

UFOMAMMUT To Play Eve 'Roadburn Album Of The Year' At 2011 Festival

Roadburn is thrilled to announce that Italy's psychedelic drone lords UFOMAMMUT will perform their much acclaimed 2010 album, Eve, in its entirety at this year's Roadburn Festival, Saturday April 16th at the Midi Theatre in Tilburg, Holland.

Eve was recently voted as "Album Of The Year" in Roadburn's 2010 year-end readers poll, and also ranked Top 10 in many year-end lists worldwide, ranging from The Obelisk to The Quietus. The appearance at 2011's installment of the festival is not only a testament to the massive creative success of Eve, but it also honors Roadburn festival attendees for their dedication towards this much beloved Italian trio. The band comments: "Since our Eve album was voted best of 2010 by Roadburn readers, playing it at the upcoming festival will have a very special meaning for Ufomammut! It'll be our chance to properly say thanks to all the people who have supported us throughout the years. See You in April!"

Eve is a dedication to the first woman ever to walk the earth, and who caused the downfall of Adam and mankind. The album is a single 45-minute long gargantuan riff-prayer, separated into five distinctive movements that captivate, and leads us in a behemoth meditation on how cruel organized religion has been in dealing with the Garden of Eden's first lady. In addition to playing Eve, UFOMAMMUT's set will also include several classic tracks they haven't played in years.

Roadburn Festival 2011, set to be held from Thursday April 14th to Saturday April 16th, sold out in approximately fifteen minutes. Read more at:

Ufomammut's Eve was reviewed in Stereokiller and included in my Top Albums of 2010.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Grails: I Led Three Lives

Thank you, Tiny Mix Tapes!

"I Led Three Lives" from Grails' upcoming release, Deep Politics, is being hosted there.  Give it a listen.

I also found this video from Brooklyn Vegan: a trailer for the album that takes no opportunity to play snippets or samples of their music, but instead uses Chuck Mangione's "Feels So Good" as a backdrop for the video.

GRAILS - DEEP POLITICS from The Fact Facer on Vimeo.

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Shopping For Records #40 (Revisited): Neurosis' Souls At Zero...

Back in November, I mentioned that a reissue of Neurosis' Souls At Zero was in the works.  Well, more information on the reissue is available, along with some news about some live performances.  All news courtesy of Earsplit PR.

NEUROSIS Prepare For Souls At Zero Reissue And Upcoming Live Performances

For Oakland, California’s NEUROSIS, their entire catalog can be considered brilliant not only for its sonic merit but also for its need to wander from the beaten path. Rare is it that a band can make you feel the cold and hard texture of concrete while allowing you to smell the growing vine in the confines of one song. Perhaps this is the reason why so many have looked to and borrowed from their table.

NEUROSIS is pure emotion, in every positive or negative form.
Souls At Zero is NEUROSIS' first flash of true brilliance. Never before were they able to show their passions and exploratory needs so eloquently, while still keeping their musical hearth concussive and visceral. Synthesizers, acoustic guitars and other non-traditional instruments came into play, as did tribal chants and an ethereal smokescreen which enabled the band to shapeshift from one musical being to another. NEUROSIS' expansion into the uncompromising and groundbreaking act that they are now began here, making the importance of Souls At Zero larger than even the band could ever know at the time. This album is the glint that never leaves your aural vision, no matter how hard you try to escape it. A catastrophic tinnitus that you hope won't go away.

Neurot Recordings is proud to reissue this perpetual flame of a release while celebrating the band's 25 years of brilliance. With demo version additions of “Zero” and the title track along with a bonus live cut “Cleanse III”, this updated release is the perfect portal to witness the development of underground music’s titan force. Artwork by the revered Josh Graham completes an awesome package worthy of timeless worship, which Neurot will officially release on February 15th, 2011. View the redesigned cover art and more
at this location.

Souls At Zero Reissue Track Listing:

1. To Crawl Under One’s Skin
2. Souls At Zero
3. Zero
4. Flight
5. The Web
6. Sterile Vision
7. A Chronology for Survival
8. Stripped
9. Takeahnase
10. Empty
11. Souls (Demo Version)
12. Zero (Demo Version)
13. Cleanse III (Live in London)

Following NEUROSIS' recent live appearances in the UK in early December, as well as their year-end double-header in Seattle last week, the band will invade the Bay Area next week for two shows in San Francisco; their first shows in their native stomping grounds since 2008! NEUROSIS will also headline the first night of this year's installment of the Maryland Death Fest in May, with support from Corrosion Of Conformity, Exhumed, Aura Noir, Marduk, Goatsnake and countless more that night.

Confirmed NEUROSIS Live Appearances:

1/15/2010 Great American Music Hall - San Francisco, CA w/ YOB, U.S. Christmas
1/16/2010 Great American Music Hall - San Francisco, CA w/ Saviours, U.S. Christmas
5/27-29/2010 Maryland Deathfest 2011 - Baltimore, MD

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What I Heard This Morning: Drugs Of Faith

So, Drugs Of Faith's "Grayed Out" has the blast beat onslaughts settled by groove-oriented sludge sections and then glued together by an all-out rock tenacity.  It gets a lot done in a little over 3 minutes.  Check out the video, which is featured at Decibel Magazine's "Deciblog." 

Via Earsplit PR: 

DRUGS OF FAITH Video Now Available Via The Deciblog

This weekend Decibel Magazine's notorious blog premiered the new video for "Grayed Out," the opening track from
Corroded, the upcoming full-length from Virginia grindsters DRUGS OF FAITH. The video is a stripped-down vision of the band simply rocking. The blazing video was filmed by Handshake Inc., the same crew that has provided visuals and movies for Today Is The Day and Fuck The Facts, and also filmed the Maryland Deathfest movie.

Swing by and check out "Grayed Out"
at this location.

Set for release via Poland's Selfmadegod Records,
Corroded will be available to the public on February 22nd, 2011. Recorded at Developing Nations in Baltimore with Kevin Bernsten at the helm, and mastered by Scott Hull of Pig Destroyer/Agoraphobic Nosebleed, the album also features guest contributions from Pig Destroyer’s JR Hayes on a cover of His Hero Is Gone's "Hinges" anthem. DRUGS OF FAITH are known for merging the blistering attacks of the grindcore genre with a more dissonant and mid-paced approach, and creating the band's trademark "grind-and-roll" style.

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New Selections — Emma Ruth Rundle, Tropical Fuck Storm, Primitive Man, Private Life, Uniform, Erika Wennerstrom, Djrum, Windhand

Starting August off with some new singles. Emma Ruth Rundle:  " Darkhorse " (via Rarely Unable /  Sargent House  / YouTub...