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Uniform: "Delco"

A new single from Uniform is out today for the group's upcoming release, Shame . "Delco," (or Delaware County, a Philly suburb not too far from where I live in Montgomery County), is a personal and cathartic distillation of hometown abuse and its subsequent impact upon vocalist Michael Berdan. If you've heard Uniform before, you know that they, (Berden, guitarist Ben Greenberg, and drummer Mike Sharp), are adept at converting pain into decibels. "Delco" is no exception: Berdan's bark reverberating over a calamitous barrage of drum fills and riff-borne fuzz. Sometimes, making a loud noise is the best form of therapy. Shame is due out on September 11th from Sacred Bones. Uniform's 2017 release Wake In Fright was reviewed for No Ripcord . All info was provided by Rarely Unable. UNIFORM ANNOUNCE A NEW ALBUM SHAME - COMING SEPTEMBER 11TH VIA SACRED BONES LEAD SINGLE “ DELCO ” REVEALED New York City, NY (June 24, 2020): What if th

2020 Playlist — The Imbeciles, Kid Cudi, Masaaki Yoshida, Evischen, VOIDCEREMONY, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Lotic, ZOMBI

I managed to fall behind a little bit on my  2020 Playlist  selections. Hope you're all doing well. _________________________________________ The Imbeciles:  "One Hand Tommy" (via Sonic PR / YouTube) Album Purchase _________________________________________ Kid Cudi :  "Leader of the Delinquents" (via Republic Records / YouTube) Single purchase: _________________________________________ Masaaki Yoshida : " There Will Come Soft Rains " (via Phantom Limb / YouTube) Album Preorder: Via Phantom Limb: Phantom Limb's imprint Geist im Kino launches new series Imaginal Soundtracking Vol. 1: There Will Come Soft Rains , out June 19 Musicians invited to re-score forgotten works of cinema; Vol.1 features Lakker, Mas

No Ripcord (Quick Takes: April/May 2020): Flat Worms & GRID

Click the link for Quick Takes reviews of Antarctica by Flat Worms and Decomposing Force by GRID . Buy — Buy — No Ripcord — QUICK TAKES (APRIL / MAY 2020) Flat Worms Antarctica God? Records Released: 4/10/19 Antarctica by Flat Worms GRID Decomposing Force NNA Tapes Released: 4/24/19 Decomposing Force by GRID (Nelson, Dahl, Podgurski) Sincerely, Letters From A Tapehead