Monday, September 15, 2014

Daughter of a Tapehead: Sleep

"The Clarity" 12"
(no label)
Released: 9.14



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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Singles: Stephon Alexander & Rioux, Grouper, Pyrrhon, Split Red, Doomsday Student

Stephon Alexander & Rioux: "Running From The Cosmos" (via Friend Of Friends/THUMP/YouTube)

Grouper: "Call Across Rooms" (via Rarely Unable/Soundcloud)

Pyrrhon: "Sleeper Agent" (via Earsplit PR/Metal Sucks/YouTube)

Split Red: "Un Poco Foco" (via Fully Altered Media/Noisey/YouTube)

Doomsday Student: "Lifeboat Blues" (via Us-Them Group/Three.One.G/Soundcloud)

Letters From A Tapehead

Monday, September 08, 2014

Shopping For Records: Death, Killing Joke, Public Image, Ltd.

Yesterday, I took a drive over to Siren Records to investigate the stock and maybe pick up an album or two.  Of my list, only one new release that I wanted was available (which I'll discuss later in one my of "Bought of 2014" articles), though I was contemplating picking up the new Merchandise LP.  They had a couple copies and I keep hearing that it's great, so I may try and sample a track or two and pick it up during a return trip.  I was also looking for the new Blonde Redhead album, but had apparently come a little early.  Vinyl editions are supposed to be out this week according to one of the clerks and the CD wasn't in stock.  I also searched for the Freddie Gibbs/Madlib album, PiƱata, which I've been wanting to pick up for a while now.  I may have to just buy that one directly from Stones Throw.  Some beautiful editions of Mastodon's Remission reissue were available, though no Once More 'Round The Sun on vinyl or CD, which was also disappointing.  The reissue was about $50 and I wanted to stretch my dollar for all it was worth.  I didn't have a lot of money to spend, so I had to keep my total modest.  

Anyway, here's what I picked up:

Doylestown, PA

...For The Whole World To See
Drag City
Released: 2009

Probably one of the greatest rock n' roll stories ever told: Three brothers from Detroit become fascinated with Alice Cooper, form a band called Death and basically come up with the fundamentals of punk rock three or four years ahead of the Ramones.  It could be argued that Death was on the same page as The Stooges, though the band faded into deep obscurity for many years after failing to sign to a label and subsequently breaking up by the time "punk" became the thing keeping CBGBs fully occupied.  Eventually, a rare Death single, "Politicians In My Eyes"/Keep on Knocking," was discovered and ultimately led to the band's 1975 material to be released by Drag City.  ...For The Whole World To See is the result and I happily added this to the pile when I saw it.  I'd been meaning to pick it up for a while anyway, especially after finally checking out the documentary, A Band Called Death.  Check it out if you haven't.  I couldn't recommend it enough.

Killing Joke
What's THIS for...
Editions EG
Released: 1981, 1982

I seem to state for the record time and time again that I am NOT an authority on music of any kind.  "Fraudulent" is an excellent term to sum up the self-absorbed bile I work my fingers to elaborately spew across the info-slipstream and virtual blog heap.  Truth is I'm always, ALWAYS trying to fill out my record collection with essentials and inform and evolve my tastes so as to better understand and comprehend how "then" led to "now," as every critic and/or fan should.  With that said, I'm far from fluent or expert in any given genre and constantly learning.  Upon discovery of two used (and very reasonably priced) copies of Killing Joke's 1981 LP, What's THIS for..., and their 1982 follow up, Revelations, I felt compelled to pick them both up.  The absence of Killing Joke from my collection became something I needed and wanted to fix. 

What's THIS for… wound up being about $8.  Revelations was about $4.

Public Image Ltd.
Released: 1985

Public Image Ltd.'s Album has been on my list of wants for some time.  I found this copy for $7 and decided I'd finally pull the trigger.  Having not done any research on Album, it was interesting to discover that Steve Vai, Tony Williams and Ginger Baker were involved with the project.

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Friday, September 05, 2014

Atriarch: "Collapse"

Pretty excited about this one:  Atriarch will be releasing a new album this Fall called An Unending Pathway.  This will be Atriarch's first LP for Relapse Records.  The teaser single from the album, "Collapse," was released a couple days ago and it's a strong and enticing preview into the album, dark and chaotic at points, battered rhythm and chunky low end.  There's a ritualistic bent to it as well, the vocals somewhat ceremonial and the soundscape dense as if filling out a spacious hall or temple.

You can check out the track below and I would recommend reading the info I've posted, which was provided by Earsplit PR.  There are pre-order links as well.

ATRIARCH: Ritualistic Death/Doom Collective To Release An Unending Pathway Via Relapse Records This Fall 

Teaser Track Posted + Preorders Available

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, ATRIARCH is a mesmerizing death/doom metal force encompassing haunting atmospheres and droning avalanches of ritualistic sludge, a living entity comprised of four parts, offering catharsis through sonic ritual. After two critically adored records on Seventh Rule and Profound Lore, ATRIARCH make their Relapse debut with their finest moment yet: An Unending Pathway. Fusing death rock, doom, black metal, punk and psychedelic drone/noise, ATRIARCH immediately establish themselves as one of the most creative and compelling heavy music bands of the twenty-first century. Imagine Bauhaus as covered by Eyehategod, or Sisters of Mercy filtered through Neurosis, and you begin to get the picture of what ATRIARCH has achieved. Recorded at Type Foundry in Portland, Oregon, produced by Billy Anderson (Sleep, Eyehategod, Melvins et al) and the band, engine-eared and mixed by Anderson at Everything Hz, also in Portland, and mastered by Brad Boatright (Sleep, Beastmilk, Nails) at Audiosiege, An Unending Pathway offers up seven cataclysmic soundscapes to your deepest darkest nightmares. Once every few years a band comes along that takes the familiar and creates something wholly new. ATRIARCH have done just that with An Unending Pathway.

"Our aim is to tear a hole in the veil that blinds us from our true selves," relays the band, "We are bombarded with ideals of a superficial shallow lifestyle, that we are enslaved to maintain. This veil has become so powerful and overwhelming that we ignore our spirits to worship our shells, as money stokes the fires that burns our immortal souls. Greed corruption fear and hate is the true face of this Self Serving way of life that we have come to call 'normal.' While we believe in opening our minds and expanding our spirits we cannot forget our ability to fight. The spiritual battle for freedom of mind and body can be fought on all levels and violence is in our nature. There is no god there is no devil there is an All Encompassing force that connects all living things. Embrace the ritual and the veil will come crashing down..."

An Unending Pathway will be released via Relapse Records on October 28th, 2014.

An Unending Pathway Track Listing:

1. Entropy
2. Collapse
3. Revenant
4. Bereavement
5. Rot
6. Allfather
7. Veil
Preorder An Unending Pathway on CD HERE, via iTunes (which includes an instant download of "Collapse") HERE or via BandCamp HERE.  
"...shambling, ritualistic drone that gets its talons into you via crusty howls, a colossal dynamic, and the overall feel of continuing ritual" - Pitchfork

"...a swarthy, crushing voyage through a blackened ritualistic soundscape..." - Cvlt Nation

"...doom-soaked, gothic death act that have our undivided attention." - Exclaim

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Thursday, September 04, 2014

Singles: Tera Melos, TV On The Radio, Sinoia Caves, Obake, il sogno del marinaio

Tera Melos: "Sunburn" (via Us-Them Group/YouTube)

TV On The Radio: "Happy Idiot" (via TV On The Radio/YouTube)

Sinoia Caves: "Forever Dilating Eye" (via Jagjaguwar/YouTube)

Obake: "M" (via Rarely Unable/Soundcloud)

il sogno del marinaio: "Skinny Cat" (via Howlin' Wuelf Media/YouTube)

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Monday, August 25, 2014

Shabazz Palaces - 8.22.14

Son Little
Shabazz Palaces
Union Transfer, 8.25.14.

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Earth: Primitive and Deadly trailer

A preview of the upcoming new album from Earth, Primitive And Deadly, surfaced yesterday.  Sounds promising, doesn't it?  And, Mark Lanegan's involved!  An abundance of details were sent my way along with the trailer, which you can view below, by Earsplit PR.  Read up and get psyched (or lackadaisically enthused in a bloodshot manner of speaking). 

EARTH: Trailer Featuring New Music From Primitive And Deadly LP Released

As the Ouroborean creative cycle of Seattle's EARTH circles into its twenty-fifth year, the band prepares to unveil their glorious tenth full-length studio LP, Primitive And Deadly, the album set to hit the streets in less than two weeks through Southern Lord.

With some of the most massive and straightforward rock movements in the band's continuing duration, and featuring the first vocal contributions since their seminal 1996 Pentastar album, Primitive And Deadly is undoubtedly a standout release in EARTH's impressive catalog. With founding guitarist Dylan Carlson weaving his slow-motion, organic dirges throughout the amazingly restrained percussion of his longtime cohort Adrienne Davies, the duo are here joined by bassist Bill Herzog (Sunn O))), Joel RL Phelps, Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter) and additional guitarists Brett Netson (Built To Spill, Caustic Resin) and Jodie Cox (Narrows). Rabia Shaheen Qazi of Rose Windows lends her angelic voice to the album's third composition, "From The Zodiacal Light," as heard via Pitchfork in recent weeks, while the fifth track, "Rooks Across The Gate" and second track, "There's a Serpent Coming," feature evocative vocal contributions from Mark Lanegan previously of Screaming Trees, Queens of the Stone Age, Mad Season and more. The lyrics for "Rooks..." were written by Dylan Carlson and the lyrics for "Serpent.." by Lanegan.

A brand new trailer featuring audio clips of "Rooks Across The Gate" featuring Lanegan's vocals, the instrumental LP-opening track, "Torn By The Fox Of The Crescent Moon," a session of photos of EARTH in the secluded desert landscape of Joshua Tree, California, the entire inner and outer layouts of the Primitive And Deadly cover layout by Samantha Muljat and more has been published in advance of the album's looming released date.

Tap into Primitive And Deadly and view the new trailer at THIS LOCATION.

And hear all of "From The Zodiacal Light" playing via Pitchfork RIGHT HERE.

Southern Lord will issue Primitive And Deadly on colored 2xLP, CD and digital download in North America on September 2nd and just a day earlier In Europe. Preorders are posted at EARTH's new online store HERE.

With their tours of Japan, Australia, New Zealand and most recently Europe in support of Primitive And Deadly now behind them, EARTH is now preparing to bring their new material to American fans on a month-long tour from September 4th through October 3rd, with direct support from dark folk act, King Dude.

Phone interviews with EARTH's drummer Adrienne Davies and guitarist Dylan Carlson are now available pre-tour, as are in-person interviews along the upcoming US tour routing.

EARTH US Tour w/ King Dude:
9/04/2014 Crocodile - Seattle, WA
9/06/2014 Shakedown - Bellingham, WA
9/07/2014 Doug Fir - Portland, OR
9/08/2014 Midtown Barfly - Sacramento, CA
9/09/2014 Catalyst Atrium - Santa Cruz, CA
9/10/2014 Bottom Of The Hill - San Francisco, CA
9/11/2014 Hollywood Forever Cemetery - Los Angeles, CA
9/12/2014 SD Music Thing Fest - San Diego, CA
9/13/2014 Yucca Tap Room - Tempe, AZ
9/14/2014 Sister - Albuquerque, NM
9/16/2014 Red 7 - Austin, TX
9/17/2014 Club Dada - Dallas, TX
9/18/2014 One Eyed Jacks - New Orleans, LA
9/19/2014 Drunken Unicorn - Atlanta, GA
9/20/2014 Kings Barcade - Raleigh, NC
9/21/2014 Rock N Roll Hotel - Washington, DC
9/23/2014 Great Scott - Allston, MA
9/24/2014 Saint Vitus - Brooklyn, NY
9/26/2014 Boot And Saddle - Philadelphia, PA
9/27/2014 Midpoint Music Fest - Cincinnati, OH
9/28/2014 Pygmalion, Music Fest - Urbana, IL
9/29/2014 Empty Bottle - Chicago, IL
9/30/2014 Record Bar - Kansas City, MO
10/01/2014 Larimer Lounge - Denver, CO
10/02/2014 The Complex - Salt Lake City, UT
10/03/2014 Neurolux - Boise, ID

Open-minded music fans the world over have long praised EARTH's pioneering and visionary delivery of their slow-motion anthems from the Sub Pop albums of the early 1990s, to their more Americana-inclined direction of the early 2000s and beyond. Now, nearly two-and-a-half decades into their musical evolution, the band prepares to release Primitive And Deadly, a truly epic, diverse collection of songs which flow seamlessly, and while revisiting some of their earliest works, the album also explores massive new sonic territories for EARTH. The foundation of the record was laid in the mystic desert high lands of Joshua Tree, California at Rancho de la Luna where the band recorded after hours of meditation on each track's central theme. Upon returning to Seattle these were edited, arranged and expanded upon at Avast with the help of long-term collaborator Randall Dunn (Sunn O))), Wolves In The Throne Room, Eagle Twin).

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Phawker: Ishmael Butler (a.k.a., Palaceer Lazaro of Shabazz Palaces)

I co-authored an interview with Ishmael Butler, who is otherwise known as Palaceer Lazaro of Shabazz Palaces.  Q & A was handled by Jonathan Valania, Editor-in-Chief at

Letters From A Tapehead


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