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TRAX! — Diagnos, Melvins, Dead Rider, Beneath, Blood And Glass, Tobacco

Diagnos: "Walking Down" (via mutante-inc./Control Freak Kitten/Soundcloud)

Melvins: "What's Wrong With You" (via Speakeasy PR/Ipecac Recordings/YouTube)

Dead Rider: "Ramble on Rose (Grateful Dead cover)" (via mutante-inc./Drag City/Bandcamp)
Crew Licks by Dead Rider

Beneath: "Ephemeris" (via Earsplit PR/Unique Leader/Bandcamp
Ephemeris by Beneath

Blood And Glass: "Punk Shadows" (via Simone Records/YouTube)

Tobacco: "Got Wet in the Bomb Shelter" (via Force Field PR/Rad Cult/Soundcloud)

Letters From A Tapehead

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