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What's (Re)New: Dub Syndicate Ambience In Dub 1982-1985

On November 10th, On U-Sound, the creative outlet and seminal dub label run by producer Adrian Sherwood, reissued some early releases and a compilation of unreleased tracks from Sherwood’s own project, Dub Syndicate.Following the short-lived but seismic effect punk rock enjoyed in 1977, the need to expand upon the music’s creative and cultural reach bore a period of musical output that harnessed not only the primal aspects of punk rock music, but also pulled from many genres: funk, disco, jazz, and reggae.Sherwood, himself a fanatical devotee of reggae music, acted as a small-time distributor of dub singles before growing into a curator of sorts, performing in multiple groups, producing acts, and eventually launching the On U-Sound label, through which he was able to not only pursue his own musical endeavors but to provide a platform for other artists.With that said, Dub Syndicate, which would later develop into a creative partnership between Sherwood and drummer Style Scott, released…

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