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Gotta Read The Labels: RidingEasy Records

Yes, it's April 20th.  4/20: The day all marijuana connoisseurs and casual appreciators light up as a community and celebrate their common love of altered reality. 

Normally, I'd be combing through my music library trying to locate the perfect songs for the occasion and throwing together a nice little online compilation for everyone's enjoyment.  Instead, I'm going to take the opportunity to spotlight a series of stoner rock compilations from RidingEasy Records, Brown Acid, which, as of today, will see the release of its fourth installment. 

Beginning with its first volume in 2015, Brown Acid is comprised of obscure stoner rock and proto-metal singles from the 60s and 70s, located and curated by Permanent Records' Lance Barresi.  Collaborating with RidingEasy's Daniel Hill, Barresi's passion for digging up these largely forgotten tracks has offered new life to this music via this expanding collection. 

So, since Brown Acid: The Fourth Trip is out today, …

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