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clipping.: "Visions of Bodies Being Burned: Enlacing & Pain Everyday"

Visions of Bodies Being Burned , the latest horror-leaning LP from Sub Pop's clipping., is out today. Alongside the release, a new video surfaced featuring two tracks from the LP: “Enlacing & Pain Everyday”, the latter track having had a lyric video that was out earlier this month .    Prior to the album's release, lyric videos for the tracks “Say The Name” and “‘96 Neve Campbell” also surfaced as hype for the album, along with the politically aggressive “Chapter 319”, which was released as a two-track digital single .    Following 2019's excellent  There Existed an Addiction to Blood , Visions of Bodies Being Burned is an ambitious sequel of sorts, rife with the dizzying, Tetris-level wordplay and the unconventional approach to composition that are specific to this trio. Daveed Diggs finds meter through muck oftentimes, backdrops conjured like tributes to crumbling industry or built as nods to junk drawer beat-making.  (As an aside, I would be fascinat

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