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No Ripcord (Quick Takes: June 2019): Pinkish Black

Click the link for a review of Pinkish Black 's Concept Unification LP, out now via Relapse Records. No Ripcord — QUICK TAKES (JUNE 2019) Pinkish Black Concept Unification Relapse Records Released: 6.14.19 Sincerely, Letters From A Tapehead

Alexander Noice: "Affectation"

Call this one a pleasant surprise: the first few seconds of Alexander Noice 's latest single, "Affectation," featured on his upcoming new LP NOICE , indicated that I would be treated to a shrill vocal loop shoehorned into an anemic space bar-enabled rally of bleeps and tin cymbals. Such was not the case as the effects and vocals flourished under the composer's direction, given purpose as syncopated percussion and math-plucked melodies added the right amount of urgency. "Affectation'"s near 7-minutes is a rush of instrumental and vocal arrangement, its academia and soul culminating in a calm saxophone line (played by Gavin Templeton ) that emerges a little past the midway mark. It's at that point where I was sold. NOICE is scheduled to release on August 23rd, 2019 via Orenda Records . Check out the track below. All info and links are courtesy of Clandestine Services. NOICE presents a futuristic sonic landscape in a riling, cinematic albu

New Selections — Torche, Lingua Ignota, Zig Zags, Oh Sees, Chastity Belt

A tad overdue on this one. Torche : "Admission" (via Speakeasy PR / Relapse Records / YouTube) Via Speakeasy PR: MIAMI, July 2, 2019 – Torche has unveiled a video for “Admission”, with the clip for the album’s title track created by the band’s own Rick Smith and Jonathan Nuñez . “' Admission,' the title track off of our new album, is an extremely important song to us on many levels. Steve has opened the doors to a deep and personal place, lyrically shedding light on his personal life, and I worked hard and diligently to capture the feeling of a song I wrote during trying times, ” explains guitar player Nuñez, who also produced the album which is slated for a July 12 release via Relapse Records. “Through the use of effects and various pedals, including a couple of my own line, Nuñez Amps, the feeling of the track took the shape it was destined for. The delays and heavy overdrive are essential to the song and we wanted a video to visually capture what the

Notes From The Record Room: Post-Vacation Hangover & ROMA EST / NO=FI Recordings…

If you follow me on Instagram , you may have seen that my family and I spent two weeks in Italy, fulfilling a lifelong childhood dream of my wife's and enabling our 11 year-old to experience life beyond the comforts of her suburban upbringing. She even got to end her school year a day early. While I won't bore the two people reading this with the details of our trip, let's just say that being thrust back into our routine following our flight to Philly and the ensuing days at the office and home have left us a little sad. Following an impossible night of sleep the day after we landed, (the jet lag took a little while to overcome), I drove to the nearest Wawa for some breakfast, my mood in descent as road rage managed to take hold during a 5-minute drive along with the realization that I was back to Keurig cups and fast food after having treated myself to a series of sunny mornings, sitting outdoors and swallowing fresh cappuccino with fresh fruit and prosciutto. I know tha