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GRID: "Brutal Kings"

I'm thinking since we have "power violence," we should have "jazz violence" if we don't already. I'm not sure how else to categorize the sounds of GRID , the trio responsible for this "Brutal Kings" track. Groups like Zu , Wolf Eyes , and maybe even Naked City  have been cutting numerous, intersecting paths through these territories, injecting chaos into improv with as much dire and affecting aural malice as can be manifested when you deal with erratic composition. GRID ably follow suit here, inflicting some high-caliber low end and percussion upon the listener as heavy blasts of saxophone and grinding racket pierce through the mire. "Brutal Kings" is excellently unsettling and acts as the lead into the group's upcoming new LP, Decomposing Force .  The record is scheduled to release 4/24 via NNA Tapes. Check out the single below. Info on GRID and Decomposing Force was provided by Clandestine Label Services. You can pre-

Online Sounds: Test Card, worriedaboutsatan, Spectral Habitat

Good morning. I have some some ambient picks to begin the week via Sound In Silence and Verses Records . Test Card Music For The Towers Sound In Silence Released: 1.9.20 Fans of mid-70s Cluster and Brian Eno will appreciate the light and airy electronic and instrumental mutations of Test Card , the solo alias of artist  Lee Nicholson . Music For The Towers is Nicholson's third Test Card release, a palatable selection of electronic arrangements with amusing titles like "Data Taken Over Under Rating," "We Oscillated Like Sheep Grazing On Grassy Waveforms," or "Let Single Sideband Loneliness Receivers Be Happy." Music For The Towers by Test Card _________________________________________________ worriedaboutsatan Crystalline Sound In Silence Released: 1.9.20 With textural cuts and an ethereal lean, worriedaboutsatan 's Crystalline relishes in filling space with tone and timbre, wandering synthesized or analog embellishments and

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