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Buried In A Good Mix Tape: Best of 2012 Mix...

Well, I published my favorite albums of the year yesterday, so now, as it's tradition, I'm posting the contents of my Year End mix for all to see, scrutinize and maybe even emulate.  This year, I didn't have the easiest time assembling, sequencing or even selecting music as I got a little too ambitious and consequently second guessed just about every decision I made.  2011 may have made for a better compilation, but 2012 is at least odd and maybe a little more abrasive.

Cover image

Earth – Sigil Of Brass (Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light II)
METZ – Rats (METZ)
Liars – Octagon (WIXIW)
Alaric – So Far Down (Split LP)
The Evens – Sooner Or Later (The Odds)
Pop. 1280 – West World (The Horror)
Ty Segall Band – I Bought My Eyes (Slaughterhouse)
Locrian/Mamiffer – Corpus Luteum (excerpt) (Bless Them That Curse You)
Mr. Dream – Believing and Shitting (Fatherland EP)
Menomena – Giftshoppe (Moms)
Mark Lanegan Band – The Gravedigger's Song (Blues Funeral)
Deerhoof – Mothball the Fleet (Breakup Song)
Aperiodic – La Pena Vivir (Future Feedback)
The Devil's Blood – Fire Burning (The Thousandfold Epicentre)
High On Fire – Madness of an Architect (De Vermis Mysteriis)
Swans – The Daughter Brings the Water (The Seer)
The Men – Cube (Open Your Heart)
Sleepies – Terra Firma (Weird Wild World)
Dinosaur Jr. – Pierce the Morning Rain (I Bet on Sky)
Melvins (Lite) – Let Me Roll It (Wings cover) (Freak Puke)
Patti Smith – Mosaic (Banga)
spielgusher – BOTTOMLESS (speilgusher)

Inside Cover

Letters From A Tapehead

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Oh, 2012... Where Have You Gone?

I guess the year end question for the musical connoisseur remains: "Was it a good year for music?"  I didn't think it was a bad year for music.  Certainly, though I admit to a level of avoidance and disconnection in some ways to much of what was talked about in the mainstream this year, R&B found some validation through Frank Ocean and hip-hop actually became interesting again with Killer Mike, El-P and Kendrick Lamar.  I was personally thrilled with how guitar-oriented indie rock managed to get this year with Pop. 1280, METZ, Ty Segall Band and The Men and I also heard some excellent albums from High On Fire, Ufomammut and Neurosis.  But, I'd like not to give away the punch line before I've had time to set up the actual joke, so check out my Top 15.

As always, thanks for continuing to read Letters From A Tapehead.  I hope that I was able to turn you on to some new sounds in 2012. 

Letters From A Tapehead

15). EarthAngels of Darkness, Demons of Light II

"I felt that Earth’s AODDOL I was an immersive slice of epic-centric Americana, a dirt encrusted soundscape of loner proportions that told a million stories without artificial country-bred bravado or folk hero self-importance. It was as natural as a sunrise, its repetition and length almost a means for meditation. Dylan Carlson’s second act follows the same mood and swings the same axe, though you do wind up with a more exploratory variation on the theme." — 1.19.12

14).  Black BreathSentenced To Life

"Their follow-up, Sentenced To Life, continues Black Breath’s progenitor-laden homage down to its sledgehammer-through-shattered-glass album cover, reconsidering not only the imagery tied to metal’s roots, but its legacy as well. To hear backwards rotations opening the album’s initial track, “Feast of the Damned,” you’re not only treated to metal’s rep as an Evangelically charged device of Satan’s testimony, but to an agenda that laughs in the face of hiding its message. Why not flaunt its Swaggart-taunting Devil lust? And why not be as quick and unbridled as possible?" — 3.1.12

13).  MenomenaMoms

"Following the creative disagreements that arose during the making of their 2010 album Mines, previous member Brent Knopf decided he wanted to do something else and took his leave from the group. (Danny) Seim and (Justin) Harris decided to keep Menomena going as a duo and the results of this new dynamic are shaped and cathartically articulated in the dysfunctional recesses of their new album, Moms. Continuing to work in their cut-paste methodology and loop-based songwriting, Menomena molds a well-constructed and cerebral pop formula into a confessional of sorts that reveals many levels of insecurity." — 11.7.12

12). High On Fire De Vermis Mysteriis

 An unbridled, aggressive and fully realized creation, High On Fire's De Vermis Mysteriis is probably the strongest addition to the band's canon since their debut album, The Art of Self-Defense (which had been reissued in 2012 by Southern Lord).  Regaining some of the intensity and sludge that they'd lost with 2010's Snakes for the Divine, High On Fire delivers a solid sequence of songs, ("Bloody Knuckles" and "Madness of an Architect" are notably perfect), and Matt Pike's onslaught of riff and meticulous fret play carries violent conviction.  Their single, "Fertile Green," inspired one of the year's best videos

11). Ty Segall BandSlaughterhouse

If you're like me, you may have heard the opening screech of feedback and subsequent rattle of guitar strings that opened "I Bought My Eyes" and perked up, lost all cynicism and experienced an immediate onset of hope for 2013, that guitars would once again become en vogue, that rebellion would once more become part of the equation and that amplifiers would be once again dipped in mud and allowed to revel in their lack of clarity.  Slaughterhouse by Ty Segall Band was the garage rock release of the year that did it right: a blues-driven sonic experience that hearkened back before The White Stripes turned the vintage motif into mainstream fodder for millennial bands to mimic till it meant nothing.  "Tell Me What's Inside Your Heart" with its high tempo charge and "Wave Goodbye" with its somber low end and muddy strut really caught my attention in 2012, and became one of many guitar-oriented albums that I will continue to hold near and dear.

10). Patti SmithBanga

For the purposes of challenging rock royalty so as never be accused of blind or automatic loyalty, Patti Smith's Banga was approached with some scrutiny and suspicion on my part, the simple matter of being essential to rock music's evolution not a consideration.  In music, no one is infallible, though some do come close.  In Smith's case, she ages gracefully with Banga, her continuing partnership with Lenny Kaye and Jay Dee Daugherty still productive and more than capable of complimenting her trademark lyrical wit.  She remains poetic and wordy ("Tarkovsky (The Second Stop Is Jupiter)") and doesn't necessarily evade every pretentious tendency ("Constantine's Dream"), but the album itself is beautifully rendered, the performances very rich.  "Mosaic" is one of my favorite songs of the year, a truly genuine moment that commands my attention with every listen.

9).  Mount EerieClear Moon

"As it is, (Phil) Elverum’s utilization of metallic and avant-garde elements into what might otherwise be considered a folk album demonstrates a songwriter unlimited by genre and also turned on by creative possibility." — 5.25.12


The rumbling drums of "Headache" that introduces METZ's self-titled ode to pigfuck-informed Alterna-rock launches a maelstrom of distorted vitriol that trucks in a way so few albums from newer bands do.  I was particularly drawn to the seasick wave of undulating low end that rests beneath the abrasive guitar sounds of "Rats" and the restless back and forth stomp of "Wasted."  With METZ, Sub Pop seemed to reclaim some of the sound that had so defined the label more than twenty years ago.

7).  The Devil’s Blood – The Thousandfold Epicentre
"Though no real progressive complexities exist, harmony is king; orchestrated rock music that finds clear connection between (The Devil's Blood)’s occultist disposition, the psych-infused expanses of Jefferson Airplane or Hawkwind and the melodious guitar coupling of Judas Priest." — 1.17.12

6). NeurosisHonor Found In Decay

"Not lacking in (Neurosis') familiar sonic heights, or scrimping on their somber and obsidian tones, Honor Found In Decay’s oversized blues jams scrape and crawl, trudge and pace. Blues-borne drones wallow in the largeness they generate, isolated wisps that find despairing resonance around the brawn presented up front." — 10.27.12

5). DeerhoofBreakup Song

"With Breakup Song, Deerhoof’s twelfth release, the band merged their understanding of dance pop with their very unique sense of song arrangement and keen attention to groove.  Upon first listen, I wondered if Deerhoof had spent the last year studying the Dust Brothers.  With what may well be the most realized and successful Deerhoof album since 2007’s Friend Opportunity, Breakup Song casts aside the banality of rump shakin’ club fodder, experimenting with beat transitions ("Breakup Songs"), tempo ("Bad Kids to the Front") and the simultaneous acknowledgment and alteration of form ("To Fly or Not to Fly," "The Trouble with Candyhands").  "Mothball the Fleet" and "Flower" are two of my favorite songs to come out this year, art pop too sincere to simply qualify as pretentious." — (transcribed from No Ripcord's Top 50 Albums of 2012 — Part 1)

4). The EvensThe Odds

"I was beginning to believe that the “indefinite hiatus” explanation applied to Fugazi’s absence may have been extended to The Evens, the post-hardcore equivalent folk-core band comprised of D.I.Y. punk pioneer Ian MacKaye and his wife, drummer Amy Farina.  Thankfully, MacKaye and Farina have returned with The Odds, another stripped down and (mostly) minimalist art rock record humorously dressed up with a play on the band’s name." – 11.28.12

3). The MenOpen Your Heart

"As babyboomer hippie rock has for years fellated itself in the face of all that’s come afterward, especially the movement of 80s independent rock and 90s alternative music, The Men’s inventive blend of the MC5, Roky Erickson, Paul Westerberg and Sonic Youth levels the impact, putting something like Kick Out The Jams in the same league as The Replacements Let It Be, legitimizing rock’s evolution in terms of its milestones and not in terms of its age. " – 3.7.12

2).  Alaric/AtriarchSplit LP

"Alaric, in particular, is damn near post-punk, the band’s delivery allegiant to the likes of Joy Division or Bauhaus, if you could imagine either band being interpreted by Saint Vitus or even Flipper.  Atriarch, their guitar solos cold and remarkably isolated or distant, carry an air of foreboding doom, their sound comprised of shrieking black metal and steady drones.  The song selections are perfect for this type of release, demonstrative of what each band has to offer while unified in the effort’s presentation." – 4.11.12

1). SwansThe Seer

"Listening to The Seer, it does sound dangerously absolute, its surrealistic intensity, abstruse composition and overt theatricality securing for the band a creative peak, one considerable enough to leave little left for any subsequent releases.  How does one carry on when the mountain’s been scaled, when the view’s been absorbed and considered?  There seems to be so much more distance left to tackle, but how do you reach the sky?" – 9.4.12

And, because I want to give as much credit as I possibly can, here are my follow ups:

16). IhsahnEremita
17). Ufomammut Oro: Opus Primum
18). Pop. 1280The Horror
19). Swarm of ArrowsThe Great Seekers of Lesser Life
20). The Melvins (Lite)Freak Puke
21). Dinosaur Jr.I Bet On Sky
22). JapandroidsCelebration Rock
23). OmAdvaitic Songs
24). Locrian/MammiferBless Them That Curse You
25). LiarsWIXIW
26). Speilgusher – s/t
27). AperiodicFuture Feedback
28). BaldruinNachfalter
29). Jooklo Duo & Bill NaceScratch
30). The Chrome CranksAin’t No Blood in Lies 
31). Asva & Philippe PetitEmpires Should Burn…

1). Rites of SpringSix Song Demo
2). MarriagesKitsune
3). Mr. DreamFatherland EP
4). Yama Seaquake EP
5). Speedy OrtizSports EP

Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Birthday, Frank (12.21.12)

Since the apocalypse decided not arrive today, the 21st of December remains dedicated to the remembrance of Frank Zappa.  72 years the man would've been had prostate cancer not taken him.  72 may also have been the number of albums he'd have produced between 1993 and now.

Anyway, here's to you, Frank.  Thank you, as always, for the music.

Letters From A Tapehead

Friday, December 14, 2012

Mystical Weapons: "Whispers the Blue Tongue"

Mystical Weapons, the new experimental jazz rock collaboration between Deerhoof's Greg Saunier and Sean Lennon, have released a new single from their upcoming self-titled debut.  "Whispers the Blue Tongue" premiered at Paste.

I posted about their single, "Mechanical Mammoth," in late November. 

Info comes courtesy of Terrorbird Media.

Letters From A Tapehead

Seven Inches of A FUCKING ELEPHANT 7"

Back in August, I posted a live cut from A Fucking Elephant called, "I'm Addicted to Drugs and Sex and I Want You to Choke Me," which is the A-side for the band's upcoming new 7," the imaginatively titled, Seven Inches of A Fucking Elephant.  For the sake of avoiding redundancy, I'm just going to post release info and cover art instead, which was lovingly provided by the wonderful individuals at Earsplit PR.

A FUCKING ELEPHANT Prepares To Drop New 7” And Embark On Tour

Kinky riff-twister duo A FUCKING ELEPHANT has completed its latest batch of percussive auditory penetration, and is preparing to drop the Seven Inches 7” on January 22nd.

The New Jersey-based twosome hammered out two gnarly new tracks with engineer Colin Marston (Krallice, Dysrhythmia, Behold… The Arctopus), which will end a two-year release gap, the last new material having been captured on A FUCKING ELEPHANT’s split full-length with cohorts El Drugstore nearly two years ago. As with the split,
Seven Inches will pop out on Nefarious Industries, the indie label formed by deviants from both bands. The wax pressing will be limited to 500 copies overall -- 250 on black vinyl and 250 on yellow -- in addition to the tracks being available digitally.

Get freaky with the artwork for
Seven Inches, created by Eric Nyffeler/Doe-Eyed Design, live footage of “I'm Addicted To Drugs And Sex And I Want You To Choke Me” -- the a-side of the 7” -- and other AFE tomfoolery RIGHT HERE.

Simply but aptly comprised of guitarist Matt Keys and drummer Greg Meisenberg, A FUCKING ELEPHANT has been assaulting basements and forcing acoustic trauma since 2007. In conjunction with
Seven Inches slipping out, A FUCKING ELEPHANT will pack up the shrimp boat and set sail on a stateside tour in support of the wax attack. With the final few engagements of this latest DIY venture still being locked down, the tour is set to molest a total of seventeen cities throughout the East Coast and upper crust of the Midwest, with things getting greasy with a semi-local kickoff show in New Brunswick on January 4th.

1/04/2013 Court Tavern - New Brunswick, NJ w/ Ex Wife, Holy City Zoo, Ovlov, Two Inch Astronaut 1/05/2013 JR’s - Philadelphia, PA
1/06/2013 TBA - NC
1/07/2013 The Wormhole - Savannah, GA
1/08/2013 Backbooth - Orlando, FL w/ Bog Prophet, Infinite Earths
1/09/2013 OAF House show - Tallahassee, FL
1/10/2013 TBA - Ocean Springs, MS w/ Ostrov
1/11/2013 The Handlebar - Pensacola, FL w/ Ostrov, Slowpoke Rodriguez
1/12/2013 Ziggy's - Chattanooga, TN w/ Uncle Touchy
1/13/2013 90 Proof - Knoxville, TN w/ Cryptodira, FXZero, Lucid, Scent of Remains
1/14/2013 Ultra Lounge - Chicago, IL w/ arbogast
1/15/2013 Berkley Front - Detroit, MI w/ Coffin Feeder, Snakewing
1/16/2013 TBA - OH
1/17/2013 TBA - Ithaca, NY
1/18/2013 TBA - St. James, NY w/ Bangladeafy

1/19/2013 Tuscan Café - Warwick, NY w/ Pigeon
1/20/2013 Public Assembly - Brooklyn, NY w/ Hannibal Montana, Noxious Foxes, Multitudes

Seven Inches of A FUCKING ELEPHANT Track Listing:
side A: I'm Addicted To Drugs And Sex And I Want You To Choke Me
side B: A Bunch Of Good Looking Roundeyes

Letters From A Tapehead

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Iceage: "Count Me In" / "You're Nothing" (BBC Sessions)

I received this press release for the upcoming Iceage album, You're Nothing.  No studio tracks have been made available yet, but I did find this BBC Sessions performance of the title track.  It's loud and snotty.  Yay for loud and snotty. 

Info comes straight from Matador Records.

We're pleased to announce further details on Iceage's forthcoming longplayer, set for release on February 19, 2013 (the 18th, ex-North America)

Titled, "You're Nothing", the album was recorded & produced by Iceage in Copenhagen and Mohn, Denmark.

"You're Nothing" pushes Iceage's singular sound to further extremes. Twelve examples of the myriad ways Iceage have written, and re-written the short aggressive rock song. We're excited for you to hear it.

4.Burning Hand
5.In Haze
7.Everything Drifts
8.Wounded Hearts
9. It Might Hit First
12.You're Nothing

Iceage have one US date confirmed as of this writing, January 25 at Brooklyn's 285 Kent.

Pre-order at the Matador store and get a free poster designed by Iceage.

Letters From A Tapehead

Shopping For Records: Ty Segall reissues

Following a pretty successful and productive year for Ty Segall, In The Red will be reissuing albums from The Traditional Fools and his collaboration with Mikal Cronin, Reverse Shark Attack.  Both will see release in late January 2013.

All info comes courtesy of Force Field PR.

The Traditional Fools - "Street Surfin'" from Claire Marie Vogel on Vimeo.

Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin - I Wear Black from Claire Marie Vogel on Vimeo.

In The Red set to reissue Ty Segall's The Traditional Fools and Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin's Reverse Shark Attack Jan. 22

VIDEO: The Traditional Fools - "Street Surfin'" (Dir. by Claire Marie Vogel) -

VIDEO: Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin - "I Wear Black" (Dir. by Claire Marie Vogel) -

Mikal Cronin & Ty Segall

The Traditional Fools
In The Red is proud to announce the re-release of the self-titled album by Ty Segall's Traditional Fools. The Traditional Fools were a garage-punk-thrash-surf trio consisting of Ty, Andrew Luttrell and David Fox. They recorded and released their lone album back in 2008 - it sold out quickly and has never been re-pressed until now. Recorded live in the studio, Traditional Fools is low on fidelity and high in energy. The band's sound is a perfect combination of 60s garage, vintage surf reverb and early LA punk performed with trashy reckless abandon. Covers by Redd Kross and Thee Headcoats give you an idea where these guys were coming from and songs about bikini babes and shredsticks tell you where these guys were at. Grab a bike, a tank top, sunglasses and every beer you can find and enjoy surf-punk done right.

Reverse Shark Attack
Originally released in 2009 as a vinyl-only title on the Kill Shaman label, Reverse Shark Attack is a collaboration by two long time chums who grew up together in Laguna Beach. Both turned out to be hyper prolific singer/song-writer/musicians who recorded as solo artists as well as performing in bands such as the Sic Alps, Moonhearts, Epsilons and Okie Dokie. The result of this collaboration is an incredible shambolic 10-track delight of psychedelic garage jams that is sure to please the most scrutinizing rocker. Equal parts danceable garage rock and effects-ridden psychedelia, Reverse Shark Attack is a mind-blowing explosion of loud guitars, pounding rhythms and signature vocal harmonies. Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin balance perfectly between soprano and baritone vocals, making for outstanding results. The centerpiece of the album is the title track, a side-long epic that goes from Beatles-esque melody to psych/ folk weirdness then explodes into a Ventures-induced headache of smashed drums and wildly vibrant surf guitars. This is a must-have release for fans of these two artists, and nothing like either of their projects have done before.

12/11 Seattle, WA - Neumos *
12/12 Vancouver, British Columbia - Waldorf *
12/13 Portland, OR - Star Theater *
12/15 Los Angeles, CA - El Rey * %

12/16 Santa Ana, CA - The Observatory *%

01/18 San Francisco, CA - The Fillmore +
01/23 Tucson, AZ - Club Congress ^
01/24 Marfa, TX - Padre's ^
01/25 Austin, TX - Mohawk ^
01/26 Dallas, TX - Sons of Hermann Hall ^
01/27 Memphis, TN - Hi Tone ^
01/28 Nashville, TN - The End ^
01/29 Atlanta, GA - Terminal West ^
01/30 Raleigh, NC - Kings Barcade ^
01/31 Washington, DC - Black Cat ^
02/01 New York, NY - Webster Hall ^
02/05 Montreal, Quebec - Cabaret Du Mile End ^
02/06 Toronto, Ontario - Phoenix Club ^
02/09 Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle ^
02/10 Omaha, NE - Sokol Underground ^
02/11 Denver, CO - Hi Dive ^

* = with Night Beats
% = with Pangea

+ = with White Fence
^ = with Ex-Cult

The Traditional Fools
(In The Red)
ITR 230
Reissue Date: January 22, 2013

LP / CD / Digital

Track List:
1. Davey Crockett
2. Snot Rag
3. T.L. Defender
4. Please
5. Layback!!!
6. Get Off My Back
7. Shredstick
8. Kill Someone You Hate
9. Valley (Of The Jams)
10. Party At My House
11. Milkman
12. All-Right

Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin
Reverse Shark Attack
(In The Red)
ITR 229
Reissue Date: January 22, 2013

LP / CD / Digital

Track List:

1. I Wear Black

2. Drop Dead Baby
3. High School
4. Ramona
5. Doctor Doctor
6. Bikini Babes
7. Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk
8. Reverse Shark Attack

Official Site -
Label Site -

Letters From A Tapehead

Nirvana w/Paul McCartney: "Cut Me Some Slack" (Live video)

"Oh, yeah. John Lennon was definitely my favorite Beatle, hands down. I don't know who wrote what parts of what Beatles songs, but Paul McCartney embarrasses me. Lennon was obviously disturbed [laughs]. So I could relate to that."Kurt Cobain, Rolling Stone, 1.27.94

Letters From A Tapehead

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Marnie Stern: "Year of the Glad"

So, 2013 will see a new album from guitar maestro Marnie Stern dubbed, The Chronicles of Marnia.  Today, a new single from the album was unveiled, "Year of the Glad."  The album will be released March 19th via Kill Rock Stars and is now available for digital pre-order at the label's Bandcamp page. 

Marnie Stern has been a Letters From A Tapehead favorite since 2007s In Advance of the Broken Arm.

Letters From A Tapehead

Foot Village: "This Song Is A Drug Deal" (Video)

There's a new Foot Village album coming out in March of 2013 called Make Memories and it'll be up for presale the day I turn 36, which is the end of the world (12.21.12).  There's a live performance of the song, "This Song is a Drug Deal" below along with a trailer for the album and a sampler, which will cost you the price of your email address.  All these gifts are courtesy of Northern Spy Records.

Foot Village - This Song is a Drug Deal from 4eyes Media on Vimeo.


New Foot Village Album Details Leaked + New Album Trailer + 12-21-12 Presale 

2013 marks the glorious return of Foot Village as they unleash their fourth full-length, Make Memories on Northern Spy Records. The album doesn't hit stores until March, but the band has just leaked the album art, the tracklist and a new whacked out album trailer. Check it all out below along with the free Foot Village music sampler.

It seems like the band is pretty superstitious too as they insisted on having the pre-sale for
Make Memories start on the Mayan End of the World, 12/21/12. They’re being damn mysterious about it actually. There’s talk of exclusive remixes being given away with the pre-sale, but someone else told us we had to beep some guy in fresno to hear the record before street date. All we know is they got something special planned just in case December 21st is the end.

See ya on the other side!


Until now, Foot Village has worked in the genre of fantasy. Their first three albums constituted a trilogy, telling the abstract story of the first city formed after the apocalypse. The city rose. The city reached glory. The city fought wars. The city crumbled. Now Foot Village has returned from this world of fantasy to our own. Both in the form of a warning and hope. As always, their message travels on the sound of a horde of drums (in fact, there are four drummers in the band); their voices chanting cryptic riddles too catchy to ignore. Known as Citizen's Kinsman, Lee, Taylor-Fantastic, and Rowan, now joined by Citizen Loveridge (of Beak>, Fairhorns) as well. While their last album, Anti-Magic, maintained an almost constant ballistic level of energy to tell it's story of war, Make Memories finds the group working in the form of ballads, alongside their kraut-punk roots. Foot Village's messages of hope are as exciting and ecstatic as ever, but their warnings are a swamp, slowly being brought to a boil. Recorded and mastered by Rik Dowding at Portishead's studio in Bristol, UK, Foot Village's fourth album Make Memories, captures the power of their live show unlike any of their releases previous. Rich with a cool, dark atmosphere, while still maintaining an upfront and powerful presence. This is the album for those wanting to take home the strength and magic the band has displayed playing at fests like All Tomorrows Parties, touring all over the US and EU, and opening for bands like Avey Tare, Dan Deacon, and HEALTH.

Letters From A Tapehead

Rabbits: "Fight Right" (Video)/Flexihead single

This video is missing Black Friday footage from Walmart.

"Fight Right" is the new single from Rabbits' recently released album, Bite Rites.

The band also apparently covered Minor Threat and Black Flag for a Record Store Day curated flexi single called, Flexihead.  Renditions of "Straight Edge" and "Wasted," perfectly contradictory, were featured. 

Info comes courtesy of Earsplit PR.

RABBITS Ruins Your Day With New Video, Drops “Straight Edge/Wasted” Flexi 

Portland's caecothrophic collective RABBITS have excreted their very first hare-raising video to help ruin your day, constructed for the rampant skronking riffage of “Fight Right,” the second track off from their recently birthed Bites Rites LP. The cinematic mayhem was completed by Wes Johnson of Good to Die Productions -- the film team responsible for labelmates Deadkill’s "Oh God Help You" video -- utilizing early live footage shot by the fourth Rabbit Daniel Abell and RABBITS’ own warped “us-versus-them” concept.

Unleash the visual chaos of “Fight Right” and more from the RABBITS vermin RIGHT HERE.

For this year’s Record Store Day these racket practitioners dropped a two-song flexi postcard thing called
Flexihead, busting out conflicting covers of Minor Threat’s “Straight Edge” and Black Flag’s “Wasted” in the relentlessly blaring noise-infested RABBITS rage. Portland Mercury’s music editor issued a short blog post, highlighting the hand-written love note from the band stating "Enjoy your desperate attempts to make this thing play."

RABBITS Stagefuckeries:

12/07/2012 The Josephine - Seattle, WA w/ Fist Fite, Monogamy Party, Brokaw
12/08/2012 Club 21 - Portland, OR w/ Fist Fite, Monogamy Party, Brokaw
1/18/2013 Alleyway - Portland, OR w/ Gaytheist, Transient

Letters From A Tapehead

Saturday, December 08, 2012

In Case You've Noticed... (and a belated R.I.P. to Dave Brubeck)

 ...the overwhelming period of quiet, I'm currently recuperating from an ailment transmitted to my entire family via some daycare dwelling devil's spawn.  Should be better enough to regain some traction next week.  The "Best Of" is in the works as are some last minute stragglers, plus I recently contributed to another installment of No Ripcord's No Ripcast, (but please try and ignore how inept I sound while navigating the English language).

In the meantime, the incomparable Dave Brubeck has been forever silenced, a heavy loss and significant loss for American music.  His spirit and invention was felt across all genres, a transcendent icon whose contributions to jazz made him essential to music as an art form and all its varying means of expression.  Any music library remains incomplete without Time Out, whether you're a connoisseur of music or a dabbler. 

Letters From A Tapehead

Monday, December 03, 2012

MusicFilmWeb: My Career as a Jerk

MusicFilmWeb's Music Documentary Monday feature, 12.3.

My Career as a Jerk
Directed by David Markey
Released: 2012

Letters From A Tapehead

Tomahawk: "Stone Letter" (Video)

2013 will mean a new album from Tomahawk.  It will be called Oddfellows and it will be the first album from the band since 2007's Anonymous.  "Stone Letter" is its first single and Pitchfork has premiered the video.

I reviewed Anonymous in 2007, (a review that also incorporated Mirrored by Battles.)

All info and links are courtesy of Rarely Unable. 

Photo credit: Tim Moss; left to right: John Stanier, Unicorn, Duane Denison, Trevor Dunn, Mike Patton


Tomahawk's video for "Stone Letter" the first single from their forthcoming album Oddfellows, is viewable now via Pitchfork:


The clip, directed by Vincent Forcier, was shot during the band's late October tour and features a studio performance from the quartet that includes Duane Denison (Jesus Lizard, Unsemble), Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mondo Cane), John Stanier (Battles, Helmet) and Trevor Dunn (Melvins Lite, Mr. Bungle).

"Stone Letter" was released as a limited edition single for Record Store Day's Black Friday event and is available now as a digital single. A stream of the song, the band's first new music in six years, is available via Spin (

Letters From A Tapehead

Guerilla Toss: "Meteorological"

I was elated to find out that Guerilla Toss will be releasing a new LP this September called Twisted Crystal . Last year's GT Ultra sp...