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Sorting Through Browser Tabs: Horsegirl, Sam Gendel, The Koreatown Oddity, Kamikaze Palm Tree, Pye Corner Audio, Rattle, Liz Lamere

The "I'll get back to that" portion of my brain results in sometimes 50 browser tabs being open, many of which are YouTube or Bandcamp links for bands and performers that I want to keep track of.  So, I'm sorting through browser tabs. And, so are you.  Horsegirl: "Anti-Glory" (from Versions of Modern Performance released by Matador Records ) Versions of Modern Performance by Horsegirl Sam Gendel:  "Uroko (鱗, fish scales)" (from  blueprint  releasing 10/14/22 by  Leaving Records ) Uroko (鱗, fish scales) by Sam Gendel Courtesy of Julian T. Schoen - Artist, Event & Project Management The Koreatown Oddity :  "Aggro Can" (from  ISTHISFORREAL?  releasing 7/22/22 by  Stones Throw ) Kamikaze Palm Tree:  "Flamingo" (from  Mint Chip  releasing 7/15/22 by  Drag City ) Mint Chip by Kamikaze Palm Tree Pye Corner Audio:  "Warmth Of The Sun" (from  Let's Emerge!  released by  Sonic Cathedral ) Let’s Emerge! b