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Alan Vega: "Nike Soldier"

"Welcome to the new creations…" works as both a lyric and as a promotional pitch for Mutator , the first entry LP to launch a series featuring unearthed material by Alan Vega, pioneering artist and co-member of the seminal and necessary electro-art duo Suicide. Vega, who unfortunately left us in 2016, was a prolific being to say the least and had apparently left behind a significant amount of material. Mutator had originally been recorded between 1995-1996 with Liz Lamere, Vega's wife and creative partner. Introduced today after years of collecting dust, the ominous and coldly factorial "Nike Soldier" is the first aural peek into this unknown work, Vega's eerie vocal radiating with the tone of "prophesied doomsday".  Mutator is up for pre-order via Sacred Bones with the actual release scheduled for 4/23. The "Deluxe Dark Red" is already sold out. I just pulled the trigger on the "Limited Clear and Dark Red Smoke" variant. If

METZ: "Sugar Pill" (Video)

Another visual entry from METZ's excellent Atlas Vending release surfaced today for the track, "Sugar Pill," the welcome mix of aggro-clatter and amplified noise appropriately bolstered by clips of neighborhood skaters undeterred by weather conditions that would typically postpone their plans to shred. There was a point in time when I wanted every video I watched to look like this: an unsettled, (i.e. performed restlessness channeled through decibels), soundtrack backing up skate culture's continual repurposing of any concrete environment(s), forcing those surroundings to accommodate four-wheels and a shot of adrenaline. At present, to be worthless and old watching invigorated youth rebelling against the elements is refreshing. Bottom line: I hate nostalgia, but I dig this. And the song's cool, too. Atlas Vending is available for purchase via Sub Pop . Or, be like me and wait till the next Bandcamp Friday to pick it up. The video, pertinent info and links are

The Week's Mixtape: Chelsea Wolfe & Emma Ruth Rundle, Claire Rousay, Nous Alpha, TEKE::TEKE, Jaye Jayle, Dead Register, Lushlife

Good evening, The three-day weekend has ended, promises of a four-day stretch of hellscape await. But, not yet. I've compiled some singles and videos to check out, so give a look, hit up some links, and maybe buy some records. Enjoy your week and thanks for reading.  ______________________________________________________________________ Chelsea Wolfe & Emma Ruth Rundle:  "Anhedonia" (via Rarely Unable / Sargent House) Bandcamp — Website — Via Rarely Unable: Chelsea Wolfe has shared new video for her latest single, “ Anhedonia ” which features vocals and guitar by labelmate Emma Ruth Rundle. Wolfe joined efforts with stop motion editor and video producer Cressa Beer for a moving creation that reflects grief and loneliness, yet brings hope that with time and support, healing is possible. Cressa explains, “The core idea of the video came from an artist and mutual friend

No Ripcord: The Body

The Body I’ve Seen All I Need To See Thrill Jockey Released: 1/29/21 No Ripcord review: I’ve Seen All I Need To See can be purchased:  Bandcamp — Thrill Jockey — A review of  You, Whom I've Always Hated , The Body's 2015 collaborative effort with Thou, can also be found at No Ripcord . If you're interested, some additional coverage of The Body: The Body live w/ Assembly of Light Choir (Video) — The Body & Braveyoung: "Song One" (Track) — The Body & Thou: Released From Love EP — The Body & Thou: "