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The Hated: "Everysong"

Do we like the sound of desperate hardcore? Numero Group just issued "Everysong" by The Hated, which isn't too far removed from the Hüsker-branded throat-tearing and raw emotional investment the Mould/Grant/Norton combo could generate. The track is audibly honest. Speed pushes the sincerity of the harsh instrumentation forward, but the vocal almost smothers everything beneath. The recording sounds like it was handled live. If Numero Group is planning to reissue this track in a physical format, I hope the mastering doesn't clean up the audio.  Track costs a buck at Bandcamp.  Everysong by The Hated Notes from the Bandcamp page: After the departure of original Hated rhythm section Colin Meeder and Mike Bonner, a new version of the group cropped up in former Spastic Rats drummer Kenny Hill’s basement in late ’86. The Hated had been on ice for a year with Dan Littleton expelled from school and Erik Fisher in college, but returned to Annapolis in with a youthful politic