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ZOMBI: "Improvise, Adapt & Overcome" / "Bodies In The Flotsam" (Live Session via Unacceptable Color)

To whom it may interest, Electro-propulsive instrumentalists ZOMBI premiered two new tracks via Unacceptable Color , a live music channel that apparently specializes in showcasing an array of fringe artists. Tracks are titled "Improvise, Adapt & Overcome" and "Bodies In The Flotsam" both baring the duo's signature synth-tonal stylings and clean percussion. In spite of the video's visual grain, the session is well produced.  Info was provided by Relapse Records . ZOMBI on Facebook ZOMBI on Instagram ZOMBI on Twitter ZOMBI on Bandcamp Sincerely, Letters From A Tapehead

What's (Re)New?: Beauty Pill's Blue Period — A Few Words From A Grateful Fan

Beauty Pill Blue Period Ernest Jenning Recording Co. 1/20/23 “Fans of Smart Went Crazy who just can't accept the fact that Chad Clark is capable of producing anything short of brilliance should save themselves the trauma and skip right to The Unsustainable Lifestyle ’s seventh track, ‘Such Large Portions!’, a serene rocker packed with pitch-bent guitars and acrobatic drumming; or crank up the cacophonous, multitracked percussion of the Breeders-esque ‘The Western Prayer’. Either of these songs could allow a person to maintain, indefinitely, that Clark is among indie music's great talents, so long as they never delved into the rest of this record.” Above is the first paragraph of a Pitchfork review of The Unsustainable Lifestyle , the first full-length LP released in 2004 by Beauty Pill. Beauty Pill remains the creative outlet of musician Chad Clark, the band’s sole constant throughout its lifespan and primary focus following the dissolution of Clark’s previous band, Smart Went