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clipping.: "Visions of Bodies Being Burned: Enlacing & Pain Everyday"

Visions of Bodies Being Burned , the latest horror-leaning LP from Sub Pop's clipping., is out today. Alongside the release, a new video surfaced featuring two tracks from the LP: “Enlacing & Pain Everyday”, the latter track having had a lyric video that was out earlier this month .    Prior to the album's release, lyric videos for the tracks “Say The Name” and “‘96 Neve Campbell” also surfaced as hype for the album, along with the politically aggressive “Chapter 319”, which was released as a two-track digital single .    Following 2019's excellent  There Existed an Addiction to Blood , Visions of Bodies Being Burned is an ambitious sequel of sorts, rife with the dizzying, Tetris-level wordplay and the unconventional approach to composition that are specific to this trio. Daveed Diggs finds meter through muck oftentimes, backdrops conjured like tributes to crumbling industry or built as nods to junk drawer beat-making.  (As an aside, I would be fascinat

Beauty Pill: "Instant Night"

Chad Clark and Erin Nelson of Beauty Pill (photo by Morgan Klein) A new single from Beauty Pill called “Instant Night” was released yesterday as a plea for the public to vote in the upcoming Presidential election. Accompanied by a mesmerizing video featuring illustrator (and ex-Beauty Pill member) Ryan Nelson as he inks portraits of Donald Trump, Lindsey Graham, and Mitch McConnell, Chad's Clark's avant-centric fascinations provide a fluid backdrop for singer Erin Nelson's musings:  “Empathy! Oh, Empathy! That's the weakness they talk about in the movies…” A satisfying series of melodic phrases and acoustic instrumentation arranged across undulating, fuzzy pulsars, Clark's continual evolution as a composer and sound alchemist has enjoyed three vehicles in 2020: Sorry You're Here , Please Advise , and now “Instant Night,” which is available to purchase at Bandcamp .  Quoting Clark: “Science fiction authors have warned us about dystopia for a century now. George O

No Ripcord (Bandcamp Friday — October): Moor Mother

Moor Mother Circuit City Don Giovanni Released: 9/25/20 After the first five or so turbulent minutes of Moor Mother’s Circuit City have elapsed, the poet asks, “You ever been robbed of your genius? And have your talent lay waste with bones ripped from its neck? Well, that’s circuit city.” Aggro-poetic stanzas, stern and convincing, cut through a mire of scribbling saxophone and whirling drums fills for the majority of Circuit City , a four-act work by Moor Mother, (or Camae Ayewa). Following a release earlier this year from her project Irreversible Entanglements titled Who Sent You? , and last year’s excellent Analog Fluids of Sonic Black Holes , Ayewa’s Circuit City was performed live as a play, this recorded version featuring her poetry set to free jazz, which provides her material an appropriate and cacophonous backdrop. “The way they house us,” Ayewa says in opening track “Act 1 – Working Machine”, “The way they make home a dream, a wish—anything but a human right.” Circuit Ci