2007: The Year We Keep Contact...

To my fellow Tapeheads,

So, 2006 is coming to a close.

I managed to pick up a lot of great records this year, though I unfortunately did not get to review them all. What can I say? I got married, went to Europe and turned 30 in the space of two months. Add on holiday shopping and you have one very exhausted, self-appointed music critic. But, because of that, I'm currently working on my final reviews for 2006 (I think I'm going to try and get two done) and an end-of-the-year rundown of everything I picked up. I want to make sure that whatever I didn't get to write about in my usual over-blown observations gets a little ink. I'm going to annotate any non-reviewed entry with a little blurb and a rating. It's quite an undertaking, but it should be an informative read.

I'm not really sure what 2007 has in store as far as new tunes. I do know that the mighty Queens of the Stone Age will be committing themselves to wax some time this year. I also heard that Tomahawk will be finally putting a new album out. Otherwise, I'll be as surprised as you are. Let's hope it's a good year.

In the meantime, uncork the champagne, and keep those headphones on.

Happy New Year,
Letters From A Tapehead


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