Friday, May 25, 2007

We Interrupt This Program... bring you a couple things I'm really looking forward to in June.

The Beastie Boys will be releasing an all-instrumental album called, The Mix Up. Below is a video for one of the tracks featured. Smooth grooves, lots of promise. This will be out June 26th.

While we're on the topic of The Beastie Boys, Adam Yauch has produced the latest release by the mighty Bad Brains. Build A Nation is their first release in over 10 years, (since 1995's God Of Love as far as I know), and it's supposed to be somewhat of a return to their old school, hardcore roots. I heard a couple tracks and, if they're any indication, it should be an awesome album. And, like The Beastie Boys, expect this to hit the shelves on June 26th.

And last, but certainly not least, I'm most looking forward to Era Vulgaris by the incredible Queens of the Stone Age. This will be out on June 12th and I will undoubtedly be rocking the fuck out of this one all summer long.

June should be a damn good month.

Letters From A Tapehead


Les said...

I love it! Digging the music news bit too adds more then just reviews which are great and a awesome source for me to peek at something I would not have listened to otherwise (except the smiths) but I'm really feeling the upcoming releases videos as well!

Letters From A Tapehead said...

Yeah, I'm loving the videos. I'm thinking good things about the Beastie Boys' newest. They may actually redeem themselves from "To The 5 Boroughs." Might have to hit up AKA on a Tuesday.

Letters From A Tapehead

les said...

I Still say To the 5 was an ok album but maybe thats just the fanboi in me talking.

tim said...

Did you hear the Beasties' previous instrumental album, the in sound from way out? It was really, aside from the early scrappy rap singles like "no sleep til brooklyn" and "fight for your right" my first intruduction to the band, and it's a really nice acid-jazz selection, reminding me that those guys really know how to play. I have been excited by the news of a second set of instros, as well.

and as for QOTSA... let's just say a coworker of mine took pity on my and gave me their entire ouevre (outside of songs for the deaf, which I had picked up only months previous, plus the Eagles of Death Metal albums. I watched the first single, the video of which is pretty sickhouse, and i'm pretty sure era vulgaris is gonna rule.

Letters From A Tapehead said...

Hey Tim,

I actually have The In Sound From Way Out and it is a great collection. A lot of the songs I already had because of Check Your Head and Ill Communication, but it's awesome having them all on one disc. Yeah, this new instrumental album looks to be a welcome addition to the Beastie body of work.

As for QOTSA, they're easily one of the best groups out there today, especially in terms of mainstream America, and carry enough clout to give them a strong foothold in underground and indie music circles. Era Vulgaris should be one of the best albums to emerge this year, but I don't want to jinx it. I'll let the album speak for itself. Can't wait.

Letters From A Tapehead

Letters From A Tapehead said...

P.S. To Tim...

...have you seen/heard Over The Years And Through The Woods, QOTSA's live DVD/CD? You should definitely check that out. The live show is really well done and does much to convey exactly how good Homme and Co. are live.

Letters From A Tapehead

tim said...

Listened to it, haven't seen it (mp3s are easier for me to get than avis, nyeahmeen?

I think what amazes me most about sr. homme is that he looks so normal, even kinda toolish, in real life, but he's just so ridiculously awesome.

oh, and i think i saw you blog about this previous, but can we just reiterate for a second how FUCKING AWESOME that damn Mastodon album is? JESUS i need vinyl of that in my life.

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