Wish List Ish #1 – The week in “Needing It…”

More than once, I’ve discussed the “backburner:” that unfortunate and expanding place where all my music essentials and wants seem to stay and collect dust as the constant rotation of new releases sucks up most of my music-related income. With the ease of a button, it’s easy to keep track of this list via Amazon Dot Com, though I do have a few obscure albums listed in my music library. But, because it’s so easy, the list has become impossibly long. I know I’ll have to edit at some point, but I’m not sure what to remove. So, in the interest of maybe cutting down the list a bit, I’d like some opinions about whether or not my intended purchases are actually worthwhile.

Here’s this week’s top 10 Must Have’s:

10). Going all DIO on your asses:

DioHoly Diver
Black SabbathHeaven And Hell, The Mob Rules

I’m counting this as one, just because it’s a thematic trio of Ronnie James. My sudden interest in Dio-era Sabbath, (I have all the Ozzy stuff), was sort of sparked by the Rhino-issued comp, Black Sabbath: The Dio Years. Accepting the more than universal consensus that Dio-era Sabbath doesn’t have a whole lot on Ozzy’s seminal output, Heaven and Hell and The Mob Rules still garner discussion amongst metal’s educated elite. Plus, the cover illustration on The Mob Rules album is too cool.

As far as Holy Diver, I remember staring at that cover when I was a kid and feeling a wave of doom and isolation. Now, I laugh. Desensitization rules.

9). I’d like to laugh now at anyone that spent hundreds of dollars on this:

MF DoomMM…Food?

For a little while there, I saw this album going for a decent chunk of change once it had gone out of print. MF Doom, rap’s underground geek, was gaining enough popularity that I knew this would get picked up and put out again, especially since this is probably his best known work. A good friend of mine burned me a copy of this a while ago and I’d meant to pick it up at some point. It’s an awesome album for those who’ve never heard it. Probably one of the best hip-hop records to come out in recent memory, even with the bar being set as low as it is currently.

8). Another round of “catch-up:”

BauhausSingles: 1979-1983 Vol. 1 & 2

A little late in the game here. The latest Bauhaus record, Go Away White (review pending), might be the best record I’ve heard all year. Having more or less dismissed Peter Murphy and crew as just another bunch of scaaaaary scaaaaarsters for all the little wannabe scaaaaaaries, I really screwed myself out of a good band and some awesome records. So, I’m catching up and I figured their singles would be an essential part of my library. Sometimes, it doesn’t pay to be a snob.

7). ”Nick The Stripper”:

The Birthday PartyPrayers On Fire

As an avid listener of Henry Rollins’s radio show, Harmony In My Head, I’m consistently treated to some aural goodies on a weekly basis. This album has a song called, “Nick The Stripper,” that had my attention from second one.

6). ”White Wedding”:

Queens of the Stone AgeMake It Wit Chu Single

Despite the fact that I thought the rehashed “Make It Wit Chu,” (it was originally written and recorded for Vol. 9 & 10 of Josh Homme’s Desert Sessions series, and better I might add), was the weakest aspect of Era Vulgaris, this single contains a Brian Eno cover and a version of Billy Idol’s “White Wedding.” Basically, I’ll get whatever QOTSA make available. It’s the price of being a fanboy.

5). My OTHER Ludus CD is gettin’ lonely:

LudusPickpocket/Danger Came Smiling

This was another Harmony In My Head discovery. A while ago, I picked up the Visit/Seduction compilation and couldn’t stop listening to it for months. Naturally, it makes sense to pick-up the OTHER compilation.

4). Yet ANOTHER round of “catch-up:”

Hüsker DüZen Arcade

Honestly, I have no excuse for this one. I should’ve probably emerged from the womb with this album firmly implanted in my tiny hands. Shameful.

3). More singles:

Les Savy FavInches

I only recently got into Les Savy Fav thanks to last year’s, Let’s Stay Friends. Now I’m trying to build up my LSF library and Inches, a compilation of singles, just happens to be their best album in my opinion. Even as a collection, it’s still very impressive and probably the only somewhat “pop punk” album I’ve been able to take seriously since The DescendentsAll.

2). Another reissue:

The Modern Lovers — s/t

This was reissued last year. I want it simply for “Pablo Picasso.”

1). Getting into ANOTHER new band:

Porcupine TreeFear Of A Blank Planet

This is a straggler from last year, initially meant to be part of the “new releases” list. Though I didn’t get to check it out, I’m still interested to hear what they do as they seem to earn significant accolades among the progressive fan base. Thought that might be worth a listen.

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