Shopping For Records #6: Some reissues to chew on…

Mission Of Burma:

Sort of late in the game on these, but:

Matador Records released what they refer to as “The Definitive Editions” of Signals, Calls & Marches, Vs. and The Horrible Truth About Burma in mid-March, even making them available on vinyl for the first time in 20 years. Receiving the primo treatment in terms of package extravagance and live DVD footage, Vs. also boasts the non-album B-side, “OK/No Way.”

Unfortunately for me, Mission Of Burma is yet another band that shamefully fell onto the ever-famed backburner. Now that these reissues are available with some enticing bells and whistles, it’s likely that I’ll be shelling out the loot to procure myself some copies. What I’ve heard of Mission Of Burma, I’ve really enjoyed.

The Replacements:

Rhino, usually a shining light for the music enthusiast, reissued The Replacements’ first four albums: Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash, Stink EP, Let It Be and Hootenanny. This was Paul Westerberg, pre-Singles composer, and Co. at their most primal.

Owning the Stink EP, (“God Damn Job” has been an internal anthem for years of working with the 9-to-5), and Don’t Tell A Soul, I’ve been sort of 50/50 with The Replacements. Whereas I appreciate and understand their impact, I never really got why they softened up as much as they did. But, my opinion aside, The Replacements have a strong following, many of whom are going to pick these up. If, of course, they haven’t already.

Now, how about those Flipper reissues I’ve been waiting for the last two or three years?

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