Shopping For Records #10: Radiohead Gets Capitol-ized Some More…


Pablo Honey (Collectors + Special Collectors Edition)
The Bends (Collectors + Special Collectors Edition)
OK Computer (Collectors + Special Collectors Edition)

Releasing: 3.24.09

The Drill EP (12” Single)
Creep (12” Single)
My Iron Lung (12” Single)
Just (12” Single)
Fake Plastic Trees (12” Single)
High And Dry (12” Single)
Street Spirit (Fade Out) (12” Single)
Paranoid Android (12” Single)
Karma Police (12” Single)
No Surprises (12” Single)
Pyramid Song (12” Single)
There There (12” Single)
2+2=5 (12” Single)

Releasing: 4.21.09

Do you think Capitol Records knew so many moons ago that they would have under their grasp such a wealth of lucrative reissuing opportunities?

After reintroducing Radiohead’s Capitol catalogue to life as 12” 180-gram remasters last year, there’s more in store for said catalogue. Two-disc collectors editions of their first three albums are being released in late March, with special collectors editions boasting DVD extras. This is after Capitol’s aforementioned vinyl treatment and the release of a Best Of compilation that failed to win points with the band.

And, because the fanboy dollar is worth so much these days, (especially in this economy), Capitol is also reissuing Radiohead single collections as 12” vinyl.

Holy shit.

Granted, blatant marketing such as this does warrant some venom on the band’s part and maybe fans to some extent, but let’s be honest: Is there really going to be a boycott at hand? 12” singles? Collectors editions of some very seminal output from one of the best bands to come out in the last century? Capitol’s counting on fans to shell out the green, and I’m sure a lot of this excessive capitalization is due to economic stress and lost profit.

Quoth the Gordon Gekko: “Greed is good. Greed works.”

Hopefully, the extras will be worth the money.

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