Lux Interior (1946-2009)

Psychobilly hero and Cramps frontman Lux Interior passed on at the age of 62.

A B-rated monster of a schtick to go along with his intense showmanship, Lux Interior (Eric Lee Purkhiser) and his wife, Poison Ivy (Kristy Wallace) formed The Cramps in 1976, just in time for punk rock’s emergence into CBGB mania. Boasting more of a rockabilly-surf-infused and sexy crawl, The Cramps stuck out as Bela Lugosi's variation on Johnny Cash and Link Wray.

If you’ve never heard Songs The Lord Taught Us or Psychedelic Jungle, it would be behoove you to find them, throw down the money and listen. Or, if you want a decent overview of early Cramps, the compilation Bad Music For Bad People is worthwhile.

The Cramps perform “Human Fly” - 9.25.93

In the song “Garbage Man,” Interior sums himself up perfectly:

"...Yeah it's just what you need when you're down in the dumps
One half hillbilly and one half punk
Big long legs and one big mouth
The hottest thing from the north to come out of the south
Do you understand?
Do you understand?..."

We do and we’re thankful. Rest In Peace, Lux.

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