What I Heard This Morning: Swan Lake

Indie rock trio, Swan Lake, will be releasing their new album, Enemy Mine on March 24th.

As far as their featured three singles, "A Hand At Dusk," "Spanish Gold, 2044" and "Spider," they're all rooted in highly evocative non-traditional conveyance, meaning that you can hear their influences but they're all jumbled effectively enough that Swan Lake own their sound.

"Spanish Gold, 2044" is like Odysseus meets Space Oddity-Bowie, its lethargic sway leaning like a seesawed ship. "A Hand At Dusk" is a lovingly crafted piano tune that has moments of swelled ambience that sort of set you adrift till the song comes to an ethereally distant halt. "Spider" feels like something Lou Reed might've done if he'd been mainlining Joy Division or Jesus and Mary Chain, making it probably their most indie-conventional track. It still fails to disappoint.

"A Hand At Dusk"

"Spanish Gold, 2044"


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