What I Heard This Morning: Volcano Choir

For any fans of Bon Iver, Justin Vernon is in collaboration mode. Apparently, before For Emma, Forever Ago was released, Vernon and the band, Collections of Colonies of Bees had recorded what will be released in late September as Unmap.

Publicity photo for the Bed, Bath & Beyond Monks

The album’s first single, “Island, IS,” is a catchy dogpile of guitar loops with minor tonal alterations. Vernon provides the song’s harmonies vocally, contrasting the somewhat utilitarian nature of the backdrop. I know that I’m not making the song sound too exciting, but if you’re familiar with Vernon’s ability to make just about anything sound ethereal and angelic, you can give “Island IS” a listen and be intrigued. It’s a simple song, but it brims with nuance. I like this song better than anything on Vernon’s Blood Bank EP.

”Island IS”

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