Shopping For Records #17: Japanese Heavy Rock Hits...

Fans of Japanese drone rockers Boris will be intrigued to know that a series of three 7” albums entitled, Japanese Heavy Rock Hits will be released over the course of the upcoming Fall. I don’t have any additional information and I haven’t heard any of the music, but Boris is a safe bet for quality and the elitist appeal of something like a 7” series sort of speaks for itself.

Japanese Heavy Rock Hits Vol. 1
Side A: "8"
Side B: "Hey Everyone/ねえエヴリワン"

Japanese Heavy Rock Hits Vol. 2
Side A: "H.M.A. - Heavy Metal Addict"
Side B: "Black Original/黒い点滅"

Japanese Heavy Rock Hits Vol. 3
Side A: "16:47:52… /16時47分52..”
Side B: "… And Hear Nothing/きこえない"

Images courtesy of Southern Lord

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