A Storm Of Light: Tempest

So, this is sort of a "check out this song/any drummers in the house?" sort of entry.

One of the unfortunate casualties of last year, as in "one of the albums I didn't get to wax over typewriter-like due to an overabundance of shit to do," was A Storm Of Light's Forgive Us Our Trespasses. Almost opera-like in its execution, there are a lot of great things going on in this album.

Why does this band come up now? Well, they're looking for a drummer.

From the press release:

"In just over two years since the band's inception, A STORM OF LIGHT has had the honor and privilege of playing with many great drummers: Vinny Signorelli, Jason Roeder, Pete Angevine etc. While this band is built around revolving members both in touring and recording, we've decided that a central three-piece will make us sonically/rhythmically stronger. That said, we have decided to look for a permanent drummer, one that can make STORM their primary focus, and be part of the band for the long haul.

When: ASAP. We will be recording in early fall and going to Europe from September 28 - Nov 1.

Where: Ideally we want someone in Brooklyn/NYC, or damn close. While we are willing to consider people outside of the area (New Jersey/Philadelphia/Upstate NY/Providence/Boston/DC etc). Please keep in mind that we are constantly writing, recording, practicing, touring, so you will have to been in Brooklyn very regularly.

Experience: We are preferably looking for people with previous recording/touring experience, and who can tour regularly both nationally and internationally. (nice, fun, dedicated, motivated, relaxed, on time, honest, etc, etc, etc.)

Contact: Please include links to your drumming/musical projects, and email us at: storm [at] astormoflight [dot] com. Thank you." -- A STORM OF LIGHT

Opportunity knocks, people.

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