Tempo No Tempo: Pole Position

French Press Films have just released a new video for Tempo No Tempo’s “Pole Position.” A mix of dubby post-punk and post-hardcore funk, “Pole Position” was great to hear first thing in the morning. Short, catchy and sweet.

Tempo No Tempo - "Pole Position" from French Press Films on Vimeo.

Their album, Waking Heat, was released last year. They’ll be in the West Coast touring with Dinowalrus.

4.27.10 — Hemlock Tavern w/ Dinowalrus and Ingot Rot (members of Tussle)
4.28.10 — Biko House w/ Dinowalrus
4.29.10 — The Smell w/ Dinowalrus, Signals, Foot Village, Ezra Buchla (Gowns) and DJ Set by Railcars
4.30.10 — Che Café w/ Dinowalrus, Da Bears, Endless Bummer
5.1.10 — FMLY Ride w/ Dinowalrus, Slang Chickens
5.2.10 — Crepe Place w/ Dinowalrus, Green Flash
5.3.10 — 21 Grand w/ Dinowalrus, NYMPH, The Splinters

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