Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What I Heard This Morning: Ruse Of Fools

Around December of last year, I posted the video for the song "The Flood" by Philadelphia's own, Ruse Of Fools. Since then, the band has been doing their damnedest to make their mark out in the UK and Canada as, for some reason, their home region doesn't seem too interested.

I find this sort of strange. The track that I'm posting tonight, a sonically charged ballad entitled, "Well Wished," doesn't seem like something that would inspire disinterest from a Philadelphia crowd. Or, even an American crowd. But, Ruse Of Fools seems to be getting noticed overseas, so maybe the stateside fandom will eventually germinate and bloom.

In the meantime, here's "Well Wished." Give it a listen and support a local band.

According to their press release, Princeton, NJ's WPRB 103.3's Slow Flood Radio show said of the song that "the standard for 21st Century Rock has just been set."

"Well Wished"

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