Frankie Rose & The Outs: Candy

So, Frankie Rose is given the Carrie treatment by a room full of Goths. Her vengeance is taken via the Sissy Spacek stare but, evidently, there wasn't enough of a budget to visually carry out any sort of graphic or horrifying consequences. So, the Goths yell and fall to the ground, almost as if the second single from Frankie Rose & The Outs, "Candy," was enough to cause them pain. I'm sure that's not the case as it is one of the best songs on the album, but there's little evidence of what catastrophic happenings are sending the bullying Goths into torment. Some of them are holding their ears; just saying.

Their self-titled debut was delivered Tuesday from Slumberland and the video was directed by Vice Cooler (Hawnay Troof, XBXRX).

The video is from Pitchfork:

Letters From A Tapehead


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