Oh, 2010... Where Have You Gone? (Draft #1)

So, my "Best Of" list did not go up last year, though the playlist for my favorite songs of 2009 were compiled. It wasn't for lack of trying necessarily, but 2010 was underway once I'd begun covering some of '09s stragglers, and I sort of wanted to get a move on the new year. That being said, for about a month I've been eager to begin getting my list for 2010 ready, not to mention a new mix for January 2011.

Stereokiller has begun taking inventory of the favorites of 2010 and I got inspired to see where I stand so far.

This is not definitive list, so I can't yet be held accountable for glaring omissions. But, I would like some participation so if anyone wishes to opine about the best that 2010 had/has to offer, send some comments.

Top Twenty-Five for 2010 (So far):

1). SwansMy Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky
3). Mi AmiSteal Your Face
4). Marnie SternMarnie Stern
5). LiarsSisterworld
6). The Besnard LakesThe Besnard Lakes Are The Roaring Night
7). Black MountainWilderness Heart
8). Ariel Pink’s Haunted GraffitiBefore Today
9). Roky Erickson w/ Okkervil River True Love Cast Out All Evil
10). UfomammutEve
11). Gil Scott-HeronI’m New Here 
12). Menomenamines
13). Black AngelsPhosphene Dream
14). No AgeEverything In Between
15). Screaming FemalesCastle Talk
16). Locrian Territories
17). Golden TriangleDouble Jointer
18). Black BreathHeavy Breathing
19). High On FireSnakes For The Divine
20). TwilightMonument To Time End
21). ShiningBlackjazz
22). Mike PattonMondo Cane
23). The MelvinsThe Bride Screamed Murder
24). Shipping NewsOne Less Heartless To Fear
25). The Dead WeatherSea Of Cowards

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