Shopping For Records #43: Ear X-Tacy Still Hurting...

Earlier this year before 2010's Record Store Day, Ear X-Tacy owner, John Timmons, held a press conference wherein he explained that his store was in financial trouble, victimized, (like many other independent record stores), by corporate music buyers (Best Buy, Walmart) and file sharing.

After asking for support, people gathered via the "Save Ear X-Tacy" Facebook page and evidently spent some loot. Since then, Ear X-Tacy has moved but managed to stay local its home in Louisville, Kentucky, continuing a tradition as a hometown treasure.

You can find the press conference and some personal opinions on the matter here.

Anyway, as Black Friday draws near, Timmons is asking for continued help and I recommend that you go the Ear X-Tacy website and buy something. Having myself spent a couple dollars at their website, prices are reasonable and merchandise is shipped quickly. The Facebook page has over 32,000 fans, and it would seriously cost each fan maybe $3 for Timmons to keep the lights on and keep the store operational. Believe me when I tell you that, once a store like Ear X-Tacy closes, our own favorite record buying spots will follow, leaving us with Walmart, Amazon and iTunes. The possibility is depressing.

ear X-tacy "It's Now or Never" from ear X-tacy on Vimeo.

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