What I Heard This Morning: My Disco

So, they’re named after a Big Black song and Steve Albini was at the knobs for their upcoming album, Little Joy. Either fact should offer some inkling as to what kind of music My Disco generates, but they don’t really alienate like the Albini industrial act of yore. Instead, you get post-punk groove and minimalism, sort of like a crossbred Pop Group and Wire. Check out their singles, “Closer” and “A Turreted Berg.” Information on My Disco is below courtesy of Terrorbird Media:

My Disco "A Turreted Berg" MP3 Available Now On Brooklyn Vegan!
New Album
Little Joy Due January 25 On Temporary Residence Ltd!

DOWNLOAD: My Disco "A Turreted Berg"

Garnering increasing acclaim in their native Australia with their first two albums, we are proud to finally present Melbourne trio My Disco's third full-length, the truly brilliant and enigmatic
Little Joy  
As always with My Disco, the most fascinating and unique element to their sound is space - long, deep, sometimes scary space. Their defiance of rock music's time-worn tropes is what defines them, and Little Joy explores and expands on that concept, stretching a naked few instruments to transform short blasts into heavy, rhythmic, meditative body music. The bare bones of a drum beat, a rumbling bass, one repeated phrase and some bursts of feedback add up to a wholly compelling world of sounds between sounds. Shards of vaguely recognizable post-punk riffs fuse pounding, euphoric rhythms to hypnotic, almost psychedelic vocal mantras. The result is a new take on an old idea that occupies the unlikely space between Boredoms, The Necks, Wire and Liars.

Recorded by Steve Albini and mixed by Scott Horscroft, My Disco's minimalist instincts are perfectly suited for Albini's famously austere productions and Horscroft's textured, pop-leaning sensibilities. This unlikely marriage is at the heart of Little Joy's success. It's the sound of a band using the fewest tools to create the greatest range of possibilities - a record both expansive and minimal, a compressed expression of vast emotions.


1. Closer
2. Young 
3. Turn 
4. Sun Bear
5. Sunray
6. Lil' Joy
7. With Age
8. Rivers
9. A Turreted Berg

My Disco

Temporary Residence Ltd

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