Beauty Pill: Ann The Word (Demo)

Maybe it’s become annoying how I tend to glom onto certain bands, certain songs and certain albums. Beauty Pill has become one of those bands that seem to pull an excess of praise out of my jaded being, my fingers automatically set to typing out glowing words of approval and insisting that more people lend their ears and bring this band up to a level where they can achieve more visibility and appreciation. If what I was hearing sounded bad, trust me: I’d be the first to express disappointment. But, having listened to “Ann The Word” maybe three times now, I’m all the more drawn to Beauty Pill and how they pull it all together.

It’s been about seven years since The Unsustainable Lifestyle released and a new album is on the horizon. But, with the new album, is an interesting project Beauty Pill will be participating in while recording. All info below is courtesy of Terrorbird Media along with links to other articles regarding this project.  Links to "Ann The Word" and the essential "Cigarette Girl From The Future" are also provided.

Beauty Pill To Record New Album At DC Arts Center Artisphere

Download "Ann The Word" MP3 (Demo)
Download "Cigarette Girl From The Future" MP3 (from the
Cigarette Girl From The Future EP)

Read the Story in The Washington Post

Read the Story in The Washington City Paper

After a lengthy hiatus, Washington, D.C.’s Beauty Pill returns with its work cut out for itself. Not content simply putting out a record, it will be embarking on the Immersive Ideal project. Inspired in part by the famous Abbey Road Studio Two window, the group will be creating its new album in full view of the public eye. A summer residency and winter installation at Arlington’s Artisphere’s Black Box Theater leave every step open for observation, and questions like how this will effect the output remain to be seen. Artisphere, a giant urban arts center, is the perfect venue to witness instruments being traded, new songs materializing, old songs finding new life and the collision of artist and audience. Curated by Artisphere's New Media Curator Ryan Holladay, one half of longtime Beauty Pill pal Bluebrain, the residency runs July 16 to August 2 , with the installation slated for December/January of this year. "Artisphere is excited to be partnering with Beauty Pill on this groundbreaking project. As far as I know, there really hasnt been a band to do something like this nor can I think of a place better suited for this kind of artistic experiment," says Holladay. "This is exactly the sort of thing we want to be doing. We're not sure what will happen but we're glad it's going to be happening at Artisphere." Two local studios, the Bastille and Airshow , have also pitched in on the project by loaning the group some gear.

Beauty Pill’s Chad Clark says this about the
Immersive Ideal project, "The way that we make music involves a lot of stumbling in the dark." Clark adds, "Making that process accessible and visible to the outside world will, if nothing else, be an exercise in vulnerability.”

The band’s current line up includes multi-instrumentalists Basla Andolsun, Jean Cook, Drew Doucette, Devin Ocampo and the project sees the return of founding member Abram Goodrich.


Artisphere is a new breed of urban arts center that features four performance venues, three visual art galleries, a 4,000 square foot ballroom, free Wi-Fi and here CaféBar. Artisphere's wide array of programming ranges from contemporary visual art, live music, and film to new media, theatre and swing and salsa dancing. Artisphere is located at 1101 Wilson Boulevard in Arlington, Virginia, two blocks from the Rosslyn Metro (blue/orange) and within walking distance of Georgetown. Artisphere is open Monday through Friday from 11am to 11pm; Saturday from 11am to 2am and Sunday from 11am to 6pm. Admission to Artisphere and all its visual art galleries is free; there is a cost for ticketed events. Artisphere is pleased to offer its patrons free parking evenings after 5pm and on weekends. For more information about Artisphere and its wide array of programming, visit

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