Father’s Day: A reason to search for instances of “Dad” and “Father” in your music library.

So, Father’s Day is this Sunday. Being the less important parent, Father’s Day sometimes feels like a smokescreen to make us feel like we matter. Let’s face it: Forgetting Mother’s Day, forgetting the day where we celebrate the woman who brought you into this world, is tantamount to lying under oath, failing a piss test or listening to Dave Matthews Band on purpose. Father’s Day doesn’t come with as high a reputation for consequence, nor does it seem to warrant the 45 minute wait at a restaurant.

But, it’s a day nonetheless and, as Dads, we could always use another tie or free day to watch a ballgame with an opened beer in one hand and the remote in the other. Or, a day alone in the record room. Here are some Father’s Day-related songs:

Aphex Twin — ”Come To Daddy”

The Cramps — “The Mad Daddy”

Jane’s Addiction — “Had A Dad”

Descendents — “My Dad Sucks”

Brian Wilson — “Child is the Father of the Man”

Johnny Cash — ”Daddy Sang Bass”

Articles Of Faith — “My Father’s Dreams”

Tom Waits — “Sins Of My Father”

The Monkees — ”Daddy’s Song”

Grinderman — “Man In The Moon”

John Lennon — ”Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)” (or, as I like to call it, “Sucks To Be You, Julian”)

The Beatles — ”Hey Jude” (or, as I like to call it, “Paul Must’ve Liked You Better, Julian”)

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