What I Heard This Morning: WHIRR

Shoegaze-y psych rock band, WHIRR, has signed with Tee Pee Records and will recording their full-length debut for the label in August. Their EP, Distressor, is everything you love about My Bloody Valentine: heavy melody, soft vocals, glorious distortion. I hate to point so readily to MBV, but I feel WHIRR suggests a much-needed return to the sort of constructs that Kevin Shields brought to the table in the first place. Yes, amplification and reverb are paramount to WHIRR’s output, but the notes peek through enough to confirm that the band does more than just generate some pleasant cacophony.

All information below is courtesy of Tee Pee Records. You can here the Distressor EP via their Bandcamp page. It’s worth a listen.

Bay Area post-shoegaze sextet WHIRR has signed with NYC rock label Tee Pee Records. The band will enter a Northern California recording studio this August to lay down tracks for its full length debut and follow up to its recently released Distressor EP. The album will be preceded by a limited edition vinyl 7" that will be issued this fall. 

WHIRR (formerly Whirl) generates suspenseful songs of soothing, razor sharp guitar textures backed by soft, cooling vocals. The band's supercharged spirit rejuvenates the '90s shoegaze sound, providing a widescreen update for the post-millennial era. WHIRR's wall of lush guitars, breathy vocals, dreamy synth and thunderous drumming propel listening ears into a near-cinematic realm where instantly catchy melodies and emotional, enveloping atmospheres hang perfectly in the balance. The group's celestial lean has been described as
"if My Bloody Valentine decided to cooperate with Sonic Youth," and has drawn comparison to influential acts such as Slowdive, Lush, Ride and The Cocteau Twins.

"Our new album is a much more of a defined, dynamic and mature sound rather than just an expansion of Distressor," dished WHIRR guitarist Nick Bassett (also of San Francisco black metal band Deafheaven). "The writing process for the record was much more of a collaborative effort than ever before. We're all very excited to have the opportunity to work with a label that's home to bands and artists we respect and enjoy."

An earful of WHIRR's front-and-center boom can be experienced now as the band has made the entire
Distressor EP available for eavesdropping via its Bandcamp page ( lend an ear now at this location ). A recent Brooklyn Vegan profile on the band and its signing to Tee Pee can be absorbed at this location.

WHIRR features Nick Bassett (guitar), Joey Bautista (guitar), Byanca Munoz (vocals / synth), Sergio Miranda (drums), Loren Rivera (guitar / vocals) and Eddie Salgado (bass).

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