“The Color Of Noise:” Amphetamine Reptile Documentary...

If you don’t already, you should follow I Heart Noise because the very well-informed and musically well-versed individuals running that blog often feature the best information, like news of this upcoming documentary about Amphetamine Reptile Records and their founder Tom Hazelmeyer dubbed, The Color Of Noise.

And if it weren’t already enough that they reported this, they’ve also compiled a very comprehensive list of AmRep bands/musicians. You can find that here.

The benefit to the once-burgeoning independent music scene having grown into antiquity has been that the music mostly seen as irrelevant thanks to being forever cast in the shadow of Woodstock can now be appreciated for its importance.  While those of us affected by this music have always been aware of how vibrant and critical it's been, and how essential certain labels have been for giving independent music its platform, it is a pity that a scene has to be well past its prime for it to be considered "worthy" of such coverage.  But, I'm sure it's true that post-impact, events can be better and more ably appreciated.  All the data has to be scrutinized and all the testimony has to be offered.  Welcome to middle-age.

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