Thursday, October 06, 2011

Daytrotter: DM Stith and Wooden Wand

Some dark folk music for your Thursday morning? Daytrotter recently recorded DM Stith and Wooden Wand (James Toth) and the performances are top notch.

Both Stith's Heavy Ghost and Wooden Wand's Death Seat have received kudos and I couldn't recommend either album more.  Their respective performances for Daytrotter only confirm that both have something to offer, neither artist catering to devolving or monotonous tastes or dumbing themselves down to gain an ear or two.  I believe the folk genre to be over-saturated with mediocrity, its true potential for poetry sadly wasted thanks to the ease of cliché.  But, if the genre should continue to falter, then artists like Stith and Toth can only continue to standout, the FM shit running the indistinguishably banal while discernible talent hopefully finds footing in the alternative media.

9.30.11: DM Stith's Daytrotter set

10.1.11: Wooden Wand's Daytrotter set

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