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It's interesting to hear Frankie Rose (Vivian Girls, Dum Dum Girls) take her usual mode of Phil Spector teenage dream pop bliss and come up with something like "Know Me," which is more of a Cure or Smiths influenced, high tempo variation. Her new album, Interstellar, will be out in late February.  All info below comes courtesy of Force Field PR.

Frankie Rose and the Outs 2010 self-titled debut was reviewed at No Ripcord.

  Frankie Rose - Know Me by Slumberland Records

Frankie Rose premieres first single from sophomore album Interstellar, "Know Me" STREAM: "Know Me" -

I think we were all knocked out by the Frankie Rose and the Outs album from 2010, the effortlessness of its gorgeous girl-pop mantras, the intimate immensity of its Spector-esque walls of reverb, the beauty of a song sung sweetly over the most graceful two-chord vamps. But are you ready for the new Frankie Rose? - her transformation into a wholly other kind of pop, the reverie and revelation of Interstellar, an album that floats free of its maker's history - time spent with Vivian Girls, Dum Dum Girls, Crystal Stilts, and creator of one of the most breathlessly compelling girl-pop albums of the past few years - and offers the listener something strangely other, as alien as it is familiar, as compelling as it is enchanting.

Interstellar Frankie takes the lessons learned with her debut album - like reverb as the holy route to pop-grandeur, scaling a wall of teenage tears - fully digests, and transfers those skills into the brave new world mapped out by ten new songs. Aided by production ace Le Chev, remixer supreme for Lemonade, Narcisse, Passion Pit, and Frankie's own "Candy," Frankie has replaced that reverbed-out classicism with the confident swagger of a singer and auteur fully aware of how to build the simplest of pop moves into aching, full-blown melodramas, how to grab hold of an emotion and ride its darker waves.

"Know Me" is the first single from Interstellar. It's a gorgeous piece of widescreen pop, dreamy and driving at the same time. The clean, big hooks bring to mind the best of mid-80s pop -- Smiths, New Order -- without sacrificing any of Frankie's unique melodic style. It's a single in the best sense; a three minute gem that perfectly captures the essence of the new album. Le Chev's remix on the flip side is pure 2012 - a slow-motion house burner with a tropical vibe and atmosphere to spare. Turn it up and drift away.


FEB. 21 Brooklyn, NY Knitting Factory (Album Release Show - tix)

Frankie Rose 
Know Me single
(Slumberland / Memphis Industries)
Street Date: Jan. 17, 2012

1. Know Me
2. Know Me (Le Chev Remix)

Frankie RoseInterstellar
(Slumberland / Memphis Industries)
Street Date: Feb. 21, 2012 (US) / Mar. 19, 2012 (UK)

1. Interstellar
2. Know Me
3. Gospel/Grace
4. Daylight Sky
5. Pair Of Wings
6. Had We Had It
7. Night Swim
8. Apples For The Sun
9. Moon In My Mind
10. The Fall

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