Wolf People: Cotton Strands

Wolf People's Tidings compilation, which incorporates their earliest recordings between 2005 and 2007, is being reissued on CD by Jagjaguwar on January 23rd.  Here's a trippy video of their song "Cotton Strands," which I really enjoyed.  As far as bands that capitalize on nostalgia, Wolf People at least taps into The Mothers Of Invention, Jethro Tull and Captain Beefheart, leaving the garage revival one less rock band hip to the simplicity of vintage amps and blues chords.  Granted Wolf People's music owes all of itself to a particular time and place, an array of sounds that almost shouldn't be restructured for a modern era just because of how well they invoke the ghosts of Peace&Love antiquity, but the tunes are engrossing and easy to enjoy.  The 60s have obviously left an indelible impression on the development of modern rock n' roll and Wolf People seem to work as a reminder. 

"Cotton Strands" by Wolf People from Secretly Jag on Vimeo.

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