Black Mountain: Mary Lou

Psych rock band, Black Mountain, are releasing a soundtrack album for an apocalyptic surf movie, Year Zero.  Apparently, the end of the world means surfing with liberty, driving Mustangs and fuck food and shelter.  Black Mountain have released a new single from the soundtrack, "Mary Lou," which really riffs on expansive desert-singed atmosphere.  It would be more enveloping, but its rhythm is heavily concentrated and vocally stern, so there's a presence maintained even if the song wanders a tad.

The Year Zero soundtrack features five original tracks and five not-so new tracks and is slated for release on April 3rd.  Check out the song and read all the info, which was generously sent over by the good people at Jagjaguwar.

Black Mountain's 2010 release, Wilderness Heart, was reviewed at No Ripcord.

   Black Mountain - "Mary Lou" by Jagjaguwar

Black Mountain Soundtracks New Surf Film Year Zero
Download New Song "Mary Lou"

Black Mountain’s Year Zero soundtrack is nothing less than the band’s full, powerful glory distilled down to one dense, 45-minute acid tab of music. Featuring five new songs and five previously released songs, the Year Zero soundtrack weaves crunching, analog psych metal; futuristic droneouts; and, somehow, a twisted saxaphone ditty.

Year Zero Original Soundtrack will be released on vinyl and digital formats on April 3rd, 2012. Today premiered the new song "Mary Lou," - "an eight-minute charging rhino jam."

Click Here To Download and Embed "Mary Lou"

So how on earth does a band like Black Mountain end up writing music in the name of the world’s sunniest sport?

Year Zero is nothing like your ordinary bro-time surfer flick. Shot around the world
on 16mm film,
Year Zero is set in a near-ish future where the world as we know it has ended.
Director Joe G. places the survivors in a damaged but stunningly beautiful place, a world where the reset button has been hit, where we hold onto the vestiges of the things we love, but those things become weightless, and the ensuing freedom is as exhilarating as it is scary. To simply call it postapocalyptic is to undermine the imagination that Joe G. brings to the world’s remains, and
Year Zero is ultimately as much a “surf movie” as it is a movie about Earth illustrated through surfing.

Given the new world set forth in
Year Zero, it’s as if Black Mountain have been set free of the
boundaries that “making a record” impose. Much of the new material is driven by expansive,
synth-driven swirls and a dangerous, rumbling low end. Outlaw vibes, to be sure. Black Mountain’s psychedelia has never been anchored to any one style, time, or genre. But with
Year Zero, Black Mountain go to a place that is intergalactic and downright ruthless, with a sound big enough to stand up to the vastness of the ocean, the bigness of the sun, and the lives of the people left living. Which is fucked up and heavy, no question, but so goes Joe G.’s vision, and thanks to Year Zero, now we know: Black Mountain could actually pull off being the last band on earth.

Black Mountain
Year Zero Original Soundtrack
Out 04/03/12

1. Phosphorescent Waves
2. Bright Lights
3. Mary Lou
4. Embrace Euphoria
5. Tyrants
6. Modern Music
7. In Sequence
8. Wilderness Heart
9. Breathe

Official Website for Year Zero

MP3 for "Mary Lou" from Year Zero Original Soundtrack

Black Mountain Press Alcove

Black Mountain at Jagjaguwar
Black Mountain at Facebook

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