The Inbox Giveth: Jooklo Duo and Bill Nace

Jooklo Duo and Bill Nace
Holidays Records
Released:  3.20.12

Jooklo Duo and Bill Nace's collaborative LP, Scratch, is for those already initiated and well-acquainted with tenor based free jazz. Jooklo Duo is an Italian avant duo (Virginia Genta and David Vanzan) and Bill Nace is an experimental guitarist.  Their efforts have spawned two sides of loud, free form noise that blends with improvisational guitar skree; a little over 18 minutes each. One track's called "Scratch Here," the other, "Scratch There."

The album is available as a limited run (350), clear vinyl with multi-color spatter.  
Here's a sample:

   Jooklo Duo and Bill Nace: Scratch (excerpt) by Holidays Records

Here's some info provided by Holidays Records:

Two sides of ecstatic noise captured on tape by Jason Lafarge at Seizures Palace, Brooklyn, in occasion of the East Coast and Midwest Tour of the Italian psychedelic tenor sax and drums duo of Virginia Genta and David Vanzan, joined by guitar wizard Bill Nace.

The music of Jooklo Duo is the most powerful expression in free improvisation, trascending every kind of stereotype and going straight to the center of Uncreated Sound. They have toured extensively in Europe and the USA, performing more than five-hundred concerts and tons of studio-sessions, collaborating with artists as Sonic Youth, Hartmut Geerken, Makoto Kawabata, Sabu Toyozumi, Chris Corsano, Paul Flaherty, C. Spencer Yeh, John Blum, and many others. Bill Nace is definitely one of the best avant-garde guitarists active today, able to drive his guitar into distortion - nearly breaking it - but still holding the reins. He is already known for his duo throwdowns with Chris Corsano as Vampire Belt as well as the more recent collaboration with Dylan Nyoukis and Karen Constance as Ceylon Mange and in duo with Thurston Moore as Northampton Wools.

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