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Sam Chown, half of the experimentalist duo known as Zorch, is putting out a solo album called Discipline/Communication under the name, Shmu.  Steely Dan would be proud of Chown's new single, "House Of Stares."

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Zorch multi-instrumentalist Shmu posts first track from solo debut via Consequence of Sound

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Sam Chown, drummer/singer/multi-instrumentalist in Austin's hyper-kinetic duo Zorch premieres the first song from his forthcoming solo debut under the moniker Shmu today. The track, "House of Stares" is available at Consequence of Sound to stream/download HERE.

"House of Stares" showcases a much more subdued and dare we say "pop" side of the musician's talents seldom heard in Zorch. Throughout, Shmu's album Discipline/Communication is a melodic exploration into combinations of pop, shoegaze, glitch, psych and experimental rock into a cohesive and original whole spread across the disc's 16-tracks.

Chown wrote, produced, recorded and performed all instruments on the album.  Discipline/Communication will be available June 5th on CD and download via Grand Theft Zamboni Records.

Artist: Shmu
Label: Grand Theft Zamboni Records
Release Date: June 5, 2012

01. Impressions
02. House of Stares (MP3) (VIDEO)
03. Backwoods
04. Directions
05. Crazy #107
06. Shadowgames
07. Happiness
08. Peaceful Swan
09. Vanitos
10. &hearts
11. Heads Will Fall
12. Floatin' Oculus
13. Turpentine
14. Fester
15. Dangerous Passion
16. Pool Party (Place 4 Us)

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