Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Obits: "Let Me Dream if I Want To"/"The City Is Dead" 7"

"Let Me Dream if I Want To" b/w "The City is Dead" 7"
Sub Pop
Released: 5.15.12

Brooklyn based Obits released a new two-song 7," covers of Mink DeVille's "Let Me Dream if I Want To" and "The City is Dead" by The Kids.  Perfectly out of tune, attitude badly adjusted: if you couldn't get a sense of how much early punk rock owes to Nuggets-based psych garage rockers like The Seeds or The Electric Prunes, Obits, themselves somewhat built out of that sound, ably puts the "garage" across.  The band has a great time with the homage, crafting a really good and entertaining two song single.  I've listened to it maybe four or five times consecutively and the Animals-inspired throb of "City is Dead" is perfect for this type of format.

Letters From A Tapehead

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