Richard Hawley: "Down in the Woods"

Richard Hawley's Standing at the Sky's Edge will be out late August via Mute Records. 

Having myself sampled the album in its entirety, but only once at this point, I enjoy its texture, free floating psychedelia and volume.  It's a laid back listen, despite Hawley's reliance on distortion.  At some points you may catch similar references to the 13th Floor Elevators or The Velvet Underground as explored by bands like The Brian Jonestown Massacre or The Black Angels.  Even later era Roky Erickson might come to mind.  Still, the album is rich in melody, heavy on the pedals but not to the detriment of the songwriting.  I'd recommend.

All info comes courtesy of Mute Records.

RICHARD HAWLEYStanding At The Sky’s Edge



“Hawley creates an essential listen. 4/5" AllMusic
“In a throwaway era, Richard Hawley holds a torch for the craftsman. 4/5” – Consequence of Sound

“A churning, glowering, tumultuous noise… Hawley makes a masterpiece…5/5" – The Guardian

“…a beautiful storm of brimstone. 8/10” – NME

“Down In The Woods” is the new single off Richard Hawley’s seventh studio album, Standing At The Sky’s Edge. The track plus the B-side “Kindly Rain” will be released digitally on July 17th.

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“Down In The Woods” was written in reaction to one of the U.K. coalition government’s first pieces of proposed legislation; the attempt to sell-off ancient woodlands. Inspiring righteous anger in Hawley, he penned a lyric which takes the listener on a cosmic trip into the deep, dark woods, imploring them to make the most of it while there is still time. The result is a song that’s the album’s most cathartically raw track, built around the simplest of blues riffs, delivered with a raw abandon that suggests countless turntable miles notched up listening to the MC5 and The Stooges. It surely looks set to be an instant live favorite and another vindication of Hawley’s decision to replace the strings of yore with guitars.

Following the success of his award-winning, critically acclaimed 2009 album
Truelove’s Gutter, Richard Hawley will release Standing At The Sky’s Edge on August 28th on CD (including US-only bonus track) and LP. Recorded in his beloved Sheffield at Yellow Arch Studio in 2011, Standing At The Sky’s Edge marks a seismic shift in direction for Richard. Mirroring the blasted industrial sunsets of Sheffield, Hawley partners his distinctive fluid snarl with blazing electric guitar, spray-painting his audiences senses with a new sound, embracing the ever-changing landscape around him. The overall effect is hypnotic and psychedelic, casting a euphoric stage for Hawley to unleash some of his most tender moments to date.

Exploring lyrical themes of love, loss, redemption and darker areas of the human condition,
Standing At The Sky's Edge is an album of ominous storytelling and cosmic exploration. It sets the stage to establish Hawley as one of the greatest contemporary guitarists to hail from the UK. Recently he appeared on Jools Holland performing a few tracks including “Leave Your Body Behind You.” Mourning the passing of friends and contemplating his place in the universe, Hawley urges us to accept how tiny we are and embrace the time we are given. Hawley says of the song, “If we could just allow ourselves to be liberated by the fact that this is our only time here, we could just get on with what really matters.”

Watch the performance here.

Soundcloud link to download “Leave Your Body Behind You”

Recorded in Sheffield, with inspired involvement from Alan Moulder,
Standing At The Sky’s Edge is simultaneously an embrace and a release. Holding you closer than he ever has before, Hawley is bare and unburdened, sharing what is deepest in his heart while electrifying you with a record that conquers the cosmos and takes you on a lavish and exotic ride.

Hawley says of the album, “I wanted to get away from the orchestration of my previous records and make a live album with two guitars, bass, drums and rocket noises!”

Standing At The Sky’s Edge TRACKLISTING 
She Brings The Sunlight
Standing At The Sky’s Edge
Time Will Bring You Winter
Down In The Woods
Seek It
Don’t Stare At The Sun
The Wood Collier’s Grave
Leave Your Body Behind You
You Haunt Me * (US CD-ONLY Bonus Track)

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