What I Heard This Morning: Sarin Smoke

Psychedelic guitar-based free jazz, Sarin Smoke is the work of guitarists Tom Carter and Pete Swanson.  Carter, who will remain on treatment since being irrevocably stricken with Pneumonia, will be the recipient of any funds generated by the band's upcoming new album, Vent, which will be released September 17th.  

All info comes courtesy of Rarely Unable.

On September 17th, MIE in partnership with Rarely Unable PR will unleash the latest LP by Sarin Smoke, entitled Vent. In anticipation of the release the label are giving away one track, 'Upsound', for your listening pleasure. You can download from soundcloud via this link: http://soundcloud.com/miemusic/sarin-smoke-upsound-mie

After performing at a concert in Oakland in 2010 and feeling proud of their musical output, Tom and Pete decided to collaborate with one another again. The resulting record amalgamates Tom's recent self-oscillating, power starved shredding psychedelia, with Pete's self proclaimed "more neanderthal attempts at VU/Roy Montgomery inspired simple melodicism". Ultimately, the album is an unusual haze of oscillator sweeps, dying batteries, ripping solos and clean(ish) two chord backbones forming a very unique angle on the possibilities that the "psychedelic rock" format could aspire towards.

Tom Carter was recently on a tour with Charlambides where he developed a very serious case of Pneumonia. He has now returned to the US but requires ongoing treatment. As a result, Pete Swanson and MIE Music have agreed to donate all profits from the new album to The Robert Thomas Carter Irrevocable Trust.

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