Gemma Ray: "Baby Goes Bad"

Singer/composer, Gemma Ray, has released Down Baby Down, which consists of compositions and instrumentals mostly influenced by film scores and drive-in era rock arrangements.  A trailer featuring snippets of the release is available below as is the track, "Baby Goes Bad."

All info comes courtesy of Seriés Aphōnos/Bronze Rat.

Watch/listen to a trailer of Down Baby Down, a new album of 'fantasy soundtracks' by Gemma Ray, available to buy now on vinyl and download now on vinyl and download on Seriés Aphōnos/Bronze Rat.

Recorded in a few days at Candy Bomber (housed in the former CIA headquarters wing of Berlin’s intimidating Tempelhof Airport) with Thomas Wydler (of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds) on drums, Rory More on organ, and Wilhelm Stegmeier on bass, it is 30 minutes of largely instrumental compositions coated with choral enhancement and ominous vocal motifs. Gemma herself takes care of all vocal, guitar, piano, clavioline, glockenspiel, melodica and dulcimer duties.

For want of a better description, Gemma calls them
“fantasy soundtracks”, as the music escapes the trappings or the expectations of the pop or rock song. “It’s probably my most free work to date”, she says. She makes no secret of her love of composers such as Komeda (of Roman Polanski soundtracks fame), Morricone, John Barry, or Jack Nitzsche (see Tarantino’s Death Proof), and this collection of compositions reveals Gemma’s more darkly musical imaginings. They unfold on their own pictorial journey through deserts, mountains and ghettos, lithely sinking through jazz-noir, gothic folk, rock’n’roll, and out into space.

Gemma Ray will be performing
Down Baby Down in its entirety in a special Seriés Aphōnos concert to be announced later this year, but in the meantime she can be seen blowing away the long winter blues with these stripped-down shows:

April 12th: IT Florence, Tender Club
April 13th: IT Verona, Interzona
April 21st: DE Bielefeld, Forum (with The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion)
April 22nd: DE Hamburg Grünspan (with
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion)
May 2nd: DE Frankfurt Zoom (with
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion)

Released on vinyl (with CD included) and download,
Down Baby Down is the second release on Bronze Rat’s Séries Aphōnos, a new music library which focuses on left-of-centre musical meanderings, soundtracks, instrumentals, and strange treasures from hidden corners. Also available is the soundtrack to Solex Ahoy! The Sound Map of the Netherlands with releases coming from Tanger Trio and more.

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