Queens of the Stone Age: "I Sat By the Ocean" & "If I Had a Tail"

Yesterday, news of two new tracks from Queens of the Stone Age's upcoming new album, ...Like Clockwork, surfaced via Consequence of Sound.  "I Sat By the Ocean" and "If I Had a Tail" were both recorded live for a radio session in Belgium.

Being that there were six years of silence since the last QOTSA album, (Era Vulgaris, which was reviewed in 2007), and myself being an admitted fanboy, the likelihood of any commentary regarding ...Like Clockwork having any real objective clout or lack of bias is small.  That being said, this will probably be something I cover after the anticipatory glow of the album fades, leaving behind the true product from which to assess its worth. 

In the meantime, though, I'm enjoying the steady flow of singles that keep appearing, "My God is the Sun" and the recently released "I Appear Missing (Calling All Commas)."

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