Al Cisneros: "Ark Procession"

Al Cisneros, the low end provider/vocal demonizer for both Sleep and OM, is putting out a two-song 10" via Drag City, "Ark Procession" b/w "Jericho."  The A-side has surfaced online and it's more of a dub track, sort of in line with the 12" Alpha & Omega remixes of selected tracks from OM's Advaitic Songs, which was released as Addis Dubplate and Gethsemane Dubplate respectively.

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OM's Advaitic Songs was reviewed at No Ripcord.


Al Cisneros is no stranger to the deep meditations of a minimalist, sub-sonic song. The ritual low-end thunder his band OM bestow as gospel both live and on record can hardly be described as minimal, yet never needs more than a smattering of accompaniment beyond its usual, steady drumming. Perhaps a bit of guitar here, some keys there, or maybe just some extra tambo to provide colour, but first and foremost, you get full-frontal bass. Earlier this year, OM took a dub-step further down the subtlety-laden path with a double dose of Alpha & Omega-lized dub 12"s - songs from the Advaitic tome, each a winding circle of essential, minimalist hypnotics.

These in turn pave the expanded road-consciousness for Al's deepest exploration of minimal hypnotics yet: Ark Procession/Jericho on a 10" record, Al Cisneros providing all the sounds, all his own. For many, this is the first solo Al listening experience, save for the lucky few who grabbed a self-released 7" on tour this past year. For us, it's pure pleasure.

Vibe along with us and dig the feelings yourself, by watching the video for Ark Procession at this link:

Released on Drag City in the UK/EU on 19 August.  

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