Public Guilt (2004-2013)

Another independent label goes defunct: Baltimore's Public Guilt, after a two-year run of silence, is shutting down. One of the more eclectic and strange labels I'd come across, Public Guilt rep'd an abundantly odd roster of experimental bands that I thought cultivated some of the more art-bred, "thinking" music I'd heard. I really got into Zu's The Way of the Animal Powers, (which I reviewed for No Ripcord in 2010) and Aluk Todolo's Finsternis (also reviewed). I picked up a couple Aluk Todolo releases from the label a few years ago, so I'm happy I was able to help support Public Guilt to some extent, both through coverage and patronage.

The good people at Public Guilt are, of course, cleaning house and offering some very good discounts on a lot of their merchandise, so I'd recommend hitting up their site as soon as you can. Items are being picked through quickly.

As is always the case when commercially antithetic entities like Public Guilt (or Touch & Go, or Hydra Head) can no longer sustain themselves in a marketplace that subsists on trends and attaches itself to products, there's an obvious bitterness that follows among those of us who rely on the independent artists and labels to deliver us from every "feeble." We're thankfully a long ways away from the complete extinction of independently run record labels, as the wish to keep art, music and culture apart from the diluted variety fed to us daily via mainstream channels will always be observed. These labels, old or new, active or retired, will continue to matter, but they'll always need support.

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Public Guilt: Baltimore-Based Eclectic Label Officially Closing Down

Massive Clearance Sale Happening Now

After seven active years, from 2004 through 2011, and the last two spent on hiatus, Baltimore-based independent label Public Guilt is officially closing its doors this year. Public Guilt had a great run, having disbursed thirty-five unique and eclectic releases from some incredible artists including Aluk Todolo, Aun, The Psychic Paramount, Zu, Strotter Inst., Cream Abdul Babar, Destructo Swarmbots, Terminal Lovers, Darsombra, and many others. 

While we’re sorry to see the label coming to an end, we’re also excited to announce that Public Guilt is selling off its back catalog and many distro items at super low prices, with CD's starting at $1, 7"s starting at $1 and LP's starting at $5. Help the label clear out some space and explore some unique artists while adding a few pieces to your collection now while the stock lasts! 

Check out the full Public Guilt label discography HERE and scan the substantial list of killer on-sale titles RIGHT HERE.

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