El Drugstore: "The Natives Are Getting Useless"

New Year's Eve brings about the release of El Drugstore's upcoming new album, Plague Ship.  As the release date approaches, the band thought it a good idea to release the new single, "The Natives Are Getting Useless," which offers a nice taste of the band's prog metal intensity.  I can't embed the track, unfortunately, but it's up at MetalSucks.  Or, check out this link.  

EL DRUGSTORE: MetalSucks Drops Single From NJ Instrumental/Prog Mutants' Debut Full-Length

As New Jersey's mutant trio of the progressive metal scene, EL DRUGSTORE, prepares to sail their Plague Ship debut full-length, the first bait traps have been set with the release of the album's maiden single.

Now streaming at MetalSucks, the sixth of the ten riff-torpedos loaded into Plague Ship's cannons is a prime example of the deranged but dexterous and over-amplified, instrumental professionally-imbalanced craftsmanship these three deckhands mop the place up with. In just over four-and-a-half minutes on the pummeling "The Natives Are Getting Useless," EL DRUGSTORE unloads more metallic commotion in this solitary anthem than many so-called progressive practitioners perform all year, the album a vast three year-long writing and pre-production process. The cover art for the band's kinky new voyage forged by the hand of Jolil Ula from Vacant Eye Photography and the roster of deranged sea shanties on board this diseased vessel have also been released from the cargo bay.

Get seasick but keep your chum overboard as "The Natives Are Getting Useless" courtesy of MetalSucks RIGHT HERE.

EL DRUGSTORE's virgin romp on full-length turf, Plague Ship will see release on Nefarious Industries -- their jown conjoined independent label founded with their cohorts in A Fucking Elephant in 2011 -- will see digital release on the day of the year, December 31st, with a physical pressing to follow.

Devised by the corrupted intellect of guitarist Kevin Conway (ex-East of the Wall), drummer Seth Rheam (East of the Wall) and bassist Rolando Alvarado, Keyport, New Jersey-based EL DRUGSTORE has been discharging their mangled, aggro-technical metallic racket since 2008. The band's debut recording, a split full-length with cohorts A Fucking Elephant, marked the inauguration of their conjoined independent label, Nefarious Industries in 2011. But the swagger of their jacked-up anti-capella songcraft is at full-mast with their debut full-length, Plague Ship, bearing over forty-five minutes of EL DRUGSTORE's belligerent, bombast. On the dizzying array of head-scratching jam-outs, amplification runs rampant, propelling the massive array of effect/pedal-laden spazz-riffery through the pummeling percussive whiplash without a whiff of spitty breath to be found. Plague Ship was tracked at parts unknown by the band and their cohort Chris Alfano (East of the Wall, Argonauts), and mixed and mastered by Kevin Antreassian at Backroom Studios.

Plague Ship Track Listing:
1. Tell Them I Said Something
2. Hipster Tits
3. Enthusiastic Corruption of the Public Good
4. Fascinating Underpants
5. By What Ill-Begotten Means Have You Procured This Meat?
6. The Natives Are Getting Useless
7. Tokyo Assault
8. Wheel of Sadness
9. Pandemonium in the Bronx
10. Steakback


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