Shopping For Records: Sun Ra, Lee "Scratch" Perry, DEVO, Julian Cope, Nina Hagen Band

Yesterday felt like the first sunny day to grace my small corner of the world in weeks.  So, my mood greatly improved by warm air and the radiating glow of sorely missed sunshine, I took a drive over to Siren Records and dropped a hefty sum on the following:

Siren Records
Doylestown, PA

Sun Ra and His Solar-Myth Arkestra
The Solar-Myth Approach Vol. 1 & 2
BYG Actuel
Originally released: 1972
Reissued: 2014(?)

Continuing with my Sun Ra streak, I found both volumes of The Solar-Myth Approach, which had been originally released in 1972 by the French label, BYG Actuel.  I'd intended on leaving the store with at least one Sun Ra album, following the planned raid on all those El Saturn reissues I'd discussed per my last visit to Siren.  Unfortunately, their inventory had been picked over pretty well, but these two albums caught my eye and it seemed foolish to buy an incomplete set.  I haven't listened to them yet, but they're 180gram pressings, nice gatefold packages with what I'm guessing are reproduced imagery and liner notes.  They were $15 apiece, which I thought reasonable.


As usual, I couldn't find much info on the releases themselves, nor could I find details about the actual reissue (release date, mastering, label discography...etc.).  If anyone happens to have some details on the albums, I'd love to know more. 

Scratch and Friends
Chapter 1: The Upsetters
Abraham/Clocktower Records
Originally released: 1981
Reissued: 2013/2014(?)

This is a dub compilation featuring production work and performances from Lee "Scratch" Perry, THE UPSETTER.  This was about $13 and had apparently been released as a three-album 10" last year.  My Sunday morning was spent listening to this, its bass throbs and calm loops easing me into the day. 

Lately, I've been attempting to add more dub and roots reggae into my collection.  The miniscule amount of Lee Perry's work I own is as far as I've ventured, so any suggestions are more than welcome.  I'm thinking of exploring some of King Tubby's output next. 

Hardcore Vol. 2
Superior Viaduct
Released: 2013

This pre-Warner Bros. collection of music from the art weirdos known as DEVO, Hardcore Vol. 2 details the band's recorded output from 1974-1977 on two LPs.  The little I've heard of this album so far is as abstract, raw and amusing as the album's cover image.   

I have an embarrassing lack of DEVO in my collection, so once I found this, I immediately pulled this into the stack of albums I was amassing.  I also didn't think $25 for a two-album set of rarities was difficult to swallow.

Julian Cope (Vs. Trouble Funk)
World Shut Your Mouth 12" Single
Island Records
Released: 1986

This was $1.99 and I thought it sounded interesting.

Nina Hagen Band
Released: 1979

A curiosity that I finally decided to explore for a mere $2.99, Nina Hagen Band's Unbehagen is where I'm starting.  Dance punk and dub with squealing German lyricism, it's not too far removed from the punk and reggae musings of The Pop Group, though there are times when the band invests itself in pure guitar-driven vitriol.


Letters From A Tapehead


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